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The Moon
Planet, Position Earth, first moon
Physical Information
Diameter 3,476 meters
Gravity .17 G
Length of Orbit 27 days, 7 hours
Atmosphere None
Temperature (F) -63°
Population 900,000+
Affiliation Various
Other Names Luna, Sol III-1,

The Moon is the Earth's only natural satellite. It is one of the largest orbiting bodies in the solar system, and the largest in relation to its planet. The moon has been landed on several times by Penguinkind, and several countries have established colonies on the lunar surface.



The first penguins to land on the moon were Neumenian Remnants fleeing Ed Island during the Wulfen War, with construction beginning on their moon base in mid-1940. After two years of construction in the cold vacuum, the initial areas of Lunastadt were complete and housed approximately 250,000 penguins. In 1948 it was discovered that Helium-3 was present in great amounts in the lunar crust, which could be used to power nuclear fusion reactors. Large strip mines were established near the city in order to mine both Helium-3 and other precious metals present in the crust, and by 1950 it was determined that Lunastadt could be powered for centuries using just the Helium-3 in storage.

As the Wulfen remained hidden from any possible Antarctican witnesses, it was commonly believed that the first lunar landing took place on March 6, 2009, when Explorer 767 and James Kwiksilver stepped out onto the surface of the Moon. It was a momentous achievement for penguinkind, especially for a nation formed less than a decade prior.

In the coming years numerous other nations made landings and established bases on the lunar surface. The Seal Islands began construction on the first commercial facility on the moon in 2014, with Ed Island and Culldrome following soon after.

In 2015, Ed Islandian spacecraft surveying the surface for rare minerals were attacked and destroyed by unknown hostile spacecraft, later discovered to be remnants of the Wulfen thought to be defeated 70 years prior. News of this discovery ultimately resulted in Ed Island's withdrawal from the ongoing Frosian War. After initial rocky communications, a meeting was arranged between the leaders of the two nations, and after months of negotiations a mutual agreement was reached to end hostilities and develop a trading agreement between the two.

Locations & Colonies[edit]



  • While several countries possess colonies on the Moon, there are treaties in place to allow neutrality on most of the Moon's surface.
  • Penguins have also found a blank white flag and some odd footprints on the Moon, possibly from humans.
  • There are legends that tell of an extremely rare green cheese beneath the Moon's surface.

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