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Motorbike Fred

Motorbike Fred, proudly showing off a pizza delivery...after having forgotten to have them packaged...
Born Fred Albert "Super Guy" Magnapenguin Johnson
March 20, 1989 (1989-03-20) (age 30)
Club Penguin, Antarctica
Residence Club Penguin
Gender Male
Nationality Club Penguin
Other names Freddo
That Jerk Over There
Ethnicity Penguin
Citizenship Club Penguin
Occupation Deliveryman
Employer Pizza Parlour
Notable works Being fast and furious
Salary 10,000 coins
Known for Being a deliveryman
Being a proud jerk/n00b/scrub
Title Deliveryman (official)
Absolute Jerk (unofficial)
Opponent(s) Those who rightfully think he's annoying
That's pretty g8, m8!
— Motorbike Fred

Fred Albert "Super Guy" Magnapenguin Johnson, better known as Motorbike Fred, is the melonheadish deliveryman for the Pizza Parlour who owns a super Motor Scooter, which he calls a "motorbike" even though it obviously isn't. An absolute daredevil and "take-a-chance" freak, although he's an excellent deliveryman for daredevil reasons, he's very proud, which makes him unpopular. Somewhat of a dilettante, he likes fashionable clothes, memes, daredevilish stunts, pizzas, and delivering them at the fastest speed possible on his motorbike.


Early Life[edit]

Motorbike Fred hatched as Fred Albert "Super Guy" Magnapenguin Johnson, on the twentieth of March, 1989. He hatched as the youngest in his family. His family were very rich, and quite egoistic too, which is why he was given the nickname "Super Guy" and the name "Magnapenguin", Latin for "great penguin". He grew up beside 10 other siblings - they owned a large mansion - and they all grew up in a quite spoilt manner, but, apart from him, they were all kind and naïve inside.

Whilst his siblings were into donating to Coins for Change, stopping evil diseases (and weirdo doctors) and all the other nice things, Fred was quite egoistic and into what everybody else didn't like: daredeviling stunts. He would take his helmet, and jump off the roof onto a snow-covered trampoline; try to get inside the family's decorative cannon and hope it would work, and other extreme stunts.

Apart from this, nothing in particular happened, unless one counts being constantly injured and nagged.

Later Life - Memes and Daredevils[edit]

Suddenly, when he was 15 in 2004, he discovered his first meme. He thought it was very punny, and he got into memes. It actually turned out that it was not a meme, but actually a photograph of Serious Cat, but with a funny caption attached. This was a relief for his family, as this lessened his dangerous stunts, but he then started the habit of sending pictures around town and the Internet of Serious Cat. He did not realize how dangerous it was, however, and at last, he learned his lesson: he got kidnapped at night by a group of angry extremist terrorist LOLCats summoned magically by the former.

Current Life[edit]


His involvement in the world is both large, yet small.

The reason why it's large is because he helps Club Penguin's economy by delivering pizzas and generating money for everybody (especially when he destroys something after having crashed into it at full speed), and by buying Antarctican Motor Scooters whenever it breaks down.

The reason why it's small is because not many know about him, and he doesn't really do very much apart from delivering pizzas, and occasionally making world headlines for a day due to his breaking a daredevil record.



When Fred's out delivering, he wears a red Pizza Parlour cooking apron, a chef's hat, and a red Motor Scooter, as well as having a large stack of pizzas on his lap or the special basket he has attached to it, whilst screaming "WOOOOOOOO!!" because of the speed he's going at. In short, both like a daredevil and not like a daredevil.

When Fred's got time off to do his daredevil stunts, he either wears sports-outfits, usually that of an athlete, or nothing at all, so he can cool down. He tends to carry a red helmet, and screams "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" or "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" from daredevilish over-excitement.


Wow. Just, wow.
  • Veranda's Shark Pool - Motorbike Fred was given a fancy invitation card from a random fan called Veranda. Inside, it said that she had a real problem with a random shark in her private swimming pool, and given his background, she would like him to visit her posh mansion and get rid of it somehow. He transformed into "Da Daredevil" mode immediately, and accepted very happily. The next day, he had his feathers coloured green - a handy tip from The Keeper of the Mine - and arrived with his best surfboard. TurtleShroom was also there to see how it would turn out, but just in case the shark ran riot, he hid behind a tree. A very relaxed Veranda was sitting on a deckchair, with a computer. Then, the shark suddenly jumped out and snapped threateningly at everybody, before sinking back into the water. Even though it was quite a frightening moment, Fred didn't even take a deep breath. Because he was in "Da Daredevil" mode, he just jumped in, threw the surfboard underwater so the pointed end would hit the shark, and bonked it successfully on the head. He then swam out, and called the EPF to get Surfers Co. to take the shark safely away. The whole operation took one minute.
As a result, he made national headlines for five days, had interviews, received lots of fan letters, and noticed the Pizza Parlour had more delivery requests, longer queues, and the customers stayed for longer.
  • The Flash-on Polo-leash - Motorbike Fred was calmly waddling down the road with his surfboard to the Cove one day, when the Fashion Police turned up on their scooter. In a flash, they immediately abused him, screaming that "black and red on yellow SEROUSLY don't match!!!". This was all too much for him, for he was going to relax after a stressful day of delivering whilst having frostbite. Instantaneously, he went into "Da Daredevil" mode, and smacked them all as if he was a polo-player, whilst screaming "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!". Once he had successfully got rid of them, he found that he was feeling decidedly better, so he turned round and went home.
As a result, he made national headlines for three days, where he was praised for being "a serendipity". The newspaper headlines is where the name "Flash-on Polo-leash" comes from, as it describes what happened in two or four (depends how you look at it) words.


Like a few other penguins, Fred has his own modes.


"That's pretty g8, m8!"
— Motorbike Fred in Normal Mode.

The most common mode. He acts like your average penguin, but only in some ways. True, he does act sanely and rationally, but he is quite proud, rude, and conceited, thinking that he's better than the others. This is why he has a rivalry with Waiting Walter, and penguins aren't really polite to him. He is, on the positive side, more cherry, active, and, as mentioned before, thinks rationally, which is a relief for the Pizza Parlour, as most of their customers would not like to receive their pizzas looking like they've been in a tumble-dryer, unless they were weird.

Da Daredevil[edit]

— Motorbike Fred in Da Daredevil Mode.

The most annoying mode. In this mode, he acts like an absolute, through-and-through daredevil, in the vein of X-Treme Penguin and Punch Beaktowski. He can be recognized by manic screaming, dilating eyes, a red helmet, and daredevil equipment, such as cannons and silver surfboards. He is also significantly braver in this mode, such as when he fixed the problem of Miss Veranda's Shark Pool, but he is more reckless, clumsy and destructive in this mode, which is obvious, as daredevils are like that. In this mode, his number one nemesis is Daredevil Reeze.





  • That's pretty g8, m8!
  • Here's your pizza; twenty coins, please.
  • Daredevilling forever!
  • It's the memes, dood.
  • Do you like stunts??
  • Hey Bernie the Tour Guide, do you want a stunt?
  • Daredevils PWN.
  • I am PWNsome at Puffle Rescue. That's because I jump on the sharks.
  • RUN!!!


A little bit like Donal Tenorio, he keeps an extensive vocabulary of insults to throw at his enemies when they aren't around, and he has a lot of targets. Unlike Donal, they're just jabs, and they aren't to the same extent as insulting.

Note that all his insults end in "pass it on!".

However, these insults have dire consequences for him. They are -

  • He is banned from going to Shops Island, Tropicalis, Scoodlepeep, the countries Swiss Ninja rules over, Waffleland and, in the future, Wizzint and the Republic of Moon Island, just in case his insults begin a revolution against their mayors/leaders.
  • Mugston Cupotea vows that next time he sees him, he'll wallop him with his spoon and use the murky mud-water against him.
  • Winston will undoubtedly crush Fred's bones, so, yeah...
  • Star Kirby12 and Penguinpuffdude both plan to use Fred as a living practice-dummy next time they see him, respectively.
  • As soon as Donal Tenorio meets Fred, he will give him an insult-nickname, ASAP.
  • Explorer will definitely PWN him with a Morshu Bomb.
  • If not, he will smash him with a spade in BOSS XeXeXe mode.
  • He'll be walloped by the spade in the end, as he insulted TurtleShroom.
  • Waiting Walter calls him a petollinen katkarapu, which he claims is "Finnish" for "treacherous shrimp".
  • The Four Unknown will certainly use their weapons against him.
  • Grump's personal number 1 enemy is now Motorbike Fred.
  • Penghis Khan always slaps him with the mullet whenever he says his insult in vicinity of the Royal Pengolian Jewels of Extreme Shinyness.
  • Add more!


(Motorbike Fred has finished his shift. A penguin waddles past.)
Penguin: Hi!
Motorbike Fred: Hello! How's your vacation?
(The penguin stops, and looks inquisitively at him.)
Penguin: Vacation? What vacation?
Motorbike Fred: Well, I have time off, so it must be vacation for everybody else too. Wait a minute...
(He pulls out a thesaurus, and as he flips the pages, the penguin becomes more and more intrigued.)
Penguin: Hey, what are you-
Motorbike Fred: Found it! Well, my friend, you're a pea-brained fool.
(The penguin stiffens.)
Penguin: ...what did you just call me?
Motorbike Fred: A pea-brained fool.
(Feathers bristling, he hurls a clenched fist at him, and knocks Fred to the ground.)
Penguin: "A pea-brained fool", indeed! More likely "you're a pea-brained fool"!
Motorbike Fred: ...Ouch...

(Motorbike Fred passes Waiting Walter.)
Waiting Walter: Haloo, hyvä ystäväni, how is the day?
Motorbike Fred: Good'd't'ye. Things are absolutely fine.
Waiting Walter: Good.
(Walter waddles on.)
Motorbike Fred (quietly): Vigorous oaf...
(Walter has heard this. He turns back, enraged, with fire in his eyes.)
Waiting Walter: Voi, sinä paha katkarapu a pingviini! En voi enää seistä sinua! Mene pois, typerys! (translation: Oh, you bad shrimp of a penguin! I can't stand you anymore! Go away, fool!)
(Motorbike Fred shrinks back in a mixture of shock, horror and fear.)
Motorbike Fred: Ooh, s-s-st-st-steady-dy o-o-on!
(Walter then throws a barrage of spoons at him in fury, and then storms out of the room, huffing.)
Motorbike Fred: ...Ouch...


  • He is the only penguin in the Pizza Parlour staff to have two TUNs (Totally Unofficial Nickname; something the staff thought up). When Fred is in hearing vicinity, it's "Awesome Dude". When he isn't, it's "Proud Jerk".
  • He is generally considered to be a melonhead by his workmates, despite him not fitting in with most of the melonhead requirements.
  • His current psychologist believes that his love of stunts is a subversion of the melonheaded greed for power.
  • His first psychologist was smashed two feet into the ground after experiencing one of the aforementioned stunts, making him a somewhat perilous character to his poor current psychologist.

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