Metal Max1537

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Metal Max1537
Oh no!
Title Metal Max1537
Gender Male
Race Robot
Faction Darktan's Army
Health Robot
Level 7
Status Planning to destroy Max1537
Location Darktonian Realm
Occupation beep
Friends Darktan II, Doctor Dimmerwits
Enemies Flywish, Max 1537

Metal Max was supposed to defeat Metal Explorer and Max 1537, but abandoned the mission and now is a minion of Darktan. He is currently planning to destroy Max 1537 again.


He was built in a great storm in the USA by Doctor Dimmerwits. A strike of lighting brought him to life. He later started planning to destroy penguins. He failed each time and decided to join Darktan. It was a few days before the Great Darktonian Pie War. After the pie war, Darktan reformed making Metal Max thinking about leaving. Later a few Darktonian minions made Darktan II. Metal Max was delighted. Later WishFlyX came to join and befriended Metal Max. He gave chocolates to Manny Peng as well. He also asked to join the Treacherous Trio. He hasn't gotten an answer. He is also good friends with Robo-Gary. He hates Robo-Flywish however.

Later, Metal Max saw that Flywish was fighting DTA and he attacked Flywish but Flywish turned him off and threw him back to the Darktonian Realm. This angered Metal Max and he decided to have a hate for Flywish. He has made no appearences in TV but wants to. He likes the show CP Fanon: The Animated Series because Flywish left the show in Season 7. After finding out that Flywish was on other shows, he started to think about getting out of the Darktonian Realm for a little while, and taking a break from evil.

During his break, he went to the USA disguised as a penguin and observed everything, coming back to the Realm made him realize he could try to be a better villain so he started planning an army called Metal Force, however, he found out that there was another army named Metal Force but it was disbanded but he still couldn't use the name. He later called his army, Bolt Force and he is still currently planning it.


He works with Darktan. He is also great friends with WishFlyX amd Metal Explorer. He also is in WishFlyX's Army as an elite minion because they are very good friends. He also is friends with Manny Peng. He and Manny Peng often play games when they aren't on duty for anyone. He later decided to stop being friends with Manny and joined the Mwa Mwa Attackers. But when he joined, he instantly quit when he found out Flywish was working there. He then decided to store weapons and when a weapon is activated, he uses it.



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