Merdock Dock

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Mershins-Docklins Dock
A small port for ferries, part of the larger Merdock Dock compound.
The building for Terminal E
Key details
Type Port
Location Margate Central Island, MAI
Inhabitants Mershins Douza, Docklins Oze

Mershins-Docklins Dock, or better referred to as Merdock Dock, is the largest seaport/harbour/dock in the Margate Antarctica Islands. The Dock is located in Margate Central Island, near Margate City, where it became a major trading post for MAI since the Marinas of Margate City. The douoze, a hybrid of the dog and wolf, also resides around Merdock Dock. They were named after the founders of the Dock.


In 2000, Mershins Douza, a wealthy buissnessman and CEO of Mershins and Kazooy Inc., on a very fine sunny day (like TOOT The Movie) thought of all the beautiful landmarks in MAI. He then thought that the other port is not capable enough to hold lots of boats, so he decided to call his best friend, Docklins Oze, a fruit seller, to help build a dock. They completed the projected 11 months later in 2001. It became the 2nd finest dock in the region/


On January 21, 2009, the government of MAI and the newly operational Authorities of Merdock Dock made a daily schedule for ships instead of the rowdy place.

Small ships, like the S.S. Asterik and others come on weekdays ranging from 9 to 12 PM. They could be found at the List of small ships entering Merdock Dock.

Big ships, like the S.S. Merdock and the Migrator come on respecitive timings. They are:

Ships that patron the Dock vary greatly, ranging from

Ship Frequency/Date Arrival Gates Opened-- Gates Closed-- Departure Notes
S.S. Merdock Sundays and Wednesdays 5PM (Sundays), 1PM (Wednesdays) 6PM, 2PM 2 and a half hours after opening 8:30PM, 4PM Given this timing for "Sunsets" and so.


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