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Moon Island Institute of Education
The School Logo
Key details
Motto To learn and to serve
Established 1 January 1918 (main)
by Dps the Great
23 August 2012 (DP City)
by Dps04
Type Public Institute
Notable figures
Chancellor Lavender
Principal Ms Moon Dew
Headteacher Mr Meteor Josh
Other figures Not named
Misc. details / Figures
Specialism Education
Location Moon Island City, Moon Island
LEA Shops Island University Committee
Staff 1001
Students 16,007 (2015)
Gender Both
Ages Penguins aged 18-24 years
Houses 6 houses
Colours Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple

The Moon Island Institute of Education (Chinese: 月島大學; literally University of Moon Island), often abbreviated as MIE or MIU[1], is one of the only two Institutes providing Teritiary Education In Moon Island, the other being Wizzint University. Its main campus is located in the largest city of Moon Island, Moon Island City. As of 2013, there are 1001 staff penguins and 14318 students in the MIE. The MIE hosts 8 faculties, including the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Arts etc, which are subdivided into different departments and groups. Currently, the Chancellor of the MIE is the leader of Shops Island, Lavender (since 2013). The principal of the Institution is Ms Moon Dew (since 2009) and the headteacher is Mr Meteor Josh (since 2015). It is one of the best institutes within Shops Island.


The Moon Island Institute of Education was founded by Dps the Great, first emperor of the Moon Island on 1 January 1918. The aims of the establishment of the institute is to provide further tertiary education to Moon Island penguins. Prior to that date, if penguins wish to pursue tertiary education, they must go overseas to the neighboring Shops Island. At the time of its foundation, the institute only had a few classes and a few hundred penguins. Since there weren't diplomatic relations between Moon Island and Shops Island, applying to study or live out of the Island is a tedious task and access to Shops Island by Moon Island penguins are quite often denied. As a result, most penguins living in the early days of Moon Island have no chance to study in a tertiary institute. To raise the education levels of penguins, as a result, Dps the First decided to set up the MIE in the Kingdom city, which became today's Moon Island City. In the early days of its operation, owing to low population in Moon Island, quite a large proportion of penguins have had the chance to study in the institute. As the penguin population expands, the size of the campus and faculty of the institute expanded. In 1971, for example, when Dps the Second became Chancellor of MIE, he announced the large-scale renovation and expansion of the main Campus to meet with penguin education demands. Nevertheless, the space available is still limited. As of 2012 consensus, only roughly the top 20% of high school graduates can get a chance to study there, and there are over 14000 students and about 1000 teaching staff. The other penguins will have to go overseas (mostly Shops Island) if they wish to pursue tertiary education. In 2012, owing to Dps04's development of Dancing Penguin City, a branch of the institute was set up in Dancing Penguin City. The institute is currently one of the best institutes in Shops Island, and houses forty buildings in its campus.


According to the Shops Island University Committee Report 2014, MIE is ranked 1st in Moon Island, and 2nd in Shops Island, behind LordMaster96 University. It is also among the top 20 universities in the Fan Universe.

When ranked by faculties, the Faculty of Education of MIE is consistently ranked 1st among the entire Fan Universe, and this record has been unsurpassed ever since the institute was founded in 1918. The Faculty of Social Science is also consistently ranked 1st in Shops Island. Other faculties are also ranked high in Shops Island, usually behind LordMaster96 University and occasionally, behind Shops City University.


Tenure Chancellor Principal Headteacher
1918 - 1951 Dps the Great Nil [1]
Position Vacant
1951 - 1955 Mr Paul Pal
1955 - 1967 Mr Stephen Antarctic
1967 - 1969 Mr Arnold Arctic
1971 - 1999 Dps the Second 1969 - 1980 Mr Abraham Moon
1980 - 1987 Mr Micheal Sochubert 1980 - 1985 Ms Candle Moon
1985 - 1987 Mr James Johnathan
1987 - 1991 Mr James Johnathan 1987 - 2005 Mr Benjamin Crescent
1991 - 1995 Mr Joseph Josh
1995 - 1999 Mr Mutuda Handings
1999 - 2005 Dps the Third 1999 - 2005 Mr Igloo Moon
2005 - 2009 Mr Benjamin Crescent 2005 - 2015 Professor Penguin
2005 - 2009 Rockhopper
2009 - 2013 Dps04 2009 - present Ms Moon Dew
2013 - present Lavender
2015 - present Mr Meteor Josh

[1] Prior to 1980, there were no Headteachers. The principal carries the duty of the headteacher.


The Chancellor of the Moon Island Institute of Education is the ceremonial head of the university. He usually only perform ceremonial functions such as conferring degrees to university graduates, and awarding awards and scholarships to outstanding penguins etc. He or she is also responsible for representing the institute at an international level. Since the founding of the university in 1918 and except from 1951 to 1971, this post is always held by the leader of Moon Island. Penguins who have held this post included Dps the Great, the First Monarch of the Kingdom of Moon Island from 1918 until his death in 1951, Dps the Second (the Third Monarch of the Kingdom of Moon Island) from 1971 to 1999, Dps the Third (the Fourth Monarch of the Kingdom of Moon Island) from 1999 to 2005, Rockhopper, Ruler of the Rockhopper Empire (which included Moon Island) from 2005 to 2009 , and Dps04, the governor of Moon Island from 2009 to 2013. In 2013, the Constitution of Moon Island was amended and the President of The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops became the nominal head of Moon Island. Lavender, the current Shopper President, thus replaced Dps04 and became the incumbent Chancellor of MIE.

From 1951 to 1971, the position of Chancellor was left vacant. This was because after Dps the Great's death in 1951, the university's administration initially decided to leave the position vacant forever to honor Dps the Great's achievements and contributions to both Moon Island and the university itself. However, in 1971, then school Principal Abraham Moon (who was a close friend of Dps the Second) overturned the decision.


The Vice-Chancellor of the Moon Island Institute of Education, often colloquially known as the Principal, is the second-highest ranking penguin in the administration of the university after the Chancellor. Unlike the Chancellor, who only holds ceremonial functions in the administration, the Principal is the most powerful figure in the university and is responsible for monitoring daily school affairs and making the most important decisions for the institute, usually with prior consultation from other members of the school's administration. The Principal is also, ex-official, the Chairman of the School Council, and in the capacity he or she acts as the chairpenguin of regular school meetings. This means that he or she has authority over school affairs and is responsible for school development. The incumbent Principal is Ms Moon Dew (since 2009), who is also the first and so far only female penguin to hold this post.

Although Dps the Great was officially designated as the "Chancellor and Principal" of MIE from 1918-1951, he was not involved in the everyday management of the Institution. Instead, he appointed senior teachers to perform the duties of the principal on his behalf. Prior to 1980, duties of the Principal also included heading the school's teaching staff. This duty has since be delegated to the Headteacher of MIE.


The President of the teaching staff, often colloquially known as the Headteacher, is the head of the school's teaching staff, who is responsible for representing the teaching staff at important meetings. The incumbent Headteacher is Mr Meteor Josh (since 2015).

Notable alumni[edit]

The Moon Island Institute of Education has educated many notable penguins in many varied fields, most notably in the field of education of education and social sciences, including:

  • Dps the Second - Master of Education (Second Honours), 1948
  • Dps the Fourth - Bachelor of Laws (Second Honours), 2003; Master of Social Sciences (First Honours), 2005
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  1. MIU is the abbreviation of "Moon Island University", the unofficial name of Moon Island Institute of Education.