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The Bustling Metropolis.
Key details
Type Megapolis
Level 100
Location Hailvale
Inhabitants Penguins, Puffles, Mice

Mouseport is the capital of the Free Republic of Hailvale. The city is located entirely in an iceberg. It's motto is Mouseport, Where Penguins can Fly!


Karazachi founded Mouseport when he waddling his flippers across the islands northeast of the United States of Antarctica. He created a free republic called Hailvale and dubbed Mouseport it's capital. Karazachi discovered a door to a large iceberg; he walked in and found that the iceberg was entirely hallowed out by the mice and puffles who lived there thousands of years ago. He set up a trading post there which eventually became the city of Mouseport.


Mouseport is an urbanized area which consist of towering skyscrapers, igloos, and a 50-foot tall statue of Karazachi. The traffic lights are made out of snowballs, the street lamps are made of candy canes, and everyone is happy. It is completely different from Harezan.

Karazachi's Mansion is a massive igloo located downtown and home to Hailvale's leader, Karazachi. There is also a large port and fishing spot just outside of the iceberg. The city remains one of the most popular tourist destinations.




  • The Ice Mice are a gang of rodents that gnaw at penguins feet. They can be found anywhere in Hailvale.
  • Robotic Rabbits O' Evil: Some of these robot outlaws can be seen outside of the city, just waiting to cause some trouble.


A delicious pizza parlour called the Hail Pail is found throughout Hailvale and bases it headquarters in Mouseport, penguins from all over Antarctica come here to sink their beaks into Mouseport's famous pizza. There is also a shack that sells Italian Ices called Uncle Frunklejuttz's Iced Products.

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