Metal for President

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Metal for President
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What happens when the villian actually takes over? And also what happens when he makes a poorly drawn campaign post?
Background information
Participants Metal Explorer, Mayor McFlapp
Date May 25, 2008 (Alternate Timeline)
Location USA

Metal for President, is a slight prank played on Metal Explorer by Mayor McFlapp. It all started when Metal wished that for just one day he would be the president of the USA, and then woke up finding that he was president. At first, he quite enjoyed this, but things began to get to much for him to handle when he began to realise that there was more to being a president than just being in charge and being popular.



"Is this what you guys do for fun every day?" Asked Metal Explorer. "Really, it was an accident."

Metal Explorer was not having a good day. He was being marched to an execution stand and was wearing a ripped up suit...Wait a minute what are you doing in a suit in the first place? You don't even wear regular clothes? And what about That's Death? Isn't this illegal?

"Yah you should probably let me take it from here narrator," said Metal. " I'm guessing you guys are wondering the same thing as that guy. To be honest I'm not entirely sure how it happened either. Everything went by so fast it's hard to keep track of it all. I guess it'll be easier to just start at the begining. Back in the Darktonian Realm...

Chapter I: It's not easy being robotic...Okay yes it is.[edit]

Throne Room, Darktonian Realm
8:55 PM, May 24, 2008

"Metal Explorer," said Darktan. "Report on the current status of our security."

Metal bowed and secretly let out a discusted face which soon turned into a fake smile.

"Absolutley brilliant my leige," said Metal. "But how could I even begin to expect anything less than perfection from you?"

Darktan simply rolled his eyes.

"I don't know Metal," he replied. "But something tells me that you very easily could."

Metal kept fake smiling, but inside he was trembling with fear.

"Crap, did he find out that it was me who sent him the bed of needles on April Fools," he thought nervously.

Just then Darktan grabbed Metal by his arm and held him up to his face.

"Ow, ow, ow!"

"There are rumors that are going around that you have been having slight troubles with my dominance," continued Darktan.

"It's simply jealousy from your lesser minions my leige," said Metal in a nervous voice. "Many of your minions want my position and are spreading lies about me in hopes of achieving it."

"Perhaps. However, since you are an elite minion, you had better hope the rumors aren't true. There is no room for weak links in this chain that is my army. So if you wish not to become the weak link in this chain, don't do anything stupid. In other words, don't do anything you would usually do. Do we have an understanding of eachother?"

Metal nodded his head as he continued to fake smile.

"Oh yes my leige," said Metal. "I understand you as clear as the day that never seems to come to the Darktonian Realm since it's for some reason allways cloudy here. You know we should chat more online, you know we could get to know eachother better. I know we allready know eachother quite well, but you can never learn to...

Darktan simply threw Metal out the door and eventually the robot crashed into several Doom Knights and knocked them over like bowling pins. He got up as he pushed away the Knights and began to growl.

"One day Darktan," he growled. "One day I won't have to suck up to you and embarrass myself any longer. One day I'll be in charge of everything that is Antarctica. And when that day comes, I'll have no need for you anymore."

Metal began an evil laugh, but quickly stopped when his back began to ache.

"Ow, ow. Man, Darktan really needs to learn to take better care of his machines."

Mayor's Office, Ternville
9:01 PM, May 24, 2008

"Wot wot! Ello there my arch-rival Benny. How are yeh doin' on this bally good night?"

"I DON'T APPROVE OF YOU TALKING TO ME THIS LATE AT NIGHT! And shouldn't you be working the organ. The universe isn't gonna narrate itself you know.

"Good bally talk Benny," said the Mayor McFlapp in a mocking tone as he went to work at the organ.

Just then Billybob walked in caring some scripts.

"Hey guys," he said. "How goes the narrating Mayor?"

"Bally good Billy," replied the Mayor. "What've yeh written this bally time?"

Billy sighed.

"Actually these are just some ideas I've jumbled together. I've been real busy with work, you know being the president. I haven't had much time to write. But here's what I've got."

Director Benny pushed his office chair over to where the Mayor was sitting to view the scripts. He was shocked at what he saw.


Mayor McFlapp looked shocked and then started laughing until he feel off his chair.

"Oh wot bally wot, yes is this good Billy!" He said laughing.

"Well," replied Billybob. "I don't think it's my best work, but I'm glad someone liked it."

"Did I really just say bally?" Thought Benny to himself.

Mayor McFlapp finally got up an straightened out his feathers, which had become quite ruffled. He took the scripts and began typing.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?" Yelled Benny.

"I'm bally flippin narrating wot wot! Also Billy, go get Illustrator Keith and tell him to begin illustrating a flippin picture for this."

Billybob saluted and went to get Keith, but the Benny jumped on him.


The sound of Benny yelling shook the entire room and caused Mayor McFlapp to fall off his chair. Benny the went to the organ, and began deleting the story the Mayor had been narrating.

"You've gone to flippin far this time Benny!" Yelled Mayor McFlapp. "You'll mess up the bally universe at this rate!"


Billybob ran up in an attempt to get Director Benny off the chair and Mayor McFlapp attempted to help. Eventually they began typing random jiberish and somewhere down bellow, someone was suffering because of it.

Explorer's Igloo, Club Penguin Island
9:14 PM, May 24

Explorer 767 walked furiously towards Mabel as he held his ruined propeller hat.

"Mabel!" He yelled. "How many times have I told you to stop ruining my hat!"

"It wasn't me you nincompoop," Mabel snapped.

"Well if it wasn't you, then who bleh bleh yippity yay yah?"

Mabel looked confused.

"Is everying thing quite yak yak blee blee blah Explorer?"

Mabel looked shocked and Explorer started laughing.

"What's so wee wee yah yah?"

"Oh nothing Mabel," laughed Explorer. "It's just that you banana banana banana orange!"

Mabel started laughing and Explorer yelled at her in jibberish and she did the same. This went on for quite some time.

Mayor's Office, Ternville
9:20 PM, May 24, 2008

The fight between Benny and Mayor McFlapp was still going on. Billybob had just given up and was sitting in the corner enjoying a nice cup of coffee. Just then Billybob noticed something.

"Hey Mayor?" He asked. "Where'd the organ go?"

Mayor McFlapp and Benny ceased their fighting and began looking around.

"Don't tell me you lost it," said Benny.

"ME!" Yelled McFlapp. "If my bally memory is right Benny, you flippin had it last."

Billybob grabbed his two coffee cups and smashed them into the two's heads.

"JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!" He yelled. "If we don't find that organ then someone bad might find it, and the universe could crumble any second. Hopefully we're not too late."

"Ow, thanks for the blow to the cranium Captain Paranoid," said Benny.

Just then Mayor McFlapp yelled.

"What is it?" Asked Billybob.

McFlapp simply pointed to a large hole in the wall that was the exact shape and size as the organ.

"Wow," said Benny. "How long has that been there?"

"You idiot!" Yelled Billybob. "You two let the organ fall! We've gotta go get it before it smashes."

Mayor McFlapp quickly flew out the hole in an attempt to catch it.

"I'll be back in a bally minute," he said as he waved goodbye.

Billybob waved goodbye and began to act as nervous as Illustrator Keith.

"I know it might not be as important as the universe crumbling," said Billybob. "But I pitty the poor guy who might be under where that organ is gonna fall."


To be revealed.