Missy's Mission

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As soon as Missy flicked on the TV the phone rang.
Missy shut the TV and approached the phone.
"Hello?" Missy said picking up the receiver.
"Missy your needed at the EPF right away!" said the voice on the other line.
"I'll be right there" Missy replied. It was the director.
"What is it though?" Missy wondered.
"Don't question me now Missy, just get down here!" was the reply.
The phone made a "Beep" noise.
Missy put down the phone and headed for the door.
She quickly grabbed her purse and jacket and ran out the door.
When in the car Missy realized she had forgotten the keys.
Missy rolled her eyes in frustration and hurried back inside.
Seconds latter she was on the road on her way to the EPF.
As she pulled into a parking spot she couldn't help but wonder what was the director wanting next.
She snatched her purse and approached the double doors to the EPF.
She punched in the code which was twenty numbers and letters or more.
The doors opened and Missy went inside.
She went inside the directors office.
"Your needed at the coffee shop, Herbert's broken into there!" the director said.
His face was pale and Missy could tell he was frightened.
"And Missy" the director added looking nervous.
"This may be your last mission" he said looking down at the ground.
"What?" Missy gasped.
"I'll talk to you about it later, just get down to the Motel and get Herbert" the Director said.
"There are some other agents down there waiting."


When Missy arrived at the coffee shop she found that nobody was there.
There wasn't a single penguin in sight.
The place was a huge mess!
Missy went through the whole entire building looking for anything that might be suspicious.
When she found nothing she returned to her car feeling down.
She missed everything.
What would the director think?
And what did he mean when he said "It may be your last mission"

A little while later Missy found herself face to face with the director.
"Could I ask you something?" Missy finally asked.
"Yes?" the director said looking up at her.
"What did you mean when you said this might be my last mission?"
"We've hired a new agent that goes by the name of Joez Noze"
"What kind of a name is that!?" Missy almost laughed.
"Never mind that, anyway he is a new agent here and it appears we wont be needing you here any more"


Missy couldn't believe it.
Didn't need her any more?
Missy was looking at jobs in the paper hoping to find something she'd be interested in.
She found one for plumber, waitress and trucker.
She was most interested in the waitress one.
She reached for the phone and as she was about to dial the phone number...the phone rang.

Missy answered and found it was the director of the EPF.

After a long chat with the director she went to bed [it was very late at the time.] And in the morning she would be back at her old job. She replayed the words the director spoke to her on the phone. "Joez Noze is XTUX!" the words echoed in her mind all night. After the EPF found out XTUX ran strait out of the building and hadn't been seen again that day. It had certainly been a day Missy would never forget.