Tropicalian Armed Forces

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Tropicalian Armed Forces
Tropicalian Military
Tropicalian Military Flag.png
Military overview
Formed 1908
Jurisdiction Tropicalis
Headquarters Tropicapolis, Tropicalis
Employees Unknown
Annual budget Several hundred billion Club Penguin Coins
Military executives Penguino Lagois IV, Commander-in-chief
Alexandro Abalon, Minister of Defense
Ernesto Stavenger, Generalissimo of the Tropicalian Army
Shocktopus Lee, Grand Admiral of the Tropicalian Navy
Marseille DeBeakos, Field Marshal of Air Force
Devin Octogos, Grand Admiral of Space Command
Juan Reno, Director of TSIS

The Tropicalian Armed Forces, sometimes referred to as the Palm Army, is the national and official military force of Tropicalis, and are responsible mainly for defending and protecting the country from threats, as well as conducting military missions overseas. A vast amount of money is spent on the armed forces, and it is currently lead and headed by the country's president, Penguino Lagois IV, who also acts as commander-in-chief of the forces. With a total of 1.2 million soldiers, the TAF are a very large military force, and consists of 5 major branches.


A Tropicalian artillery weapon developed and used during the Khanzem War invasion of Tropicalis.



The ensign of the Tropicalian navy, often sported on the uniform of officers and admirals, sometimes in other variants.

Tropicalis Army Flag.png Army[edit]

Tropicalian Navy Flag.png Navy[edit]

Tropicalis Air Force Flag.png Air Force[edit]

Tropicalis Space Command Flag.png Space Command[edit]

TSIS.png TSIS[edit]




Name Use Quantity Description Picture
Heavy Weapons
Artillery Canon Artillery 2,000 Being a small one-seater weaponry vehicle, the Artillery Canon is a lightweight vehicle when compared to the others. Despite it's small size and lighter weight, the canon can fire shells, missiles and other types of ammunition. It's an easily transportable weapon with decent firepower making it a common sight on the battlefield. However, it is vulnerable to more powerful weapons such as tanks and bombs. Tropicalian Artillery Canon.png
Ion Canon Artillery 1,100 TBA Tropicalian Ion Canon.png
Attacker Tank Tank 25,000 The Attacker Tank is built to exert a large amount of firepower while having a thick metal layer to protect the troops inside. It's among the most commonly used vehicles in the military as well as the most in numbers. Tropicalian Tank.png
Armoured Troop Transport (ATT) Armoured Vehicle, Transport 18,500 A large, heavily armoured vehicle designed to withstand powerful attacks and transport troops or supplies from one point to another without being sabotaged in the process. Four canons are situated around the transport which can be used to fend off any ambushers or small enemy squadrons. It is capable of holding up to twenty soldiers. It is also much faster than the Attacker Tank however, it's not as effective in terms of firepower. Tropicalian Armoured Troop Transport.png

Air Force[edit]


Space Command[edit]

Name Use Quantity Description Picture
Nimbus Multipurpose 1,000 A light, swift and agile spacecraft model that relies on Linium as a power source as well as ammunition. It has many uses and purposes including intercepting, reconnaissance missions and escorting. The starfighters are often seen in groups. Nimbus.png
Scoutfighter Fighter/Interceptor 1,300 Despite being slightly slower than the Nimbus, the Scoutfighter model is better in terms of firepower and in hull strength. Scoutfighters are sometimes used in low atmospheric combat. Scoutfighter.png
Galaxy Wanderer Space station/Battleship 2 The largest and most expensive starship model as well as the military's most expensive project so far. The Galaxy Wanderer serves as the Tropicalian Space Command's flagship. The Galaxy Wanderer is by far the most scientifically advanced in technology and weaponry in the space entire fleet and can prove to be formidable foes when in a fleet. When not in battle, they mainly serve as space stations and spacecraft carriers for Nimbuses and Scoutfighters. Tropicalian Cruiser.jpeg

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