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The Walrus mime
Title MimeTheWalrus
Gender Male
Race Walrus
Faction Mimes
Health good
Level low
Status alive
Location Awesome Drama Theater, his tent
Occupation Mime
Friends None
Enemies Sound
Archetype good, but naive

MimeTheWalrus is a purple walrus who is also a mime. Unlike most other walri, he is not evil or fat. He never gets out of his act, and nearly everyone finds this annoying.


Like most other walri, MimeTheWalrus was born in the Arctic Circle, but moved to Antarctica to vandalize and cause pain for lulz. However, he had a hard time doing this because he was a mime, and couldn't speak nor use certain objects at certain times. He was also very clumsy, which caused the walri trouble, so they exiled him.

He set up a tent, and went to look for a job, but had no luck as he would always mess up. Some jobs include a fast food restaurant worker, a lifeguard, a circus performer, an airplane flight attendant, and a window washer. In every one of these, he was incompetent and injured several people.

Meanwhile, Eborpas wanted to find a good mime for its stage after reaching popularity, and found MimeTheWalrus. It asked MTW if he wanted to join his theater and he nodded. MTW currently is an actor for improv, skits, and um, mime. And yes, he causes trouble for the Awesome Drama Theater, although he can control himself better than before.


  • Glass Wall- MTW sticks his hands out and "presses" in front of him
  • Rope Climbing- MTW grabs an imaginary pole in front of him and slides it down. He does the same with his other hand, when it slides down low enough.
  • Zombie Walk- MTW isolates different parts of his body and then starts walking in a slow, uneven way.
  • Leaning- MTW sticks his arm so that it is perpendicular to his body then bends his elbow. He bends to the direction his arm is.
  • Drinking from an invisible glass- MTW grabs an imaginary cup and pulls it to his lips
  • Bobble Head- MTW isolates his head and has it wobble around his neck.


  • MimeTheWalrus is a parody of Mime from Happy Tree Friends, making him the second to be a parody of a character from that show, after Disco Puffle.
  • His name is a pun on "I am (I'm) the Walrus"
  • MTW can make noises, such as gagging, when not conscious of his actions. He never tries to make sounds, and this usually gets him in a lot of trouble.
  • MTW makes many facial expressions
  • MTW has been wearing that makeup on his face for so long that it never washes off.
  • 3-D Demon is slightly scared of him.

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