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The Metro Dark Gang, most known as the Dark Gang or the Underground Metro Dark Gang is a group of gangsters, gang leaders, merceneries, smugglers and any type of criminals. When they started, they were first pickpockets then a small gang. Soon, their name became bigger and more criminals began joining. Soon, they began to expand their operations by shipping in Judgies and smuggling Doors 7.0 laptops into Freezeland. It was at this point that a Master was voted. He hired a group called the Big Four to do terrible deeds. However, their efforts wearn't enough to beat the Underground PWN Mafia. Bugzy was to good at PWNAGE! When a robbery hit a major bank, the South Pole Council took action and ordered the EPF to investigate on the Metro Dark Gang. After two weeks, the EPF had found them at Bugzy's Casino. Saddly, the Dark Gang escaped and now, the whole of the Dark Gang is about one of the most wanted criminal organistaion, below the Underground PWN Mafia and above Modfia. Some members are not that dangerous; the Big Four is very dangerous! They are High Penguins and they even make The Robbers cuddly (not to mention that the robbers have already been made cuddly by a Pizza Parlor chef.)

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