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Firelink 4.0 running on Doors 7
Developer(s) Mozilla Antarctica
Initial release October 1, 2005
Stable release

/ May 28, 2015
Preview release


/ February 2015
Written in C++, JavaScript
Operating system Doors, Peach OS, Penguin OS, Ice Shard
Size 22 MB on disk
Type Web browser
License GPL
Website [1]

Mozilla Firelink is a free internet browser. It is the default browser of Icebuntu.


When Icebuntu and Penguin OS came out, their compatibilities with Internet Explorer 767 were VERY BAD. Thus, they created a new one which could support Icebuntu and maybe beat Internet Explorer 767 at it's game. Sadly, they were both just equal in standards.

Utterly Fair Comparison[edit]

  • IE supports InactiveZ, Firelink doesn't.
  • Firelink has better standards support, IE doesn't.
  • IE has enterprise tech support, Firelink doesn't.
  • Firelink supports extensions, IE doesn't.
  • IE has separate tab processes, Firelink doesn't.
  • Firelink has better web safety support, IE doesn't.
  • IE has better integration with Doors 2008, Firelink doesn't. However, Firelink has better integration with Penguin OS.
  • Firelink supports more platforms, IE doesn't.

  • Firelink and IE have roughly the same speed, they may have sudden slowdowns and speedups.



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