Moon Island City

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Moon Island City 月島市
Kingdom City
College of photos mic.png
Clockwise from top: Moon Island Institute of Education, the Kingdom Statue, the Mayor's House, the skyline of Moon Island City
Country Moon Island Flag.png Moon Island
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Area Moon Island Flagsouth.png Southern State
Monuments The Kingdom Statue
Headquarters The Mayor's House
Mayor Djf1107
Population 210,000 (2015)
Inhabited species Penguins / Moon Islanders
General information
Native name Mŏn Eland Ciaty
Demonym Kingdomer
Founded 1915
– Founder Dps the Great

Moon Island City, previously Kingdom City, is the largest city in Moon Island, Shops Island. As of the 2012 census, it has a population of roughly 148,000, roughly one-fifth of the country's population. Situated at the western coast of Moon Island, it is the country's financial, commercial, trading and cultural centre and the capital of the Southern State of Moon Island.

Despite not being the capital of Moon Island, the city remains one of the most busiest among Moon Island or even Shops Island, although it has a significantly lower penguin population then certain cities in the Shops Island mainland and the nearby Freezestonia. Tourism and Port Industry are the two major industries in the city, and the city is dependent on these two industries for income. Prior to the GSWVI crisis, this city served as the major trading port between Shops Island and Zhou, and the port industry played a significant contributing role to the city and Moon Island's economy. Due to the GSWVI crisis, however, the port stopped trading with Zhou owing to sanctions imposed by the government of Shops Island. This resulted in a drop in the country's income, but thanks to the booming Tourism industry, the city is still able to maintain its quality of living. Besides a large port for trading and tourism, this city is also served by an airport - the Moon Island City International Airport (MIC Airport) with both domestic and international flights daily.

The current mayor of the city is Djf1107, who assumed office in August 2012.


Early settlements in the region within the present-day city boundaries can be traced back to hundreds of years earlier. At that time, this area is mostly inhabited by ingenious penguin tribes, especially the weaker tribes as they escaped from the eastern side of the country to live here to avoid being defeated by the stronger tribes who mostly settled in regions near the eastern coast of Moon Island, especially around Mid-Moon. For the next many hundreds of years, these tribes gradually settled down in the region and formed a community. These tribes grew stronger day by day and to expand and consolidate their control on the region, they began to fight indigenous penguins living there and the region suffered from continuous fighting up till the 1910s. In 1914, Dps the Great led a troop of "thousands of soldiers" and annexed the country from these tribal penguins in the November 1914 Moon Island Revolt. The Kingdom of Moon Island was set up in 1915, and this region was named Kingdom City by Dps the Great to celebrate the establishment of the city. For the next century, the Kingdom City continued to serve as the capital - Dps the Great, Dps the First, Dps the Second and Dps the Third all resided in this city during their reign over the Kingdom. After the collapse of the Kingdom, Moon Island was ruled by Rockhopper and later his relatives. Together with the country, it became part of the Rockhopper Kingdom from 2005 to 2012. Since the Kingdom has collapsed, the city was later renamed Moon Island City by Rockhopper. It continued to serve as the capital of the country, until August 2012, when the Capital is moved to the less populous city in the east, Dancing Penguin City. Despite this move, the city still remained its position as the main commercial centre of the country, and one of the most busiest cities in Moon Island and even Shops Island.

Sister Cities[edit]

As of 2015, Moon Island City has 3 sister cities: