Mischief Makers

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Mischief Makers
Title Prank-a-palooza!
Gender Male
Race Ghost
Faction Can create pranking items at will.
Health Excellent
Level Darktonian Minion
Status Using banana peels, custard, toilet paper or whoopee cushions on a high ranking diplomat from the side of Good.
Location Roaming

Mischeif Makers are incredibly annoying ghosts, all of which work for Darktan. They have the ability to create classic pranking items at will, such as custard (miniature pies), toilet paper, whoopee cushions, and banana peels. They also enjoy Pantsing unsuspecting victims.




A Mischief Maker's job is usually one of humiliation. As a ghost, it can turn invisible and place practical joke items near important people (such as G, Triskelle, or another character on the side of Good), designed to humiliate them.

Darktan uses these creatures in hopes that the consistent humiliation (and immediant removal of prank items as evidence) may start viewing their leaders as clumsy and/or untrustworthy With trust gone, others with Darktan's Interest can easily sneak into power claiming to be better or with "superior ideas".

However, pranksters don't do that sort of phycological thing very well.


  • Pantsing has no effect on Dorkugese or creatures in robes.
  • Darktan thought that the humiliation of leaders or diplomats would cause distrust in them, and eventually lead to an election of weak/dumb, new leaders.
  • These are some of the lowest minons, since they merely prank creatures.
  • As ghosts, Micheif Makers can go through walls and turn invisible, making pranks all the easier to pull off.
  • Many believe that after Darktan and his army are destroyed, the Mischeif Makers will join harmless prank/spam groups such as The Ghost Gang, the Str00del Force, or even The Troublesome Trio.

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