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The fearsome Metal Explorer
Born Metal Explorer
June 17th, 1984 (age 27)
A small laboratory
Gender Male
Nationality Robot
Other names Metal, Twin Can (what Manny Peng calls him)
Education He's not the brightest when it comes to science
Occupation Trying to take over the world with Nightmare
Years active Since creation
Notable works Murdering his fellow robot siblings aswell as Julian6000
Home town A laboratory in a small town
Height 5.3 feet
Weight 75 lbs
Known for Being a sadist, his deleting abilities
Title Antarctica's most powerful robot
Parents Doctor Aye-Que, Julian6000
Relatives Nightmare, Lizlord, IcE, Zone
An example of Metal Explorer's voice.

Metal Explorer is the evil, robotic version of one of the Explorer's in the Antics Family. He used to work for Darktan, but was never truly loyal to him despite being an elite villian (except of coarse in his loyal mode). He's currently working at Eastshield Fried Fish, but is still considered a villain. To his credit, he once did rule the USA, even if it was an alternate timeline.


Creation and rise to power[edit]

Metal was created a few years before the war for independence as a weapon to be used in the war, along with several other robots by Doctor Aye-Que (who was on the side of good at that point) and Julian6000 (yes Tails6000's father). Each robot was named after a famous penguin at the time, and due to Metal's unpredictable attitude, he was named after the famous Antic's Family member Explorer (it's not known which one he's named after though as many Antics family members bore that name). All of the robots were fitted with deletion weapons and were then sent for training. All the robots did very well on the training. All except Metal Explorer. That's how it continued for the past few days aswell. Metal just couldn't seem to be able to compete with the other robots. Several of the officers told him that if he couldn't pick up in fighting skills, then he would be sent to a scrap heap. The only robot who didn't think Metal was a looser was Sally Sparkplug. She was a robot made for maintenance rather than battle, and she told Metal that she knew he would become more powerful. He never believed what she told him however and her words never made him feel any better.

A few years passed, and the war had begun. The robots had been sent out to battle the king's forces, and Metal still worried about what the officer had told him. Granted, he had improved a bit in fighting, but he was still quite behind the other robots. Metal didn't know why he couldn't fight very well, but he'd made up his mind he'd do anything to become more powerful. It was then when he stumbled across something quite interesting. The blueprints for how he and the other robots were made. In it he saw that their main power source was destruction energy. It would appear that having more of this energy would give the robots more power. It was then Metal had an idea. He waited till night when all the robots were asleep, and then crept into where they resided and committed the unthinkable.

The next day Julian came to check on the robots and saw that all of them were dead. He quickly called for help and soon penguins came to examine what had happened. It would appear as though their destruction energy containers had been ripped right out of them and completely drained. Julian noticed however that one robot was missing. Metal Explorer was nowhere to be found. It was just then that the penguins heard a large boom in the distance. It appeared to be coming from one of the king's troop's camp. The penguins worried that they might be planning an attack on them, but Julian didn't think so. He quickly grabbed a Jet Pack and flew off to see what was taking place over there. He was most shocked at what he saw. The king's troops were having deletion lazers being shot all over the place at them from the sky. And the one shooting them was none other than Metal Explorer. Julian quickly rushed up to Metal and told him to stop. Their conversation went something like this.


"Well that certainley is a stupid question," Metal replied. "It should be painfully obvious. I'm giving the enemy a free trip to the deletion log!"

"METAL,"said Julian. "This is insane! I understand you want to get revenge on them for destroying your siblings, but this isn't the way to do it!"

Just then Metal stopped firing. There was a moment of silence and the Metal started to laugh. He laughed for hours (atleast it seemed like hours) until he finally managed to stop.

"You are an idiot aren't you," said Metal. "Haven't you noticed I'm a lot stronger than I usually am. I guess you could say I've desired a taste for destruction energy."

Julian looked in shock. He then knew what had happened. Metal had killed his robot siblings in their sleep and absorbed their energy to make himself stronger.

"How could you! They were your family! And you killed them! For what? Just so you could be powerful!"

"Well, let's look at the options I had,"replied Metal Explorer. "I could either absorb their energy and make myself more powerful, or go and be recycled to make cans of tuna. Now which would you chose?"

Julian was inraged with Metal at this point and didn't even bother answering the question.

"Well I can see you haven't answered yet, but if you picked the first option ding ding ding! Congratulations you've won! It was so nice having you here today, now if you'll excuse me I've gotta finish...

Before Metal could finish, Julian punched him in the face, but it didn't damage Metal a bit.

"Is that really the best you got penguin."

"Get back to the camp Metal."

"I'm sorry you're really gonna have to speak up. What if you decide to run for president after this whole war thing is over. You gonna use that voice in your speeches."


There was another moment of silence and after awhile Metal began to laugh again. Julian was at this point fed up with the robot.

"Classic penguin threats," said Metal. "They may at times sound threatening, but you know they ain't got the guts to back it up. I no longer take orders from you or any of you flightless birds. From now on, I follow my orders and mine alone."

Julian tried to fight Metal, but he was to powerfull. He was nearly deleted, but managed to dodge all his attacks and call for backup. Before it could arrived though, Metal Explorer hit Julian with a deletion lazer that damaged him greatly. He was about to fall to the ground, but soon the backup arrived. Though they had quite a bit of troulbe, they eventually managed to take down Metal and he was taken back to the camp to have his deletion weapons removed. Julian was sent back to his home to enjoy his last few days with his wife, and Metal was sent to Owcatraz where he remained for many years to come.

Working for Darktan[edit]

Years passed and Metal remained quite content even in Owcatraz. He occasionally mocked the penguins who worked at the prison, and they simply ignored him. All the time in prison seemed to do something to Metal's sanity, because he would constantly tell the other prisoners one-liners and make sadistic jokes. One day however Metal appeared to be in luck. He'd recieved word from a prison worker that he'd been bailed out by an unknown penguin. Metal didn't know what to think, but he decided that it would be nice to get out of the prison. As he exited he saw a boat waiting for him, and in it was a cloaked figure. Metal got on the boat and mockingly gave a loser sign to the prison workers (who simply ignored him).

Once they were far enough away from the island the figure took off his cloak to reveal that he was infact a Mwa Mwa Penguin. He introduced himself as Manny Peng and Metal couldn't help but laugh at the way he talked. Manny told Metal that he worked for an incredibly powerful force of evil lead by a penguin named Darktan Anator. Metal laughed at that name as well, but Manny told him not to be disrespectful. After a bit of traveling, they reached the Darktonian Realm where he was introduced to Darktan. Everyone bowed at the presence of the penguin. Everyone that is except Metal Explorer. Metal simply stated that he refused to bow to a penguin, and told them that they would get no respect from him. A zealot of Darktan ran up to tackle the robot, but Metal simply kicked him in the face, knocking him out instantly. When Metal turned around he saw Darktan charge at him and instantly grab him by the neck. Metal Explorer was began to scream at the pain, and Darktan then told him that he was no weakling. He then put the robot down and a thought popped into Metal's head. He decided that it might be a good idea to side with Darktan for now and see how things would go. He then bowed before Darktan and apologized for doubting him (though inside he was just thinking how genius his plan was). For one reason or another, Darktan fell for this act and allowed him to be given new upgrades. Metal was quite disappointed at the upgrades he received though, because instead of deletion blasters, he got a hot sauce gun.

While he obeyed Darktan's orders, Metal constantly tried to overthrow him and take command of the army. Most of his attempts failed though, but there was one instance where he almost succeeded. But that's a story for another day.

During The Great Darktonian Pie War, Metal was confronted by a penguin named Tails6000. Metal had encountered him several times before while doing missions for Darktan, and decided to ask him if he was related to Julian6000. Tails replied yes saying that he was the son of Julian. Tails had no idea that Metal was the one responsible for his father's death (it wasn't until the Nightmare Epic that he learned the truth), and Metal decided he would just keep his mouth shut. Even though Tails didn't know that Metal was his father's murderer, he still knew the robot was evil and decided to take him down. The fight went on for quite some time, and it seemed the Metal had the upper hand. Just when it seemed all hope was lost though, a shuriken came flying by and hit Metal in the forehead. The two looked up to see Speeddasher standing in a ninja-like pose on a nearby pole. He then jumped down and passed a herbal medicine he'd picked up from the Dojo to Tails. The penguin quickly regained his strength and the two got ready to face off against the robot. Even with their combined strengths though, Metal was still quite powerful. The robot stated that he'd recently received a new upgrade from a friend he's been in contact with stating it made him much more powerful than ever before. He then charged up at an incredible speed and punched the two in the stomach, sending them flying. When they landed back down, Speed told Tails in a whisper that he had an idea of how to beat Metal. Speed said that he'd distract Metal and give Tails time to charge up a Hadouken. Tails nodded, and they put their plan into motion. Speeddasher was taking quite a beating from Metal who constantly mocked him, while Tails was charging up his powerful attack. After awhile Metal noticed what Tails was doing and quickly ran to stop him. Speed refused to let that happen though, and quickly began slicing his katana at the robot, forcing him to stop and fight him. Tails then finished charging up, and with a heroic yell sent the attack flying towards him. After a large flash of light, the two penguins saw Metal lying on the ground. He was badly beaten, and unable to move, but still very much alive. Metal asked if Tails was going to finish him off, and the penguin got ready to fire another Hadouken. The robot became rather scared, but to his surprise, Tails simply blew up his legs to make sure Metal wouldn't go running off anywhere.

After the war ended, Metal was hauled off to work at EFF, and had his weapons replaced with kitchen appliances. The robot was quite mad, but knew that he wouldn't be at this job forever. For the day he arrived at EFF, he recieved a message from the one who gave him the upgrade. It read that he just had to wait at the place for a few months, and that when the time was right, they'd come to get him.

Joining the X Cause[edit]

Metal Explorer's new design

Metal Explorer was busy working at EFF when one day he got a visit from a strange looking penguin. He told Metal that he had been relieved of his duties at EFF and that he had been offered a job by his boss. Metal Explorer knew imediatley who this was, and gladly left the EFF.

When they arrived, Metal Explorer was introduced to Zone. The two knew eachother a bit due to the time Zone was working for Darktan, but they had never been the greatest of friends. Zone escorted the grease covered robot to a room where a dark female penguin]] stood. She greeted the robot and Metal bowed before her, saying that it was very nice to finally meet the great Nightmare. She then stated that while he used to work for a penguin she despised, she stated that she would be willing to offer him complete protection from the upcoming war if he would join their cause as an X-Spreader. Metal Explorer said that he would be glad to join, but stated that he didn't need any backup, saying he could handle himself. She then mockingly replied like you handled yourself with that Tails6000 penguin. This caused Metal Explorer's large, and delicate ego to hurt, and then stated that he refused to tolerate jokes like that. She apologized, and then told Zone to show him the payment for his services. Zone then brought out a shelf of rocket blasters, jet packs, lasers, and almost every upgrade you could imagine. Metal began drooling oil, and quickly replied that he wanted to be equipped with the upgrades imediatley. Nightmare nodded, and he was then fitted with some upgrades, as well as several blasters built into the palms of his hands to help spread the X-Virus. His hot sauce gun was also removed due to Nightmare being illgeric to hot sauce, and replaced with the deletion blasters that he'd missed so much. Metal had never been happier in his life. He'd finally been restored to his full power, and made it his goal to destroy as many penguins as possible with his recently regained power (especially Tails6000). He was then also fitted with an general outfit with a large X on his cap. All the Antibodies address him a Major Metal.


Metal Explorer was one of Darktan's most trusted minions. Despite his ego usually overshadowing his power, Metal Explorer is one of the most powerful villains in Antarctica and was a high rank in Darktan's Army. The hole in his chest holds a container of destruction energy which is what he runs on.

His feet have mini jet pack like rockets that allow him to fly. He also has a evil laugh like Darktan, though his sounds more robotic.


Out of all the robotic creatures in Antarctica, Metal Explorer is by far the most powerful. Though his ego often outshines his abilities, he's still a force to be reckoned with. A hotsauce gun, similar to the one Tails6000 uses, is built into his right arm, and he also can use his propeller hat to cut through solid walls. He can levitate himself and even fly using rockets on his feet and he can at times nearly break the sound barrier while flying.

After he was upgraded by Nightmare, he went from being slightly powerful, to an extremely powerful machine of destruction. Not even Tails6000, his old enemy, was able to beat him, due to the upgrades he'd been given by Nightmare. Long gone was his hot sauce gun, and it was replaced by to deletion rifles built into his hands. However, he goes one step further when it comes to deleting. Unlike other deletion weapons who just fire and things and delete them, Metal can specifically choose exactly what part of something he wants to delete (even internal organs). He also has a sensor built into his head, which allows him to detect enemies coming at any directions at him.

His main style of combat is kenpō, which can prove quite deadly due to his incredibly long and solid legs. He even has rockets that he can attach to his legs, which give his kicks even more powerful. He first demonstrated this skill when he broke Zone's neck with one kick, and later gave Tails6000 the fight of his life.

His most impressive ability though is by far his free will. Unlike most robots, who are simply programed to obey commands given to them, Metal Explorer has the ability to think for himself and make his own decisions. The reason being is that he runs on energy from The Master Gem. Because this gem is partially sentinent, Metal's body is able to use that same power, which in turn gives him free will.


Metal Explorer's greatest weakness by far is his ego. It often leads to his downfall in a fight, due to either talking to much, or underestimating his apponent. This has caused him to loose in several fights, in which he's highly embarrassed by. His other weakness is water. If he was ever to stay in water for to long it could cause him to malfunction.

Relations with others[edit]


Despite acting loyal to Darktan, it's in reality just an act. Metal simply views Darktan as the first stepping stone to becoming the most powerful robot. Darktan clearly doesn't fully trust the robot himself, but he figures that the robot is to desperate for his protection to attempt to do anything to betray him.


Metal Explorer's main rival is none other than Tails6000. This is partially due to him being responsible for the death of Tails's father. However at times, depending on his goal, the two will temporarily side with each other, but this has rarely happened. Despite not liking Tails, Metal Explorer does view the penguin as a worthy opponent.

Manny Peng[edit]

This robot views Manny Peng as a discrace to the Darktonian Minions. He constantly gets pics of Manny off the internet and draws red beards, and other weird stuff on him. However he does seem to not want Manny Peng to die. At one point he saved Manny's life from a Chomp Flower, but later claimed he only did it to please Darktan (but we all know Darktan Hates Manny). The two share somewhat of a forced friendship and are willing to work together if they have to. They often seem to have a habit of getting trapped together. They would never kill eachother by any means, but they sure will try to annoy eachother if they feel like it.

Willy the Penguin[edit]

Metal Explorer often views Willy as an annoying little kid and often doesn't think much of him. He usually overlooks the penguin when he sees him mostly because he doesn't see him as much of a threat. However Willy has at times defeated the robot and left him in need of repair. Despite this Metal Explorer still doesn't view him as much of a threat and nicknames him Kwiksilver's Apprentice.


During the Nightmare Epic, Metal Explorer was the only one of Nightmare's Army who realised that Zone was trying to make his own X-Virus. He told Zone that he wouldn't tell though as he wished to see where his idea would go. Later, when Zone was greatly wounded from having the King of Sorrow ripped out of him, Metal mocked him stating that had he might have been successful had he been more subtle with his intentions. Overall, the two had no hard feelings for eachother, but Metal later came to the conclusion that Nightmare would be a superior leader.


(When someone interrupts his speech in rebellious mode)


(when he was becoming an X spreader)

"YES!!! YES!!!"

(While drinking motor oil)


(when talking to Tails X)

"Don't be hastey...not until I see the REAL Tails6000 Pummeled to DUST which should be any moment now"

(tails gets tackled by a random X soldier)


Tails X: did you do that before???

Metal Explorer: shut up.. you're ruining my victory moment....

(During a conversation with Nightmare)

Nightmare: It would appear that Zone's apprentice has decided to turn against us. Zone has also been quite secretive lately. I have a feeling neither of them will be of much use to me much longer. Lizlord isn't really the leader type, so I've decided you will be the one to lead the battle. I have something special in mind for Zone.

Metal Explorer: Lady Nightmare, I am honored. I promise I will serve you with undying loyalty.

Nightmare: That's excellent news! Tell me, did you tell Darktan those same words during the pie war.

Metal Explorer: Well um...

Nightmare: Yes, that was a clever lie you told him.

Metal Explore: Well I don't know if I'd call it lying. I'd more say it was a retelling of the truth.

(During the climax of the Nightmare Epic)

Metal Explorer: WHAT!?! Those idiot penguins defeated her? Becoming a Master. Watching the penguins be exterminated. All flushed down the...

(Tails6000 punches Metal in the face)

Tails6000: You and your boss's little social group aren't taking over any planet today Metal. It's off to Owcatraz for you.

Metal Explorer: YOU INCONSIDERATE IDIOT! You penguins don't even have the decency to let me finish my emotional speech before you capture me! Have a little patience for once.

(when someone states the obvious plans in his head)



  • His personality is a parody of Starscream from Transformers Animated.
  • His X-Spreader Outfit is a parody of M. Bison's outfit from the Street Fighter series.
  • He even has a show about him and Manny Peng.
  • Metal's hatred of penguins is mostly due to his beliefs. Metal strictly believes that the strong dominate over the weak and drive them to extinction. In his eyes, penguins are the weaker species.
  • Very few know this, but Metal is actually a huge fan of anime and manga. He likes the ones about giant, alien robot apocalypses the most.
  • Metal Explorer is a parody of Metal Sonic

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