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Mironica Ross
Mironica Ross posing for the Penguin Style Catalog in March 2013
Title Mironica the Supreme
Gender Female
Race King Queen Penguin
Faction Emperor Penguin
Health Healthy
Status Dating Miron
Location Club Penguin Island
Birth date June 19, 1999 (1999-06-19) (age 20)
Occupation DJ
Interests Being the world's most known singer and dancer
Friends Miron (boyfriend), Cadence (BFF)
Enemies No one
Archetype Good

Mironica Ross (pronounced Mee-ronika Ross) is the fairly rich girlfriend of the boy named Miron. They usually walk through Club Penguin Island's forest everyday. She lives in a penthouse behind the Ski Hill on Club Penguin. She loves pulling pranks and tricks.


She is really nice, especially to her boyfriend Miron. She wants to get married to him, however she is too shy to ask as she's worrying what would Miron say. However, Miron wants to marry her too but he is shy, too. They both dream of ruling the world together. Sometimes they go together to eat pizza. Mironica really loves pulling pranks and tricks on penguins around her. One time she made a pie trap for Rockhopper, and Rockhopper came to the pie, picked it up, and suddenly a huge net fell over him and trapped him, stuck on the ground.


She works part-time as a DJ in the Dance Club of Club Penguin, and teaches penguins how to dance. As a DJ, she makes really nice songs and instrumentals. Her biggest hit was "Lemonade", a song about a distant tropical land far away from Antarctica (which doesn't really exist). She isn't that famous, but she is still beloved by a small group of fans.


Chick Years[edit]

She was born in Shiverpool in 1999 during the time of Colonial Antarctica. Colonial Antarctica was near its end. As a chick, she was with her parents all the time. She also sometimes used instruments and was always dreaming to become a known DJ or dancer. As she came to elementary school, she started loving music more and more. She even made some of her school hit songs. Many of her classmates loved her song. She once dated a guy called Jonathan, that is until she met Miron when he first arrived in 6th grade. She then broke up with Jonathan and started dating with Miron ever since. They enjoyed being couples.

Teenage Years[edit]

Fast soon, Mironica actually discovered Miron's name (she didn't know it before she asked) and noticed how they have similiar names. She thought of they would be perfect for each other, as they both love almost the same things: making cool music, dancing, and video games. A week after they met, Mironica asked him out for they're first date. Miron glady accepted, and they wen't out on their first date. They made their first date in the Pizza Parlor, and ate a special pizza called "Valentines Pizza" (although it was not Valentine's Day). After the date, they both went their own way.

After graduation, Mironica had to go to Wizzint, Moon Island to finish university, while Miron had to move to Shiverpool as there was no university in CP during that time. They said goodbye to each other, as if they were never to be seen again.

Adult Years[edit]

After she finished university, she moved back to CP alongside Miron, and she finally got a chance to meet up with Miron again, as they have been seperated for a long time. Mironica asked Miron to betrothe her, and he gladly accepted. In later days, they started thinking about getting married to each other, however they were too shy to ask if they would like to marry each other. They have since had more dates; they considered every day they were together to be a "date". They were dating non-stop, and they never forgot a single of their dates.

Miron started working as a secret agent and Mironica became a DJ in the Dance Club. Their conflicting careers meant that they hardly saw each other. The only times when they were free all day were weekends. They still never forgot each other, and their work never deminished their love for one-another.


  • (to Miron) Hello, sweet cheeks!
  • (to Miron) Umm hey, wanna go out together or something?
  • COME ON, I LOST ANOTHER GAME AGAIN! (frowned face)
  • (teaching dance moves) Alright, look straight up, look straight down, wave both of your hands, turn around...


  • She thinks her boyfriend is "super!"
  • Everytime other penguins come over to her, and ask her to date, Miron pops up and Mironica says "Hello sweet cheeks". Then the guys leave, dejected. Sometimes those guys plot a revenge on Miron. Miron already got hit by a piano four times.

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