Miranda Chaikov

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Miranda Chaikov

Miranda when she isn't on duty
Born Miranda Chaikov
December 15, 1984
Olde Antarctica Flag.png Shiverpool, Olde Antarctica
Residence United Provinces
Nationality Snowinian
Ethnicity Emperor Penguin
Citizenship Provincial (2015-)
Snowinian (2003-2015)
Stateless (2002-2003)
US Antarctican (2000-2002)
Puffish (1990-2000)
Olde Antarctican (1984-1990)
Education Shiverpool Military Academy
Winsburg Military Academy
Years active 2006 - present
Title Marshal
Military service
Allegiance NewUnitedProvincesFlag.png United Provinces (2015-)
FlagROSn.png Snowiny (2009-2015)
WesternUnionFlag.png Western Union (2014-)
Service/branch Snowinian Armed Forces
Years of service Since 2006
Rank Marshal
Unit Armed Forces
Battles/wars Penland Unrest, Great Snowzerland War VI, Fall of Nexon, The Plague War, Hostile Movement (commander)
Awards Most Skilled Soldier, Most Skilled Female Soldier, Best Snowinian Armed Forces Marshal

Marshal Miranda Chaikov is the first female marshal in the Snowinian Armed Forces as of 2013, having been promoted after 7 years of training and having to prove for a long time that she, as a woman, was capable of achieving that position. Miranda was born in Shiverpool on December 15, 1984. She enrolled in the Shiverpool Military Academy in 2002 and in 2003 she transferred to the Winsburg Military Academy. She starved serving in the military as of 2006. She is married to Jean Hendrix as of 2007, meeting him in the army as he is also a soldier. She is the only woman, in the army's history, to have ever been promoted to the rank of marshal. She is also among the first female soldiers in the army as only in 2003 women came to be allowed into the military.

Besides being a soldier, she's also a very talented musician and the violin is her key instrument. She is a heavy Snowinophile and is fascinated with the culture of Snowiny, which is why she immigrated to Snowiny to help rebuild it and make it great again in 2003. She got citizenship the same year, and every election as of 2011, according to what she said in an interview to a magazine, she voted for the Conservative Party and "proudly voted Robert Smith for President in 2011 and Jerry Waltera for President in 2015". Lately, she became an outspoken critic of McClark, calling him "spineless, a person who has trouble standing up to leaders that push him around". She denounced his aggressive stance towards Acadia but also denounced the Monica Le Ben of the Nationalist Party for "being Acadian puppets".


She was hatched on December 15, 1984 in Olde Antarctica. She dreamed of escaping the country ever since she was a child. She watched very closely events unfolding in Snowiny, and in Snowiny she saw people standing up against despotism and evil, and standing up for their rights. She dreamed of helping the people there reach their ultimate goal of liberty and happiness. She got her parents, also Snowinophiles, to donate to the Republican cause and eventually, in 2003, Republican efforts paid off, the country was liberated and liberal Geronimo Stanling, who she came to detest, won the first democratic elections.

She was a passionate liberal in 2003. She wrote letters to President Stanling on the military, education and her private life and her desire to become a famous, honored soldier in the military. The President largely ignored her letters until 2008, when after several years of serving in the military and proving she is a very skilled soldier, the President put her under NBI surveillance. He was privately recorded insulting Chaikov and calling her a 'disgraceful foreign lady'. After leaks were surfaced to the press about various controversial statements he made (this was just one of them, not all of the surfaced statements were about her), she switched her loyalty from the Liberal Party to the Conservative Party and contributed to the extremely narrow and marginal Robert Smith victory in 2011.

Those 4 years of Smith's presidency were her golden years: Robert Smith led the country into many wars, whether in the Asiapelago or in Puffalia or in Penland and Ninja Archipelago, and for her, it was a fun and (in a good way) exhausting experience. In 2015, when she heard the news of massive protests in Winsburg and that Robert Smith's approval was at a record low of 10%, she denounced all efforts to impeach him and publicly called the protesters "brainwashed morons". This detracted from her popularity and over time she became hated as a symbol of aggressiveness and of an evil Smith administration. President Smith resigned and elections were held. Simon McClark, a person who she used to detest more than Stanling, won and the United Provinces were formed. She denounced this new leadership as "globalist, chauvinistic and despicable" and called for a nationwide movement to resist McClark - but 51% of all Snowinns voted for McClark that year and Waltera only got 13% of the vote.

President McClark continued NBI surveillance of her activities from the Stanling era and the NBI is reported to have 400 pages of reports on Chaikov and her activities. The President suspects she is a fascist seeking to destabilize the country and turn the population against the government, and her vote for Monica Le Ben, a vote she said she only made because McClark was the other choice and said that she barely managed to get over the guilt of voting for her, only made her even more suspicious to the government. The President won his election by a thin margin in 2019 and so he didn't take any action as 49% of the population voted for Le Ben and he knew he would trigger a massive unrest had he done anything.



  • After his presidency, Chaikov still has very close relations with Robert Smith. Her husband Jean Hendrix is worried they might be in love and usually tries to break conversations between the two when he is around them.

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