Mine Crab

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Mine Crab
A Mine Crab
A Mine Crab
Conservation Status
Scientific classification
Binomial Nomenclature
Explodus Crabus

The Mine Crab is an artificially generated subspecies of Crab that originated and inhabits Shops Island. It was engineered under the influence of Cream Soda. It's famous for blowing up when its yellow button is pressed, and it always says "Hello!" before blowing up.


The Mine Crab originated after Mito, a scientist, drank too much Cream Soda. She was very intolerant to Cream Soda, so only one bottle was enough to make her woozy. While she was woozy, she got a crab from her lab (hey, that rhymes!) which was frozen in carbonite, and she unthawed it. While the crab was still unconscious, she implanted the crab with a Deletion bomb and a yellow button between the eyes. For some reason, she created both a male and female crab, and the two mutations bred. So, they gave birth to more young crabs, and the cycle continues. Today, Mine Crabs are an endemic on Shops Island, and are illegally being smuggled to other countries, too.


The Mine Crab's body is that of any normal crab, but much of the meat and muscle you'd find in a normal crab is replaced with a deletion bomb in this one. Once you press the yellow button between the eyes, the Mine Crab will say "Hello!", and will explode; deleting anyone within a close vicinity of it.


Mine Crabs are often criticized and are often referred to as "invasive species". They are known to cause lots of property damage, and are considered dangerous due to being able to explode at will.

Mine Crab Rights Abuses[edit]

There are many organizations that condemn mine crabs due to their abuse. Recently, they have become a popular crime weapon, as they can be thrown and detonated like grenades. They've also been smuggled off of Shops Island and have sometimes been used in guerrilla warfare.

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