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Not to be confused with Moban Sr, the older penguin and Moban's father.
Moban John Bluepenguin
Standard Penguin.png
Moban, as last seen.
Title CEO of Moban Industries
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Club Penguin
Health Fat
Status Implementing some scheme to earn money
Location Club Penguin
Birth date 3rd February, 1991
Place of birth Tri-Lane District, Club Penguin
Occupation Businessman and former tour guide
Jail time accumulated Two and a half hours
Times arrested Once
Archetype Neutral

Moban John Bluepenguin (1991-) is a fat businessman and a former tour guide from the island of Club Penguin. He has a net worth of approximately 987,000 Club Penguin coins, although he owes much of this money to other penguins in debts.

Birth and childhood[edit]

Moban was born on the 3rd February 1991 to Moban Sr (an Elite Agent) and an unknown mother in Tri-Lane District, Club Penguin. He has always shown a particular attraction to money, so at age six he started cleaning tables at the Pizza Parlour for additional coins. Apparently, he never had to go to school, because the owner of the Pizza Parlour's brother ran the local school. Instead, Moban went to the Dojo and received Card-Jitsu training from Sensei, which his parents always said was "just as educational as school, if not more so".

Unfair arrest in 2013[edit]

According to Elite Penguin Force records after his father's death, "citizen Moban John Bluepenguin was apprehended and later arrested by EPF agents on the 14th December 2013, on suspicion of murder."

Moban then spent two and a half hours in prison, but was released shortly afterwards as further investigation revealed that his father, Moban Sr actually died as a result of being crushed by an anvil. He was cleared of all charges and his criminal record was wiped.

Foundation of Moban Industries[edit]

In early 2014, Moban engaged in a major lawsuit against the Coffee Shop (because his father died on the premises, and the Coffee Shop waiver allows them to be sued for death) and the Elite Penguin Force (because they arrested Moban unfairly). This gained him 80,000 Club Penguin coins, which he invested shortly after in the creation of Moban Industries, his company.

He is the CEO to this day.


  • Similarly to his father when he was alive, Moban cannot walk without a stick. This is because, however, he suffers from being fat and not because of a disability, like Moban Sr.