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Micro Hard and Soft Hospital, a massive hospital. The hospital is located in Antarctica more on the east cost more then any place. Developed by Micro Hard and Soft and built by.


On a bright sunny, hot afternoon, on this cold blustery country, came a heat wave. Many people in in Antarctica where, after a few days, starting to get very very ill. People all around where in total shock. And this was causing MISSIVE destruction, like ice cream cones and the GREAT epic pickles where being melted! So...as we all know the big company had to go to business trying to prevent a way from this red alert to stop. Finally after some of the greatest work and mind clashing, not to mention head acks, found an idea so perfect that it would solve the change of heat stroke and much more that had to do with heat infections. This heat wave was even known to cause mind mushing or zombie brain washing! Stuff like this would be cured! The great founders of this that where highly brilliant where XTUX345 and Bill Gate$. Wile after they had thought out there idea they thought they might get some refreshments.

XTUX345: So what do you think? Strawberry soda with a hint of pickle pickle fat to go?

Bill Gate$: Just GET BOTH! I am writing a very logical fact on how eating fat is good for you! Its pretty much a parody for doors.

XTUX345: You know thats just sheer genius! What are you going to call it?

Bill Gate$: Its going to be called.....uhh, Blubber Zing! Yeah thats it!

XTUX345: Oh nice title! Brilliant!

After this very logical, short but sweet, topic they thought that having blubber and epic pickles where the real key to this! 87 hours and 9 mins passed and they had invented something that would shake the world! So they thought! When they had finished putting the "micro chip" ( with MM's and sprinkles ) into the pickles which they then put the pickles into the pickle fat from then they put the pickle fat into the text hose. When they had done this it all came down to turning the water on! They did it and KAABBOOOM!! They where all covered in, well no one really knows they guessed that the Almighty Tomato Gun added to much power. Then all covered in slime went out side to pout and just give up.

When they came out they saw something yellow coming from the sky. It was not a large object but still noticeable. Then more started to come down and more and more! They soon realized that these where coins! Coming right from the sky and just in once place. They saw this with complete amazement and ran to get some bags to fill this loot with! After this both XTUX345 and Bill Gate$ where wondering what the would do with it all. They then thought to them selfs that a hospital would be perfect!

Bill Gate$: I mean for Micro Hard and Soft!! Oops...did I just say that out loud?

XTUX345: Yeah you did...AND THATS GREAT!

Bill Gate$: RIGHT! As long as Micro Hard and Soft and me, make money thats all that matters.

XTUX345: Alright lets get this money on the show!

And they did, they hired thousands of penguins to build on this MASSIVE hospital. They had the money to do it. So after a few seconds the hospital was done!

Bill Gate$: Many hands make lots of money! Opps did I say that out loud? I really meant "many hands make light work" he said with a sneering cough.

XTUX345: No way! I like the first one better! I say, that quote should be on the font entrance.

Bill Gate$: What a smart idea!

From then on the Micro Hard and Soft hospital became the biggest hospital on Antarctica. And the most successful. After a couple of days the heat wave ended and all was normal again.