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Mitchell Agroster
Title South Pole Council delegate of Club Penguin
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction U.S.A.
Health Good
Level Low
Status Active
Location South Pole City
Birth date 1993
Occupation Politician
Interests democracy, efficiency, golf
Abilities Skilled analyst, bureaucrat, and persuader
Enemies The evil and inefficient
Member of South Pole Council
Political beliefs Democracy, order, rights & safety of the people, social progression
Archetype Exasperated Beraucrat

Mitchell "Mitch" Agroster is the current Club Penguin delegate for the South Pole Council. He works to keep the council working quickly and efficiently, as well as keep some of the, in his words, "more animated delegates" in check. He also wrote and submitted the Act to Procure Objects of Supernatural Abilities (or APOOSA).


Mitchell "Mitch" Agroster was born on Portal Island to a caring penguin couple in 1993. The two were well known in their younger years to be heavy partiers, but wanting a more suitable environment for their son, moved to Club Penguin Island. Mitchell's parents adjusted well to their new lifestyle, however he himself felt uncomfortable and awkward there throughout his younger years. Over the course of 2000, he was bullied by a group of Jerk Penguins living around his neighborhood. Eventually tired of their attacks, he verbally countered them, deconstructing each of their actions and personalities, and seeking a reason for their cruelty. As he spoke, he slowly discovered his natural talents for speaking and analysis. When he finished the jerks beat him up and left him in a garbage can.

After that, Mitchell took an interest in the politics of the world, and the politicians who ran them. He joined one of Club Penguin's local debate teams, a group for young penguins to engage others in serious, organized debate and discussion. As he grew up, he affirmed to get into serious politics. He moved away from Club Penguin and left to South Pole City, where he got a part-time job working the mailroom of a office building. Nearing the end of his second year in South Pole City, Mitchell moved back to Club Penguin, where he took up a job as an assistant in the city hall. He slowly moved up the governmental hierarchy until he was elected delegate of Club Penguin for the South Pole Council. He moved back to live in South Pole City, beginning work as delegate for the council on October 24, 2013.


Mitchell works as Club Penguin delegate for the South Pole Council. Given his temperament towards inefficiency and fondness for progression, he can be a major deciding factor of the outcomes of debates. In addition to functioning as delegate, he simultaneously acts as, in his own words, "a calming force for some of the more 'animated' delegates." Unfortunately, his demeanor has in the past led to wild and occasionally violent outbursts.

Mitchell, while working as Delegate for the council, submitted the "Act to Procure Objects of Supernatural Abilities" bill in early November of 2013. When the bill was not resolved over the course of the month, he-in an act of rebellion, locked the entire council into the building for the day, during which time they were forced to resolve his bill. Afterwards, Mitchell let them go and was promptly arrested by the South Pole City police


  • He enjoys a round of golf, so long as there is no rain.
  • He cannot stand the rain.