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Fredrick "Bow" Pie
Metal Knight.png
Bow while is cape is in wing mode.
Title Bow
Gender Male
Race Viking Penguin
Faction Neutral
Health Amazing
Status Doing Something
Location All of Antarctica including the Darktonian Realm
Birth date October 8th, 1985 (Aged 34 years)
Occupation Warrior
Interests Swords, Humans
Friends Feey1 Pie, Bonny1 Pie, Darktan(O_O)
Enemies Swiss Ninja, Bugzy, The UPM
Archetype Neutral

NEVER to be confused with Fredrick.

Fredrick Pie, or Bow, or Metal Knight is Feey1's younger brother, and warrior in The Three Pieteers.


Fredrick hatched from his egg on October 8th, 1985 (Aged 34 years) in Shiverpool, but with serious hatch defects. He had a flat face with no nose, his eyes were yellow dots, and his beak was only a quarter of an inch long. His parents took him in for plastic surgery, but the operation failed. Fredrick was born with a flat face, and that was it. As a chick he had a rough time at school, because all the other chicks made fun of him. His only friends were his two older brothers, which were near middle school as he was in school. Fredrick grew up with no friends, and it angered him. Soon he started to beat up others that called him names, and he beat them up badly. He had a skill, and he was using it for the wrong reason. He got in trouble a lot, but he only got meaner. In high school he met a nice women, and fell in love. He is still dating her, and plans to marry her soon. However when he moved from Shiverpool, he went to live in Eastshield. He lived very close to the Darktan Realm, which was dangerous. At Christmas he asked Feey1 for a sword, with special powers. Feey1 could deliver such a thing, because he had possession of the Power Gems. After Fredrick got the sword, he trained with it. After a week's worth of training, he entered the Darktan Realm. It was the creepiest thing he had ever seen, all until he met Darktan himself. Somehow the two penguins got along, and Darktan became a good friend. He gave Fredrick a special uniform, and gave him the name Metal Knight. Fredrick became a trusted friend to Darktan, and the two got along good. However over time Fredrick lost his grip on the good side, and almost joined the dark side. He stopped it, and became a neutral penguin.


Fredrick is involved in a lot, but most of it is classified. Many believe he is very lazy, and does nothing but hang out in the Darktan Realm. However he does a lot of classified missions in The Three Pieteers. Most of his business involves the Barbearer Islands, and Castilla. Most of his missions have been done without Feey1, and Bonny1 knowing.


Fredrick is a very odd penguin, being a neatrul yet calling himself a good guy. He is a very brave, and arrogant penguin. He believes that nothing can stop, and it has made him do some stupid things. Yet, he is very smart and tough. His bravery has helped him take down enemies; his intelligence helps a lot, too. He has studied bombs, Keysabers, and architects. He is also not very interested in new things, therefore he kind of stays in his own world. He is a smart, odd, tough, and uninterested penguin.


Fredrick likes to say that he's a good guy, which he's not. He's neatrul, but leaning more to the good side. He has betrayed friends, and enemies before. He follows in the footsteps of Zayne Pie, who too was a neatrul penguin.



  • "Well, it can't be that important"
  • "Ya, and what do I get?"
  • "This sword is special, in a killing way."


  • This is a parody of Meta Knight.
  • He is considered a very odd, and dark character. He usually turns on his friends, and joins his enemies only to get something. Despite his darkness, he is very kind and smart.

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