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Alexa von Brown

"Mito" von Brown

Director of the Department of Time
Assumed office 
Preceded by Position created

Chief Scientist of the SIA
In office

Born July 5, 1999 (1999-07-05) (age 20)
South Pole City, Colonial Antarctica
Birth name Alexa Mitochondryiette von Penquino II
Citizenship Antarctic, Shopper
Nationality Antarctic
Ethnicity Adelie Penguin
Spouse(s) Warning von Brown
Relations Penquino (brother)
Children Cp kiddo, Cp kidette
Residence USA
Occupation Scientist, certified surgeon, mother
As of Feb. 24, 2018

Alexa Mitochondryiette von Brown (birth name Alexa Mitochondryiette von Penquino II, and more commonly known as Mito) (pronounced Might-O) is Penquino's sister, and a renowned scientist across Antarctica. She also plays a major role for all of Antarctica, being the founder and leader of the Department of Time. She's also shown what can happen when she has too much cream soda.



Mito hatched in South Pole City in 1999, a year after her brother Erik. She was named after her mother, and would eventually get the nickname "Mito" so that the two wouldn't be confused.

She went to one of SPC's finest elementary schools, better than the one Penquino went to, due to her being younger, and her parents then having more money. She wore glasses as well, which caused her to often be teased and called names such as "nerd" and "four eyes". Penquino often took part in this teasing, being jealous of his sister getting more attention than him. However, this started to cease when he entered middle school, and he became more of a protector. Mito was the top student in her class, with a 96.8% GPA as of her final year of elementary school.


When Mito became old enough, she went to one of the area's finest high schools. There, she took Biochemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Science, and Physical Education.

Later during high school she had internships with multiple scientific groups, including Ed Labs, PASA, and the USA's Army Engineering Core.

When she was in her senior year, she had received 9 scholarships. 2 in each subject except Phys Ed, where she only got 1, due to having terrible asthma.

Early adulthood[edit]

Being the scholar she was, Mito would have been accepted into almost any college she applied for. However, she ended up moving to Bridgestadt, Ed Island in 2009 due to the great work opportunities she was given. In her spare time as an EdLab scientist, she went to one of Ed Island's best colleges, where she also eventually earned a nursing degree.

In 2010 she met her future husband, Warning von Brown. Although their ages were decades apart, they were meant for each other. After months of a romantic relationship, they were married in Bridgestadt near the Citadel. Soon after they took two honeymoons, one in Club Penguin to visit Penquino and the other in Paríe.

Chicks and the SIA[edit]

On December 18, 2010, Mito and Warning's first chick, Alexander Erik von Brown hatched in Shops City's first hospital. Almost a year later the couple had another chick, who they named Penquinette von Brown.

In 2013, the family moved from their apartment in Bridgestadt to a large igloo on the outskirts of Shops City. Thanks to her brother and her reputation, Mito became a chief scientist in the SIA, a title which she kept for two years. She was paid quite handsomely in this new role, much more than she was with EdLabs. Under her guidance, the SIA successfully started formal relations with many other international science communities, including Ed Labs and PASA. For a short time, she was also on the Shops Island Council alongside LMGT, before the council was replaced.

One of the biggest events of her career was when she discovered Squarium in late 2013.

Mito quit the SIA in 2015 after she saw that Shops' military was gaining increasingly imperialist views. She soon moved with her family to become a scientist in the USA and won't return to Shops Island for extended periods of time until the Shops Civil War in 2026 to help the USSI (and her brother Penquino).


Sometime in the future, she will begin researching and studying time travel on her own time after hearing about the Time Agency and the "conspiracy theory" about a penguin named Kwiksilver. Her research would eventually have her meet with a former Time Agent named Zuki Rallows, who gave her an "obsolete" Vortex Manipulator. Though she had time-traveled before using the Time Trekker 3000 to go to prehistoric Club Penguin, she had never had such an unlimited ability to travel space and time, a thought that thrilled and also scared her. If she could travel to any time and change history, so could anyone else! So, her research intensified, along with her new friend Zuki, who had ideas for an improved Vortex Manipulator for years.

It was around this time, in 2021, that Ampersand Publishing, Inc offered her a job she couldn't refuse. Though the Masters all disagree with Time Travel, they figured it's inevitable that Mito would start time traveling eventually. Rather than punish her, they decided to give her a job- the head of a new Department of Time. This new department would be much different than the flawed Time Agency, being directly under BOF control instead of any one nation, with its mission statement being to research time without changing history, and to stop any unauthorized time travelers detected, or other "Time criminals" that intend to change history for their own benefit.

Mito immediately began development and growth of the Department of Time, inviting knowledgeable friends such as Gary and Zuki Rallows, among other trustworthy former Time Agents. She also sanctioned the limited production and registration of a new Vortex Manipulator, Mk IV, the design of which was based on Zuki's concepts but was first built by Mito.

She wouldn't tell anyone outside of the department of her involvement until she told her brother Penquino after the Shops Civil War They had made amends and she didn't want to keep large secrets from him after he kept his Jedi secrets from her and everyone else for over a decade.


Mito is currently working in a USA research headquarters as a well-paid scientist. She is also a certified surgeon. On Shops Island, she earned 250 WB$ an hour and worked 6 hours a day to make sure her children go to the finest schools on Shops Island. They still attend some of the finest schools in the USA.




  • She has ran only one marathon in her life, despite her Phys Ed degrees and scholarship. Only one, because the end result was going to the hospital, she is an asthmatic, you know.
  • She's very vulnerable to Cream Soda; One bottle can cause her to almost pass out.
  • As a Chick, she often got into cooking ingredients like flour, and baking soda, and experimented with them, one time ruining the family's stove, and another time, ruining their entire kitchen.

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