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Title Metronome
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Penguins
Health Good
Level Medium
Status Alive
Location Dance Club or his house
Birth date March 1 1996 (21)
Occupation Singer, musician, student
Interests Singing, dancing, hanging out with friends, shopping
Friends Cadence, Peng Guin, Tapestrea, Disco Puffle, Dancing Penguin
Enemies A lot of bullies in his school
Archetype Good

Metronome is the 21 year old tomgirl brother of Cadence, Peng, and Tapestrea. He is a tag along, and follows both of his sisters and brother along, trying to "learn" things from them. He creates a bigger rivalry between the two, as they fight for his and Peng's affection.



Metronome was born 4 years after Cadence and 5 years after Tapestrea. He is two years older than Peng. He was loved very much by his two older sisters, and they both wanted to play with him all the time and went to the fields to pick flowers with him, possibly resulting in his eccentric personality and love of daisies.

His younger brother Peng Guin would tag along with him and they got along well.


Metronome is currently 18 years old and goes to the fields every afternoon to pick flowers.


Metronome is stereotypically girly. When he was little he had tea parties with stuffed animals, played dress-up with his sisters and blushed and giggled a lot (he still does the last one). He likes the colors pink, purple, blue, and yellow especially if it is flowers that are colored those. Most of his friends are girls. A lot of children who are not his friends make fun of him for this, but he doesn't care what people think of him as of now.

He loves his sisters and brother very much and doesn't like it when they fight, even though he is sometimes the (unintentional) cause of it. Thus, his musical talents and taste are a mixture of classical and hip-hop/Pop/Rock. He wants to be a music teacher when he grows up.


  • His name comes from a beat-producing device used in music (Metronome)
  • He is also friends with Disco Puffle. Disco Puffle says he can relate to Metronome because they both are "Ladie's men", although Metronome knows that this isn't true for both of them.
    • Many boys in his class are actually jealous that he gets to spend a lot of time with girls. However he has no interest in dating them, like the envious ones do.
  • He used to be picked on because of his personality, but now that his classmates are more mature and self-controlled, they pick on him much less.
  • He's a really good singer too. He sings in a soprano.
  • He's in the Awesome Drama Orchestra as a violin player
  • His friend's brother's daughter is Mabel.
  • Lollipop386, for some reason, thinks he's weird.
  • He has a crush on Angie Hills

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