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Mockhopper portrait.png
Mockhopper's face in his "mocking" mode, photographed by Rockhopper.
Title Rockhopper's adopted son
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Rockhopper's Family
Health Good
Level 6
Status Mocking others
Location Migrator
Birth date January 1, 2008 (2008-01-01) (age 12)

Mockhopper (presumably hatched in 2008 in January 1st) is the cruel, but contrastingly happy, adopted son of Rockhopper, who is constantly mocking others. Nobody knows where he is from, as he is adopted, and refuses to reveal anything about his past. He is first-rate at mocking, and penguins believe that he is so because his name is Mockhopper, and is known to have annoyed up to at least a hundred penguins every 6 months. He likes mocking (obviously), puffles, and also true to his name, making mock-ups of book covers. He is presumably a grey character, meaning that he is neither good or bad, and is a clear nuisance that can easily ruin anypenguin's day.


Early Life[edit]

Mockhopper hatched to unknown parents sometime in 2008. Nobody knows what he did and where he hatched, but it is known that he stole his hat when he was 6, and somehow arrived in Club Penguin from a foreign country when he was 9. It is suspected his birthplace is Scoodlepeep, as he has many friends there.

Later Life[edit]

In the same year, he lost his parents in a crowded place, and slept rough on The Beach for at least a year, stealing supplies. One day, Rockhopper sailed into port, and saw the chick crying out of misery. Feeling pity for him, Rockhopper adopted him and told him he was safe now. Since the other, more suitable names had already been taken, Rockhopper helplessly named his new son Mockhopper. They went home and introduced Mockhopper to Rockhopper's family, where Sockhopper was the first to meet him. At this time, he was a timid, well-behaved boy who did everything he was told.

In this time, he and Rockhopper sailed many adventures on the Migrator, sailing to Scoodlepeep where he made many friends, Snowzerland where he almost got arrested for accidently throwing a snowball of a Swiss Ninja statue, and many other places. This was the time when he got familiar with and practiced real pirating (unlike Wockhopper) and Rockhopper's puffle Yarr.

Current Life[edit]

Eventually, true to his name, his character began to become bossy, overly stubborn and argumentative, and he started mocking adventurers like Flywish and Tails6000, mayors like Mayor McFlapp, and even puffles like Mabel. He also began, and still does, mocking what others are doing. The first time that his mocking was able to damage the family's reputation was when he once made a tourist on Rockhopper's boat jump aboard from frustration, swimming to shore. Yarr always tries to nudge Mockhopper whenever he begins mocking somebody, but it unfortunately always never works.

Fortunately, also true to his name, he is a good artist, and can create fine mock-ups of book covers. Since June 2018, he has begun making and practicing a unique way of pirating, called "mockirating", where he jumps on an enemy boat, mocks the crew, and then quickly makes off with his stolen hoard of goods. Surprisingly, this often works, and his foster family are glad that "at least he doesn't do what Wockhopper does". No matter what penguins say, he claims he will never be able to give up mocking, and penguins who frequently tell him off for his bad habit have now given up on the task.


Mockhopper's main involvement is to mock the penguins, and puffles, around him. Everyone in the Hopper Family thinks he is awesome no matter if he mocks them or not, but most of the population of most countries think he is almost as annoying and arrogant as Mabel. These penguins and puffles who don't like him, however, are forced to say that he is awesome in front of him due to fear of becoming his main target.


Mockhopper is a red-feathered penguin who wears a pirate hat and false beard. Many penguins who have seen him have often described his face as similar to that of a puffle, something which they back up with by saying that he has red hair on his head, which is true. He wears sandals and a shirt saying "MIGRATOR PENG". Nobody knows why that's written on the shirt.


  • (cruel laughing)
  • You can't do it like me! (sticks tongue)


(A penguin with a bag waddles up to Mockhopper.) Penguin: Hi there, Mockhopper! What's up?

Mockhopper: Nothing much. Hey, why's your bag pink? Why's it so small?

(As the penguin begins to blush, Mockhoppper's face turns cruel.)

Mockhopper: I bet you can't even put a pebble in it! It's far too small, and not as great as mine!

(Mockhopper begins laughing cruelly, as the penguin turns back and begins to run away.)

Mockhopper: Hah hah! A good day's mocking it means to me!


  • He loves to have Rockhopper sail the Migrator to Scoodlepeep so he can play with his friends.
  • He loves cream soda, like Rockhopper.
  • Mockhopper considers Flywish as his best friend, e.g. best mocking target.
  • His voice is often compared with sandpaper.
  • Some penguins think he is actually a puffle.

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