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The Mike Sword, known in the Multiverse Prophecy as the Sword of the Legends, is Star Kirby12's personal weapon. It was formed by ancient Multiverse characters under the control of us with Fourth Wall energy, making it a lethal weapon. Millenniums later, the blade, which carried most of its power, was found by miners and handed over to Gary the Gadget Guy to investigate. G then created the Mike Sword and gave it to Star during Questisbak's first invasion.


The "legendary" part of the Mike Sword lies solely in the blade, and nowhere else. The base of the mic exists only to protect the blade when retracted and allow the user to use it properly when active. The red lever on the microphone is what triggers the blade; pushing it up brings it out and pushing it down pulls it back down.


Despite being called the "Sword of the Legends", the Mike Sword is notorious for having an extremely long record of breaking. To be fair, the weapon was never known as legendary until Multiverse Collision 5, but the fact that the weapon gets broken so many times makes it all the more confusing. Whenever it is broken, it is usually always repaired with its broken parts.

But then again, what's the Fourth Wall known for, again? Why, breaking, of course!

After the rather crazy events of MC5, however, the blade splits into two, gets a rainbowy color and gains a sentience. This way, Star is able to have them fight with him while in any of his super modes, and they become his main weapons again in XL mode.

Technically speaking, among the three Multiverse weapons, the Mike Sword is the most fragile. The Magic Pencil may just be a pencil, but is a real-life pencil protected by the fact that fictional factors causing damage to a nonfiction item is both nonsensical and physically impossible (which is extremely hypocritical considering what goes on around here). The Guardian's Sword is an actually properly built weapon made specifically for destruction, and is, in fact, not just a blade shoved into a microphone. However, absorbing the power of the Castle of Light makes the sword(s) a lot more powerful.

There's nothing actually wrong with the Mike Sword in general, though. It's definitely a lot stronger than most melee weapons, and can easily shake off missiles. The problem is that its opponents end up getting stronger and stronger and it just can't keep up, being created in 2001 and all.


  • It is comparable to Tittle, at least once it gains sentience.
  • Oddly enough, even though his keysaber is obviously the more superior weapon, Star's first choice is the Mike Sword and only uses the keysaber when the sword inevitably breaks again. This is usually chalked off as "he's better with the one-handed weapon", but it's more than likely bureaucratic fiddling.
  • Compared to the crappiness of the Mike Sword, the lance weapon that the Dark Knight from Fanon Characters Special 2015! holds hasn't ever been broken, although that might just be because it hasn't had enough screen time.