Merry Walrus

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Merry Walrus
Merry Walrus
The Merry Walrus
Born Darius Merry
Species Walrus
Gender Male
Citizenship USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Occupation Actor
Street performer
Employer Self-employed
Years Active 2014-2015
Education Dropout
Awarded Worst Holiday Mascot
Merry Walrus's signature
Merry Walrus! It's my name and my catchphrase!
— Merry Walrus

Merry Walrus, legally changed from Darius Merry, is a failed walrus actor and street performer, best known for being the mascot of the failed Merry Walrus holiday.


Prior to becoming Merry Walrus, Darius Merry pursued a career in acting. He starred in a single movie, which was so terrible and performed so horribly that it destroyed Merry's career and everyone agreed to never speak of it again.

In 2014, the Party Development Center had the brilliant idea to replace Christmas with their own holiday called Merry Walrus, with Darius Merry being hired to fulfill the role of Santa Claus, allegedly because he was desperate for work and had incredibly cheap rates. He also played the role in We Wish You A Merry Walrus, an EBUL-produced television special to promote the new holiday. Other than the name, the Merry Walrus holiday was nearly identical to Christmas, causing outrage among the population of Club Penguin Island. Despite the PDC's attempts, Merry Walrus never took off throughout the rest of Antarctica; the party itself was nearly voted "Worst Party of the Year" for 2014, but barely lost to that year's excuse for a Music Jam.

Darius was one of the few to actually like the new holiday, mistakenly believing that it was a big success, and chose to have his name legally changed to Merry Walrus. Shortly after, Merry Walrus (backed by the PDC) attempted to become a Governance Saint, although he was rejected by P.O.P.E. Benzin, who hated the PDC's "blatant disrespect of Christmas" and declared that Merry Walrus would never be a Saint.

Near the end of 2015, residents of Club Penguin started to worry about the return of the Merry Walrus holiday and held massive protests, leading to the PDC to shelve Merry Walrus forever and bring back Christmas. However, Merry Walrus had already been contacted by the PDC to return to Club Penguin and never received their memo telling him Merry Walrus was cancelled. When he arrived, he was chased off the island by angry penguins with tomatoes.



  • Merry Walrus' catchphrase, "Merry Walrus! It's my name and my catchphrase!", made it onto a list of the top 10 worst catchphrases in Antarctica.

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