Moban Sr

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Moban John Bluepenguin (Senior)
Moban Sr on the day he died.
Title Senior
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Club Penguin, Elite Penguin Force
Health Needed a stick to walk
Status Deceased
Location Club Penguin island
Birth date 18th May, 1956
Place of birth Eastshield
Death date 12th December, 2013 (age 57)
Death place Coffee Shop exterior, Club Penguin
Cause of death Crushed by an anvil
Occupation Elite Agent
Salary 4,250 per annum
Archetype Good

Moban John Bluepenguin Sr (1956-2013) was an elite agent and the rumoured creator of puffle milk.

Birth and life story[edit]

Moban Sr was born to William and Mary Bluepenguin, both writers, on the 18th May 1956 in what is now known as Eastshield. In the first few years of his life, he lived in a small igloo with little comforts, helping his father to fish for food in the small lake that he lived near. His puffle, Fluffy was often described as "the closest thing I had to a childhood friend" and not much of his early life is known.

In 1990, aged 34, Moban Sr moved to Club Penguin and bought an igloo in Tri-Lane District. 6 months later he got his first job working for the Elite Penguin Force handling paperwork, but was soon promoted to a real elite agent. His child, Moban Jr, was born in 1991.

Creation of puffle milk[edit]

Moban Sr is rumoured to have created O'Berry milk in an accident whereby he accidentally dropped a Puffle O in a blender. His puffle, Fluffy, then leapt into the blender as he was desperate for food, and a tuft of his fur got stuck in the blender. Moban Sr turned it on, hoping to get the fur out of the blender, and the end result was a white, creamy substance. Fluffy adored it, and so Moban Sr himself tried it. The liquid tasted somewhat milky, and so 'puffle milk' was born.


During the popcorn explosion at the PSA in 2010, Moban Sr failed to be evacuated in time and was injured by the explosion. After a period of about 3 weeks, his condition worsened and he could not walk unsupported, so he was given a stick, similar to the one used by Sensei. It is said that this could be one of the reasons that he died. (see below)


Moban Sr died on the 12th December 2013, aged 57. On 11th December, he received a visit from the owner of the Coffee Shop asking him to do some bean counting work, because he was low on employees. Moban Sr accepted and came into the Coffee Shop on the morning of the 12th, where he did three hours work in exchange for 50 coins. In the final twenty minutes, however, an anvil was thrown accidentally from the back of the bean counters truck and due to his disability, he was unable to get away in time so the anvil crushed him. He was knocked unconscious, and he never woke afterwards. He ceased to be alive later that afternoon.