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Mortamuhr Holland
Born Mortamuhr James Holland
April 7, 1984 (age 26)
Gender Male
Nationality Batavian
Other names MJH, Psycho 'do (referring to weirdo)
Occupation none
Years active 1998-present
Notable works Scaring penguins for life
Home town JivilTowne
Known for Being the craziest Penguin alive
Title Mr. Mortamuhr
Parents Adam Holland, Jillian Holland
Relatives Trey Holland (brother), Clarence John Holland (uncle), Sairah Holland (sister), Dyan Holland (sister)

Mortamuhr Holland is a psycho High Penguin. He has scared Chicks by putting on a hockey mask and screaming some kind of chainsaw-like noise. He is also from the Holland Family.


Mortamuhr was born to Adam Holland and Jillian Holland. He is the second of four chicks (Trey being the first), and the youngest of two boys. When he was three, he was playing with some toy that Trey wanted to play with. When he asked for a turn, Mortamuhr hogged it from him. Trey grew outraged and smacked Mort on the top of his head with his strong flippers. Mort was seeing the room turn upside down and was feeling dizzy. When everything was right in his eyes again, he felt like throwing chairs. Eventually, His parents became curious at what caused Mortamuhr's odd behavior. So they took him to the hospital. After two hours, they were pacing the room with worry about if their son was damaged, the doctor came in with the test results. He told them that their son was hit on the head by something. Trey made the guilty look and his parents saw it. They grounded Trey and allowed Mort to torment him until his punishment was over in nine months. However, Mortamuhr ran off. For a year, he was raising himself on the streets of Flywish Island. But the police caught him. He spat in one of their faces which angered the cop. So they took him to jail and called his parents after finding out he was Mortamuhr Holland. His parents weren't outraged but scolded Mortamuhr for his antics at the hospital. His parents gave him a welcome home party and introduced Dyan(pronounced Diane) to him. His uncle CJ is a penguin who works with chicks who have emotional problems. So he decided to work with his nephew and calm him down a little. However, he was finding that what Mortamuhr has been doing was abnormal. Trying to get him out of chopping off a leg of Sairah's high chair (his other sister and the youngest of all of them), He pushed his uncle and attempted to do it. He did it but his parents caught him. They got furious and locked him in his room with his uncle so they could try to work together. So his uncle suggested that they sit down and play a board game together. So they played one. However, Mortamuhr got carried away with the game after winning and throwing it across the room like he was smashing his guitar to the stage after shredding in a rock band concert. Later Jillian opened the door and found Mort calmly listening to his Uncle's stories from his time growing up. Much to the relief of Jillian, Mort calmly said "hi mom!" instead of greeting her by punching her foot with his flipper.

To celebrate, they took Mort to McDoodle's. They bought him a soda for the drink along with a fish burger and ice fries. After finishing the entire meal and drinking the entire soda, he began "bouncing off the walls". Turns out that the sugar and caffeine from the soda made him extremely hyper. He's already crazy and hyper, but soda makes him more hyper. His father finally outrageously screamed at him to make him stop. At home, he couldn't sleep. All he did was run around his room quietly. Constantly tripping over his toys and waking his baby sister up. After they finally caught him, they said if he didn't go to bed, they would lock him in his room for a long time without telling how long. He obeyed and went to sleep. The next day, his parents and uncle told him that they were sending him to a hospital where he could get treatment. After a tearful goodbye, he boarded a bus to the treatment. There, he carved a hockey mask and constantly wore it. He eventually learned to make chainsaw-like noises so he scared his roomates a lot. The treatment no longer tolerated his behavior since he was just making everyone worse and kicked him out. Disappointed, his parents grounded him. Mort was now 17 and was ready to start his own life though it wasn't a good idea. So he ran away from home leaving a note and a few things behind. He robbed a bank to get money for a house. Outrunning the police, he lived in a small apartment that looked like crap. Soon he decided to scare penguins from outside his window.

Eventually, the police found him and he slapped one of them in the face. He got a sentence of seven and a half years. He was granted an early release from prison six and a half years later. but was put on parole. To serve his parole, he had to put fish in packages and send them to different locations. However, he got hungry one day and ate about twenty fish. This got him to serve the last of his jail time. He was released a year later. Eventually, his uncle found him and wasn't too proud but was okay with his lifestyle. He currently is pickpocketing residents walking by so he can get a television with cable in his apartment. He has recently joined WishFlyX's Army for money but WishFlyX recruited him due to his way of scaring penguins. This could help WishFlyX get some information from enemies


  • He scares about two thousand creatures per month.
  • Mwa Mwa Penguins are the most scared of him.
  • He is good friends with Jenni


Doctor: I have bad news Mr. and Mrs. Holland

Jillian: OH NO!

Doctor: Your son is crazy, he was hit on the head

Jillain faints

Trey: I hope they don't think it was me, OOPS!

Adam: You're GROUNDED!

Mortamuhr: BYE BYE! BYE BYE! HEHEHEHE! *runs out of hospital*


  • Adam Holland- Father
  • Jillian Holland- Mother
  • Trey Holland- Older Brother
  • CJ- Uncle

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