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Title Personal pet, Oni
Gender Male
Race Oni
Health Good
Status Alive (known for being smart and being a dim-wit at times)
Location Deadly Alliance pit
Death date Alive
Occupation Deadly Alliance personal pet, also being a member
Weapon of choice Mystical Orb, this member of the Deadly Alliance who is used by him as a weapon, as he throws and flings him around

A demon or Oni, Moe-Lock is a creature known for his strength and brutality. He enjoys seeing penguins suffering in pain, especially if he causes them. He is connected to Japalandese folklore and myths as being the Lord of the Onis, and was trapped in a cave in a story for years. That's when Ice Dragon, leader of the Deadly Alliance, Ketchup, and Kligerman found him, until they took him and gave him his own pit and being the personal pets.


While the history of Moe-Lock is unknown, he is seen in many Japalandese artist renderings depicting storylines that go along with the art itself. Moe-Lock is depicted as a destroyer of words, with brute strength and power, to which anyone would die if challenging such as hulking beast like Moe-Lock. However, the story of Moe-Lock in an ancient script sums up his history.

The Oni Destroyer Moloch absorbed the gift of godlike power from an ancient being and was transformed into a Destroyer of Worlds. In a gesture symbolic of his new power, he slammed his fist against many villages, completely shattering them from the surface. Moloch then laid waste to Japaland, transforming some of it into a barren wasteland, not unlike the Underworld. Because he destroyed several villages, however, Moloch was trapped in a cave, completely stuck by the rocks all covering his bulky body, so heavy he could not get up, a victim of his own destructive rage.

In words, Moe-Lock has destroyed several villages in the past, but in one occasion, he shattered a cave in which all of the massive stones and rock fell on him, making him stuck for what seemed like centuries, putting him in a deep sleep, in words.

His Re-Discovery[edit]

In 2012, Ice Dragon, Ketchup and Kligerman found Moe-Lock, still in his heavy slumber. After Ice Dragon grabbed, well, made a sharp, large ice rock made from his icy elemental powers, and smashed it, into the back of his head, and roared in pain and anger and immediatley saw Kligerman and grabbed him and dragged, punched, and being slammed into the ground. Although covered in bruises and cuts, Ice Dragon managed to stop him. They soon rescued him, and brought him back to the headquarters of the Deadly Alliance.

He has his own lair, in which he is fed raw meat. Often they put a prisoner or "hater" into the pit, where the said individual is eaten alive, while the members watch. His lair is more of a sewer than a normal lair. It is made out of stone bricks and has "tunnels," and to Kligerman, he calls it the catacombs. It is filled with dirty water, small puddles, skeletons and mysterious small red substances on the floor.


Moe-Lock is often released if the group is "overpowered," by their opposing enemies.


  • He is of course based on the character of Moloch.