Metalmanager's Shovel

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Metalmanager's Shovel
It's just an ordinary shovel with a smiling face painted on it.
Type Hand item
Effects Nothing
Location Metalmanager's inventory
Cost to buy 500 coins
Cost to sell 50 coins

Metalmanager's Shovel, called "Shovel" by its owner, is an item of solace for Metalmanager, everyone's favorite chronically depressed Emoguin. He carries the shovel everywhere in his player card and occasionally pulls it out in order to speak with it. He finds comfort in the item and will also pull it out when he writes the sad poetry he is so famous for.


Metalmanager aquired his shovel back in 2006, when it was distrubuted for 500 coins by vendors of coastal towns on the Antarctic mainland, just adjacent to Club Penguin. Since then, he has carried the item in his inventory without ceasing, constantly using it to relieve him of his anxiety, depression, and angst- especially angst -preventing it from overloading his fragile emotional state and keeping him sane.

MM finds solace and peace when he holds his shovel, and because he so values it, other penguins tend to respect his quirk, even when he does go about talking to the thing. That, and Ventusi usually sees to it that mockers don't insult him again.


There is not much to say about Metalmanager's shovel. It has a wooden stick, an iron handle with a grip, and a good-sized spade, also of iron, and is roughly two feet eleven inches long.

A tag is tied to its handle, reading "PROPERTY OF METALMANAGER", and on reverse side of the spade, MM painted a smiling face on it.

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