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Swiss Ninja is surfing with his red puffle, Sparta.
Country USA/Snowzerland (disputed)
Area Trans-Antarctica
Population 450,000
General information
Native name Mojave
Foreign name Mojave
Demonym Mojavian
Founded 2000s
– Founder Swiss Ninja
Not to be confused with Snowjave

Mojave is a city on the coast of the state of Trans-Antarctica which was founded by Swiss Ninja as a city in the United Cities of Swiss Ninja. After the United States of Antarctica assumed control of Trans-Antarctica, Mojave became a city in the USA both de facto and de jure, but is disputed between the USA and Snowzerland. Despite the dispute, Snowzerland has made no attempts to take the city, and thus Mojave is a peaceful city, allowing the tourism industry to thrive. Mojave is considered the surf capital of Antarctica, and many penguins travel there each year to compete in the many competitions or just to watch.


The city of Mojave was founded by Lord Swiss Ninja, when he was still the lord of the United Cities of Swiss Ninja. At that time, Trans-Antarctica was sparsely populated and claimed by no country, with minor populations living along the coast, and thousands of square miles of open land. This allowed the UCSN to settle the area and found one of their own city-states. Over time, many penguins traveled to Mojave to see its scenic tropical paradise, and many settled in the hospitable climate that was warmer than most of Antarctica. The city also became famous for its annual surfing competition.

However, in 2009, the USA began to consolidate control of Antarctica, and annexed many of the UCSN cities on the Antarctic mainland, one of them being Mojave. To this day, however, the city is disputed between the USA and Snowzerland, but the USA maintains control over Mojave, and considers Mojave a city of the USA. However, around 60% of the citizens of Mojave are loyal to Snowzerland, but despite these disputes, Mojave still remains as a popular tourist destination, and is considered the "Surf Capital of Antarctica."


Daily Life[edit]

Many Penguins live a normal life in the city, going to work and sitting in a cubicle. There is Harbor in the city, where most of the cargo ships come to deliver or send goods. Fishing Ships Dock at the harbor, and catch a boatload of fish and take it to the market to sell. There are other normal ships that dock in the harbor that penguins go on for fun. There are tour ferries that go along the shores of Mojave. At the beach, a lifeguard is a very important job. Many tourists from around the USA come to surf or swim at the beach, so a lifeguard is a very respected job in Mojave.


Mojave is accessible by road from Highway 1, branching off into a smaller highway, Highway 15, via an interchange in the northern town of Coastal Hills. Highway 15 travels for around 30 miles south before ending in downtown Mojave. A seaside city, Mojave is also accessible by boat, and many ferries run from and to Mojave and other cities along the Trans-Antarctic coast. The city also has a short train system that runs through downtown, and an international airport known as the Mojave International Airport, the largest airport for hundreds of miles.