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In Club Penguin Wrestling Entertainment, Monarch Mayhem is a series aired each January by the network. Its primary wrestling gimmick is hinted by its name: each night is literally hosted by an actual monarch, creature of royal blood, acting head of state in a monarchy autocracy, or other item, or other crowned being.

Since January has thirty one days, that means that up to thirty one different royals must appear to appease the wrestling fans. The CPWE is hard-pressed to actually arrange appointments and vistitations by authentic monarchs. (Flywish never cuts corners when it comes to wrestling.) Generally, a successful Monarch Mayhem run brings sixteen heads of state to the ring.
Each monarch brings with him (or her) their own, secondary wrestling gimmick to the ring- one of their choosing -adding to the novelty effect and challenging both the wrestlers and the script writers in writing a storyline compatible with the demands.

Guest royals[edit]

Below is a list of monarchs, heads of state, ast and present.

Royal Event name Years used Overview and gimmick used Audience/viewers' opinions Notable quote(s)
Penghis Khan PWNage Beatdown 2004-2011 Penghis Khan has always enjoyed wrestling. Sports like these are ancient pasttimes in Pengolia and have been viewed as "PWNsome" by most every Khan since before the High Penguin Confederacy.

In the Khan gimmick, each wrestler, character, and wrestling manager must speak in the third person and hit each other with chairs at least twice.
Since its induction, Penghis Khan's night is one of the highest-viewed MM episodes. "PENGHIS KHAN WANTS THE CHAIR! YES! YES! YES! THE CHAAAAAAAIIIRR! PENGHIS KHAN LIKES THE CHAIR!"
Liber Jones Valley of Pain 1990-2001 One of Liber Jones' all time favorite hobbies was watching wrestling. He followed it like some would follow football or soccer. When he was invited to host, he was quick to jump on it.

Liber's gimmick has the penguin actually in the ring, carrying the microphone and narrating in his broken English. Wrestlers can not touch him or be in his way. Since Liber was always a very excitable bird, this was a challenge, with him running around and jumping up and down excitably. If wrestlers collided with him, they would automatically lose. Liber's night tested the wrestlers' ability to manuver out of the way and the company's ability to balance dodging and still wrestling to keep the fans entertained.
Liber's episodes were not too popular at first, but after a few years, he soon became a fan favorite in wrestling because of his contagious excitement. As he got more frail and weaker, the fans began to stick with him. He actually received petitions urging him to come back for each year's Monarch Mayhem. His last appearence was January 2001, a mere month before his death. He was wheeled onto the ring in a wheelchair by wrestling referees, and the audience gave him a standing ovation. He was assisted in moving around by several CPWWE employees. His final show was one of the most viewed in CPWWE history, getting a record breaking one million views.
TurtleShroom (Penguin) Jones Snow White Fight 2011 (one-time) On the tenth anniversary of Liber's final show, they asked Liber's son, TurtleShroom, to host a Monarch Mayhem episode in his honor. TSP accepted.

TurtleShroom's gimmick was simple: no script, no staged stories, just pure, authentic wrestling. TurtleShroom's wrestling gimmick was that there were no gimmicks. The CPWWE's most popular "good guy" wrestler and their most popular "bad guy" wrestler would be put in a match and would fight. The object was to pin down the other wrestler for ten seconds. TurtleShroom would stand on the sidelines and fend off any wrestling managers or gimmicks from interfering with the referees. Or, in short, when TurtleShroom hosted, it was a true wrestling match.
Being a commemoration of Liber- whose final show broke all records at the time -TurtleShroom's episode brought many long time fans around the television. They found the no-novelty idea a novelty, and were transfixed at watching the most popular wrestlers wrestle without gimmicks or storylines. TurtleShroom was invited back for 2012's MM series, but he declined.
Swiss Ninja Hochstadt and Carlos Goberna II Snowzerland Smackdown 2012 Despite being a monarch himself, Flywish still uses guest monarchs. Due to ruling Liguria, he no longer liked Penghis Khan and decided to scrap him for the 2012 Monarch Mayhem. Instead, he confirmed Swiss Ninja Hochstadt and Carlos Goberna II to be the guest monarchs. It is confirmed that the Hochstadt Gang will fight as well as a match between Swiss and Carlos. It is also confirmed that Jock Hochstadt (who portrays Jason Bryan in CPWE) will break character to fight Java Ghent. There are currently unconfirmed plans to have Austin return to the company under his real name for the MM to fight Fisch. And it is under consideration to have Jock win the Monarch Mayhem match


Monarch Mayhem is taped from Februrary to December after that year's MM finished. (In other words, 2011's MM was recorded in 2010.) This is because it takes a long time and a lot of paperwork to get a head of state or penguin of royal blood to stop what they are doing and come narrarate a wrestling match. CPWWE's goal is to get sixteen royals to show up, giving sixteen episodes. However, they make attempts to get thirty one every year- one for each day in January -but they haven't succeeded in doing that yet.