Motor Scooter

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Motor Scooter
Motor Scooter Improved.png
An elegant every-day motor scooter at it's finest.
Type Transporation Vehicle
Effects Takes you where you want to go.
Source Car Dealers.
Location Anywhere.
Cost to buy 500 Club Penguin Coins
Cost to sell 500 Club Penguin Coins

The Motor Scooter is a motorcycle-like vehicle with two wheels that has a saddle-like seat mounted on the footboard and is propelled by a motor. It is a bit smaller than a motorcycle and is a popular type of transportation in several countries.


The Motor Scooter was invented in Liguria in 1910 during the final years of the HPC. In those first years, the scooters became hits, but then the Khanzem War Began and the Factories stopped the production of the Motor Scooters. The Motor Scooter industry started back up again in 1920, two years after the war's end. From then, newer and nicer designs came out, and the Scooters became popular again. Today, Motor Scooters are still very popular types of transportation.

Pros and Cons[edit]

The Motor Scooter has many Pros and Cons. Here are some of them:


  • Motor Scooters are very stylish.
  • Motor Scooters cost WAY less than Cars.
  • Motor Scooters use less gas.
  • Motor Scooters are great for Travel around the Local Area.
  • They are small and take up less space than cars.
  • They are ideal for just transporting a single person (two, if you're both small enough)
  • Motor Scooters aren't very loud unlike motorcycles.


  • Motor Scooters can be dangerous to ride.
  • Motor Scooters can't go as far as a car can, so it'll need to be refueled more often.
  • You have to wear a helmet to ride one.
  • You also need a Motor Scooter licence to ride one in some countries.
  • The Motor Scooter is pretty slow compared to a car, and can go up to a maximum of 50 Mph.
  • Their small size disallows carrying families on these, unlike cars.


The Motor Scooter can be more or less popular in other countries. Here are the popularity rates:


Liguria is the Birthplace of the Motor Scooter. It is still very popular, and is the country with the most Motor Scooters. Many Ligurians consider it to be very convenient because the scooter can easily go through narrow streets and alleyways, which are common in Liguria.


Frankterre is the second country with the most Motor Scooters. Frankterre also has narrow alleyways and streets, but not as much as Liguria. Frankterre also considers the Motor Scooter to be very fashionable, and it is thriving there.

The Imperial Empire of Snowzerland[edit]

Ever Since Swiss Ninja lost all his car companies to MobileShroom, car prices in Snowzerland had gone up. Immediately, Penguins looked to the Motor Scooter because of it's Affordability.


The motor scooter is popular in Castilla as much as it's neighbors. Most use it for short trips within a city or on small roads. Younger penguins tend to use them more than older citizens due to the fact that cars are rather costly and motor scooters are easy to park in streets that are narrow, a common sight in most cities and towns.


Many penguins do not use it because of it's disability to drive far distances. It is quiet uncommon in the USA. Only some penguins (about 30/100) use Motor Scooters.


Once again it is not very popular in the UnitedTerra unless you live in New Club Penguin. Ninjinian likes to ride his motor scooter to small distances.

United Provinces[edit]

An extraordinarily popular way of transportation in the capital city of Winsburg.


Due to Acadia's high population density, which causes traffic jams, motor scooters are quite common in the streets as they can squeeze through lanes. Since Acadia is a small country, there is no need to drive far distances.

Shops Island[edit]

Shops Island is very unwelcoming to Motor Scooters. Most roads and carriageways are either designed for cars, puffle cars or for pedestrians. Motor Scooters by law have to stay on the main roads, but they often create traffic jams due to their low speed.


Here are a list of some penguins who use it:


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