Military Strength of Antarctica

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Here is the Military Strength of Antarctica for all government sponsored sovereign nations.

Technology Advancement Categories

  0—24.5: C1 (Very Poor)
  24.6—37.8: C2 (Basic)
  37.9—51.5: C3 (Decent + Respectable)
  51.6—63.4: C4 (Near-Modern)
  63.5—71.0: C5 (Modern)
  71.1—78.8: C6 (Advanced)
  78.9—89.6: C7 (Very Advanced)
  89.7—99: C8 (Extremely Advanced)
List by the United Antarctic Organization
Antarctic Military Balance 2018 (for 2017)
Rank Country # of

# of

# of
World total 70,965,910 TBA TBA TBA
1 The USA has the largest and most powerful army in the Antarctic. It possesses several Deletion bombs. United States of Antarctica 11,000,002 81.5 350,000 430
2 UnitedTerra has a strong army that makes its own weaponry but prefer to remain inactive in international conflict. UnitedTerra's military strength comes from the UnitedTerra Forces (UF) and its numerous subdivisions (e.g. Penguin Police Troop) as well as through the republican armies of TerraMount and TF Enforcer Corps. UnitedTerra 9,200,000 82.8 146,000 274
3 Shops Island has a large and ever-expanding military capable of fighting off and conquering enemy nations. It has about equal the military might of both Snowzerland and Zhou. Shops has become a major player on the Antarctic stage as many smaller countries live in fear of Shopper aggression against its opponents. Shops Island 2,500,000 84.5 218,000 455
4 The Zhouese military prowess rose not long after Snowzerland's. They have a large population and also create their own weapons and aircraft. Zhou 6,700,000 61.0 169,000 193
5 Snowzerland has a large military but with an empire not as large as Castilla's. The Snoss are innovators in Military science and was the first nation to possess Nuclear Weapons. Snowzerland 4,400,000 80.1 97,000 134
6 Castilla has a very large military and a large empire. It has good technology and rivals and exchanges with Snowzerland for this position. Castilla 5,250,000 70.9 147,560 259
7 Terra Federation have the second strongest military in the UnitedTerra territories, aiding many Antarctican countries in wars during their time of need and independently developing themselves. Terra Federation 6,600,000 70.2 17,400 51
8 Ed Island, although small in size, has a fairly powerful military. Their advanced technology and plasma weaponry makes them a formidable foe. Ed Island is a member of the Axle Powers and is a known nuclear power. Ed Island 860,000 90.1 88,653 149
9 With powerful PULSE Rifles and multiple military aircraft, such as the gigantic MJ-680 Air Fortress, Munijoch is very well capable of defending and attacking enemy troops. Military advancements are being made everyday, as well as pioneering battlefield medical technology for the troops to last longer. In addition, they are in possession of weapons capable of vaporizing entire mountains in a carpet bomb deployment. Munijoch 6,000,000 88.9 156,400 176
10 Previously a pacifist nation, Margate has since developed a new defense and relations strategy so as to play a greater role on the Antarctic stage, including a rearmament program and joining the Western Union. A pioneer in urban and guerrilla combat, Margate's might is one not to be underestimated despite her defense policies. Margate 2,700,000 77.0 110,350 124
11 Culldrome has a very well trained and equipped military, primarily used for defense. Most of it's weapons and vehicles are imported, but has started to produce it's own. It is backed by Porcyals and Squarium (courtesy of Shops), powerful weapons of mass destruction. Culldrome Isles 1,700,000 73.1 93,000 85
12 Rusca had been building its army since the 1500's and peaked in the 1900's. It owns several Deletion bombs. Rusca 2,600,000 70.2 85,400 77
13 For a long time the Snowinian military was regarded as a joke. But, throughout 2014 and to the present day, the Snowinians have expanded their defenses and are now proving their worth in many wars and conflicts. The Snowinian military is currently the most active in Antarctica. United Provinces 550,000 73.8 147,300 253
14 Francterre has built its military to compete against Puffle'and. Francterre has a good military that is well trained. They import weaponry from Castilla and the USA. Francterre 876,000 57.6 116,300 135
15 Puffle'and's military rose incredibly during the Khanzem War and benefited from their rule of Colonial Antarctica. Puffle'and 576,000 50.3 123,450 197
16 Freezeland's army is a decent size for its territory, but is less technologically advanced than the USA. Its army comprises mainly of High Penguins and a growing number of Viking Penguins. Freezeland 1,200,000 41.2 77,642 71
17 Polaris has a large National Guard with advanced technology. However, it is rarely used, and when it is, their military tactics are often seen as ineffective. Polaris 56,000 64.4 105,670 97
18 Amataria's army solely consists of Robots equipped with built in weaponry. Another version of the Robots are the AMIDs, which are an improved version, seen in the picture. Amataria 387,000 63.9 59,610 48
19 Seal Islands has a moderately competent military, which is currently undergoing expansions. Seal Islands 220,000 62.2 72,640 74
19 Combined military might of all Western Union member states. Western Union 11,358,900 58.6 TBA TBA
20 Liguria's army was rather small prior to Flywish's takeover, but it is now developing its own military vehicles. Liguria 1,700,000 62.0 75,640 66
21 Tropicalis has a large military with a high standard of technology. However, the nation is still quite irrelevant on the international stage and has difficulty projecting its power. Tropicalis' military also does it's best to form strategies and plans based on the situation, and are trying their best to advance by testing new technology, and want to prove themselves capable of defending themselves. Tropicalis 1,000,000 67.2 156,340 143
22 Originally considered "weak" by many, if not most of the powerful nations in Antarctica, Acadia built its military over the years, improving its soldiers' experience, training, and equipment. The passage of the Military Improvement and Expansion Act in 2017 massively expanded the military and allocated more funding towards it as well. Acadia 110,000 64.0 25,100 60
23 Dragonstonian's military was improved and expanded to protect itself from imperialist countries. However, the government poured funding into the additional expansion and improvement of the military after Dragonstone itself became an imperialist country. The Imperial Dragonstonian Armed Forces are a powerful force that excels in close quarter combat. Dragonstone 600,000 57.9 75,430 150
24 The HunEmpire has a large military consisting of well trained Hunguins and an average level of technology. It is comparable to some of the larger Ninja Archipelago militaries due to the above-average volunteer rate and the country's impressive Air Force. HunEmpire 1,200,000 48.6 29,640 23
25 Magonia has an average size military, but has access to above-average technology due to their ties in The Zeta Connections. Magonia 185,000 56.1 60,000 53
26 An Acadian colony, Gilneas is allowed to maintain its own military, mainly for defense purposes. Nevertheless, the Gilnean Colonial Forces have participated in some Acadian wars and also some peacekeeping missions around Antarctica, building its strength and experience. Gilneas's military is more powerful than that of most countries. Gilneas 20,000 45.2 2,630 4
27 Batavia's military is decent for the land it possesses but it is small compared to its neighbors. Batavia imports all of its military vehicles and weapons. Batavia 104,100 25.2 85,600 92
28 The Wulfen, while mostly limited to the Dark Side of the Moon, possess a surprisingly large (albeit technologically inferior) military compared to many Antarctic nations. Supposedly they possess the ability to perform a "meteorblitzkrieg" using their spacecraft to bombard the Earth's surface with meteors. Dark Side of the Moon 210,000 52.3 31,600 27
29 Despite a large territory and a significant population as well as a developed economy, the Candvian military is quite inferior to the militaries of other countries in Antarctica. Candvia 125,330 61.8 91,410 46
30 Lisboagal's army is decent but has been weakened by the Castillans in years past. They depend on the USA for weapons. However, in recent years, the army is showing signs in growth. Lisboagal 70,000 4.7 89,640 86
31 Although they have a decently-sized army, it mostly consists of terns and puffles which brings down the strength of their military. Geek Empire 135,000 25.6 49,650 51
32 Formerly a powerful nation throughout Antarctica, decades of stagnation have led to Magyaria's strength fading away. Magyaria 136,000 40.1 16,540 29
33 Originally a weak isolationist country, military improvements after the Khanzem War and recent alliances have allowed Furshire to rise in military power, though it is still relatively weak. Furshire 260,000 25.0 8,610 5
34 Southern Ocean City has a fairly large military, with the army and navy well trained, and the latter is said to be one of the most effective navies in Antarctica. Southern Ocean City 120,000 46.3 7,300 5
35 Malesia has a good military that is capable of defending itself and receives weapons from the USA and Puffle'and. As of now, they have decided to use the army to defend themselves. Malesia 65,000 10.0 18,640 14
36 East Pengolia's army is powerful and was made to rival Penghis Khan's 333 mercinaries, considered to be a subsidiary of the USA's army. Their army suffered greatly during The Great Yowien War. East Pengolia 81,310 4.8 54,310 49
37 North Joseon has a large and powerful army but with outdated weaponry from the 1980's. North Joseon 67,000 6.1 19,643 23
38 Their military is not as strong as their neighbor's, and they are assisted by the USA at the border with North Joseon. However, it has been said that its army is growing. South Joseon 65,000 6.0 23,000 27
39 Poshia has a relatively weak military with poorly-trained troops and barely any technological advancement. However, aid from other countries has boosted their military power. Poshia 150,000 5.0 4,300 4
40 Originally having a weak and insignificant military, with most defense provided by the USA, Okan's military has been improving in recent months with an alliance with the much more powerful Acadia. Okan 35,000 11.0 11,321 8
41 The military is rather weak and its navy is highly outdated but territories such as Lichenblossom and Sparka strengthen their main army ever so slightly. Dorkugese Empire҂ 8,000 38.0 5,643 10
42 Their army is not that good, as they lack the finances to fund a good and strong army. Emperorlands 29,000 13.4 33,030 18
43 They have a decent sized army and conscripted reserves. The Army and Navy equipment isn't that advanced, but it was upgraded in 2015. Land of Flystar55555 12,000 26.4 7,630 7
44 Caseusopolis has a puny military that uses cheese-based weaponry. Caseusopolis 1,800 2.8 1,560 7
45 Map's army isn't that good, but they can defend themselves. However, they still need military aid from Castilla. Maps Union 1,500 3.7 1,300 4
46 Japaland hasn't had a standing army of their own since the Khanzem War, instead having to rely on larger countries for their protection, currently the USA. Japaland 0 43.7 45,697 39

Other nations exist but have not been accounted for.

҂ — Includes Lichenblossom Isles Army and Sparka Army.