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MicroX image.PNG
That's a feather on his head, not hair.
Title X-Antibody
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody
Faction Clone of Penguin Micro
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Bullying the Bullies
Location Dorkugal

MicroX is the X-Antibody of Penguin Micro. Despite being the same size as Penguin Micro, MicroX is basicly everything Micro isn't. He's brave, strong, and usually bullies Jerks around. He's working for the wraith Nightmare. He attempts to be cool, but because he looks like Penguin Micro he has a hard time doing it so he usually resorts to violence.


As with many of the citizens of Antarctica, Penguin Micro caught the X-Virus. As allways he thought something terrible was going to happen, so he ran around screaming. A few days later however, he had been running so long all he could do was stay in bed. As with many other penguins, a red glowing X appeared on his face, except this was in the morning. As he looked in the mirror, he saw the red X and started to stutter.

"W..what's h...happening?"

"In your case Penguin Micro, your own Doomsday!" answered a voice.

Not expecting to get a reply, Penguin Micro screamed so lould, a sticky green substance came flying out of his mouth. He quickly went to get a mop that was his size, but before he could the goo gathered together and formed a penguin that looked quite abit like him. He looked more brave though, and had a huge feather ontop of his head, as well as different colored clothes.

"Thank you for freeing me Micro. Now to go terrorize Dorkugal, and give you all the credit."

The Antibody bashed through the door, and ran suprisingly fast for a penguin. Not knowing who Nightmare was, all Penguin Micro could do was stutter, and go back to bed.

Later some Jerk Penguins approached MicroX. Not hearing about the X-Virus, they suspected he was simply Penguin Micro trying to be cool. One stood behind him about to pick him up, and throw him in the garbage can. Just as he was about to though, MicroX turned around, grabbed the Jerk by the flipper, and threw him all the way to the dumpster.

"So, which one of you noobs is next?"

Screaming like Mwa Mwa Penguins, the Jerks ran away to their houses. The Dorkugese cheered for MicroX, but he simply growled and they stopped. Ever since that day, the Jerks have been more careful and are sure to be sure it's actually Penguin Micro before bullying him.


MicroX spends his time bullying Jerks, Fords, and even Dark Penguins. He currently resides in Dorkugal, since that's were many of the Jerks live. He occasionally even bosses around UBully, and his gang. There are only two times infact when he's been defeated. One time was when he attempted to steal the Shadow Amulet from Darktan and got a shadow beam shot at him (it barely hurt him, but it caused him to run away). The other time was when he attempted to take Bugzie's place as Godfather of the UPM, and got a taste of the beetle's UBER PWNAGE!


  • The only things that frightens him is Bugzy, and Darktan.
  • He appears to be a fan of Ford Car and Link.
  • Like most X-Creatures, MicroX has laser vision, levitation, but in MicroX's case, also super strength.

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