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Mister Bean
Mister Bean, in his usual mood
Title Almighty Ruler of Waffleland
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Waffleland
Health Questionable
Level 33
Status Alive
Location Waffleland
Occupation Rambler, Puppet Ruler of Waffleland
Interests Comedy, Str00delism
Friends Str00del Force, Captain Str00del, Mister Lobaloba, Amac
Enemies C, TaliBEAN (ironically)
Archetype Crazy, ruler of Waffleland

Mister Bean is a comical Bean Human Str00del Force member who is the figurehead ruler of the island country Waffleland.

Most believe that he is the embodiment of stupidity manifested in Human form. thumb|100px|left|Mr. Bean's theme song. It's not very fitting...


Mister Bean was born in a town called England.

For the first part of his life, nothing special happened (excluding those cameras that always followed him around whenever he did something stupid), but one day, Mister Bean entered a raffle to vacation to somewhere no one in the USA has ever heard of, a mysterious place called France.

He won the raffle, and had a great time in that place.

During the way back on a cruise ship, however, something happened.

There was a fierce lightning storm, and he accidentally fell in a lifeboat which toppled overboard.

After days of drifting, he landed in Eastshield.

By the way Mister Bean was one of the first humans to ever be documented, or even referenced.

Long before his arrival on Antarctic shores, the famous and spastic ghost, Captain Str00del, sang praises of him, and performed his brand of spam in his name.

He would sometimes do very weird things, like make extremely weird faces, to make penguins laugh.

Surprisingly, it worked on quite a lot of them.

About a month after he came to the USA, he met Captain Str00del.

Captain Str00del was amazed and speechless at meeting his idol, and he offered Bean a chance to join the Str00del Force.

After thinking about it he said yes (even though he had no idea what it meant).

The Str00del force pledged allegience to him and honored him on their flag.

To this day he continues being a Str00del, but is not really evil, just crazy.

Later, the PSA happened to discover a video that had washed up on the beach of Antarctica, near what we now call East Bank City.

This video depicted Mister Bean and another human, known solely as Amac, in a comedic dancing scene.

This footage is some of the earliest human depictions on record, and one of the first steps in researching the elusive Homo sapiens.

Mister Bean and his brother, Mister Lobaloba, were both sighted on this video.

The former was dancing, and the latter can be seen in a subliminal message.


Mister Bean is the sovereign of Waffleland, to which the country was dedicated.

Although he formerly had absolute control over the country, Mister Bean currently has no real power though, and is more of a puppet ruler (easily manipulated by others), and figurehead ruler to his admiring citizens. He, however, remains blissfully unaware of this, and seemingly continues ruling as he did before.

Mister Bean
Almighty ruler of Waffleland
Reign 2010-Present
Coronation April 1st 2010
Full name Mister Bean Atkinson
Gibberish Mister Bean
Titles King of Waffleland and Scoodlepeep, ruler of stupidity
Born January 6th 1955
Birthplace Unknown
Predecessor There is only one Mister Bean
None None
Successor None
Consort None
Offspring None None
Royal House The "Bean Farm"
Dynasty "Bean" Dynasty
Royal anthem Ecce homo qui est faba-"Behold the man who is a bean"
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown

Bean Gallery[edit]

thumb|300px|left|Mr. Bean breaking the Movie theatre rules.

thumb|300px|right|Mr. Bean in trouble. BIG trouble.

thumb|300px|right|Mr. Bean gets in trouble at the Zurich Airport


  • Mister Bean is funny/hilarious.
  • C hates him.
  • Mister Bean almost never talks.
  • When he does, however, it's in a comically deep voice.
  • Some creatures think he is an alien, impersonating a Human.
  • He can be horribly mean sometimes.

Mister Lobaloba[edit]

Mister Lobaloba.

Mister Lobaloba is the brother of Mister Bean who is equally as stupid, thus making him a Bean Human too. He is currently being investigated by the PSA for more details about humans. Not much is known about this mysterious Bean Human. What is known however is that he's a few years younger than Mister Bean, and seems to not know much about the the USA. It's hard to tell though as like his older brother, he barely talks and just makes weird faces. He is supposed to be as crazy as Mister Bean. Wonder, how did he get to USA? Some suspect he may be working for Darktan. Most doubt it though as it's unlikely Darktan would bother hiring him, but Darktan did hire Manny Peng. C also hates Mister Lobaloba.

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