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Mercy Medical Technology
Type Military Contractor
Industry Military Hardware, Medical Technology
Founded 1981
Headquarters Munijoch, Antarctica
Area served Militaries of Culldrome Isles, Shops Island, and Ed Island
Key people Emilia von Stracchousen Company President
Revenue N/A
Operating income N/A
Net income N/A
Employees 1,890

The world shouldn't be disavowed. We grant you mercy.
— Company Slogan

Mercy Medical Technology is a medical military contractor for Munijoch and it's Axle Powers allies. Founded in 1981 by Emilia von Stracchousen in an effort to make better quality triage for soldiers, it has since evolved into a multi-billion dollar company with it's patented Medi-Gun technology, widely used across the military of the Powers, as well as the recently unveiled P2971-MERCY Pack, a portable triage center that provides adrenaline shots, Medi-Gun applications, and on-site medical aid for each soldier. In 2014, it obtained 100 billion Grams of government funding, one of the largest infusions of cash in the country. Today, the company is mostly automated, with a set of product designers, scientists, and research teams spearheading the development side of the company.



In 1979, after witnessing countless soldiers needing bandages following a civil uprising, Emilia von Stracchousen, a field nurse on duty in Rio de Vatica, noticed how the enclaves of the natives used a special salve that is able to seemingly leap from its own container when disturbed. Upon closer inspection, Emilia realized that the salve was simply agave, carbon-based bond groups, water, and sap. She then realized that it would be quite simple to make an artificial version of this using actual medicine in place of agave, along with manufactured carbon-based groups. Working with scientists in the field, she developed a prototype to deliver the medicine as well, which is through small test tube-like capsules that are attached to the upper part of the body.