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Mike in his signature "costume"
Alias Mike the Alien
Species Penguin?
Race Adelie Penguin?
Gender Male
Residence BandeiraClubPenguin.png Club Penguin Island
Citizenship USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Nationality Antarctican

Mike is an eccentric penguin living in Club Penguin Island, known by many for supposedly believing he is an alien and wearing a costume to match.

Personal Life[edit]

No one knows where exactly Mike came from, perhaps lending credibility to his alien claims. He suddenly appeared one day in 2014 after the end of the St. Patrick's Day party, spouting nonsense to random penguins that he 'came from space' and had 'lost his spaceship'.

At some point, Mike encountered The Ed and the two became friends after he was mistaken for Kermit due to his costume's bright green coloration.

Mike can occasionally be seen wandering around Club Penguin, either performing his stand-up comedy routine during Coffee Shop open mic nights or bringing down the house at Night Club dance-offs.


Mike is a very sporadic individual, often yelling "You're green with it!" at random penguins.

He occasionally wears a blue Club Penguin University cap.




  • Allie N. -
  • The Ed - Mike knows that he can always rely on Ed to bring down the house.
  • Kermit - In an interview with the Club Penguin Times, Kermit stated that he was good friends with Mike.




  • Mike has the habit of accidentally getting the fingers of his costume smashed.
  • Due to his green costume and strange behavior, some have accused Mike of trying to mimic Kermit.
  • Mike claims to originate from the planet Wazowski. There is no evidence that this planet exists, however.
  • Mike is obsessed with cupcakes, saying this is because they don't exist on his home planet.


  • "Hey, I got a move here that'll bring down the house."
  • "You're green with it!"
  • "One more time!"

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