Mister Bones

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Mister Bones
Mister Bones
The ride never ends!
Species Penguin?
Race Skeleton
Gender Male
Residence Antilles Flag.png Antilles
Occupation Theme park manager
I want to get off of Mister Bones' Wild Ride!
Mister Bones is not for the faint of heart.

Mister Bones is the skeleton proprietor of Mister Bones' Wild Ride, a notorious theme park ride that takes three whole days to ride through. He has recently joined forces with mr skeltal and the rest of his villainous crew, and has become skeltal's second-in-command. Bones considers himself smarter than mr skeltal, whose obsession with calcium often gets in the way of their villainous plots.


Mister Bones' exact origins are unclear, he was only made known to Antarctica after the sudden opening of Mister Bones' Wild Ride. Some have noted that this was approximately the same time mr skeltal started appearing around Antarctica, but it is unknown if these two were linked.

Ever since mr skeltal formed the League of Villainous Evildoers, Mister Bones has acted as his second-in-command, formulating plans that skeltal would later take credit for.


Unlike mr skeltal, Mister Bones is genuinely evil and wishes to use the undead army to take over Antarctica in an apocalyptic uprising.

Powers and Abilities[edit]







  • Many mannequins of Mister Bones are placed around Mister Bones' Wild Ride, tipping their hats in Bones' signature pose.

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