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Micro Hard and Soft
Type Public
Industry Computer software
Consumer electronics
Video game consoles
Founded 1987
Headquarters Dorkugal, Antarctica
Area served Antarcticwide
Key people Bill Gate$ (Chairman)
Berran Monquist (CEO)
Jay Aussie (CSA)
Revenue USP; 72.525 million (2009)
Operating income USP; 24.5 billion (2009)
Net income USP; 172.96 million (2009)
Employees 93,000
Website MicrohardandSoft.com

Micro Hard and Soft is the biggest software company in Antarctica, but based especially in the home of dorks, Dorkugal. They created Doors 7 and Doors 8, and it became one of the most popular operating systems overall in the continent. For application software, they made Micro Hard and Soft Office 2008. It is also the most used office software. They joined the gaming industry in 2002 and created PBOX. Later, in 2005, they created the PBOX 360. Both failed to compare to the Vii, though. Stevie Falcon I and Billy Fence I, the CEOs of Dorkugal from the start to the end, loved their prdoucts. They are against Peach and Linus. Despite these, they mainly had their operating software given to Pad Industries, with their PadTops and PadDesks. They are fierce competitors with Pancakes Incorporated.


1985–1990: Founding[edit]

Micro Hard and Soft's original logo.

2006–present: Games, Doors 7, and other transitions[edit]


Operating Software[edit]

Main article: Doors

Gaming Industry[edit]

Key Staff[edit]

  • 1985-2008: Berran Monquist (CEO and Chairman)
  • 1985-: ? (President)
  • 2008-present: Bill Gates (Chairman)
  • 2008-present: Berran Monquist (CEO)


In addition to be is involved with "many" things... there have been rumors that Microsoft will one day rule the world! (However, this is laughed at: that role is already taken!) Those who believe that MH&S is a contender for domination are divided on its end result: some say this could be bad others say it could be for a good cause.


  • Micro Hard and Soft is parody of Microsoft
  • Billy Fence I is a fan of this company, despite that fact that his life-threatening partner Bill Gates is here.
  • Mister Bean holds shares in this company, almost as if he and Bill were great friends.
  • It is common knowledge that Pancakes Incorporated brand computers are more fast and efficient, but the general public is more likely to use Padtops because of their affordable cost.

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