Mr. Fantarctic

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Reed Reindeer
Title Mr. Fantarctic
Gender Male
Race Reindeer
Faction Fantarctic Four, The Defenders
Health Good
Location Antarctica
Occupation Scientist, Astronaut, Superhero
Interests Physics, Math, Engineering, Astronomy
Friends Arachnid Boy, Susan Snow, Johnny Snow, Ben Swim
Enemies Doctor Dominate
Archetype Good

Reed Reindeer, known as his alter-ego Mr. Fantarctic, is a superhero and leader of the Fantarctic Four. He is a brilliant scientist, and has the ability to stretch his body parts to great lengths. He often goes around the world and space to explore the terrain and make new discoveries, but will use his powers for heroics if the situation calls for it.


Reed was a reindeer born in the Tundra in the north. He was very intelligent and skipped many grades in school. When he was 13 years old he was accepted into a college in the USA and he moved there. There he met his friends. He met Ben Swim, who got along because Ben was also not a Penguin. He tutored Susan Snow. However his best friend was Vladimir Domanov. Like Reed, Vladimir was very intelligent. They understood each other when discussing physics, engineering, chemistry, and astronomy.

Vladimir was the son of a noble from a city-state. However, he was in exile because opposing factions had taken over the nation, and killed his mother. He told Reed that all he wanted was to build a time machine so he could go back and rescue his mother. Reed and Vlad put all their time and effort into building a time machine that could do such a thing. Eventually they did.

Reed was confident that the time machine would work, and Vlad decided to take it out. However, Ben Swim, who didn’t like how Reed and Vlad were spending so much time together tampered with the machine. It malfunctioned and tachyons spilt all over Vlad, causing parts his body to age or de-age. Vladimir nearly died, and blamed Reed, claiming that Reed deliberately tampered with the machine because he was jealous he was smarter than him. Reed denied this and try to reconcile with no avail.

Even though Reed was saddened, Susan and Ben comforted him. Reed was determined to return Vladimir to normal, so he subjected himself to a time bath, which aged him up. He managed to de-age himself, but still has white streaks in his hair from the incident. However, Vladimir had retaken is throne at his country, and refused to get help from Reed.

Eventually, Reed graduated from college and got his PHD. He became an astronaut and was very interested in studying forms of cosmic radiation that were showing up. He assembled a team containing himself, Susan Snow, her brother Johnny Snow, and his friend Ben Swim to go study it. However, the cosmic radiation was more potent than he calculated and they were bathed in it. The cosmic radiation caused them to change their molecular structure.

Reed Reindeer got the ability to stretch in many different ways. However, his friend Ben wasn’t too lucky. Although Ben became super strong, he had a grotesque rocky appearance and wasn’t able to swim in the water anymore. Reed vowed to help his friend, as he had failed to help Vladimir.

Reed and his team still went on scientific discoveries, but battled supervillains along the way, including Vladimir Domanov who goes by the name Doctor Dominate now. They were recruited into the Defenders.


Reed Reindeer is a scientist first and foremost. He does experiments, goes on explorations, and makes new discoveries. He is an expert physicist, chemist, astronomer, programmer, and engineer. However


Reed can stretch himself like rubber into many different shapes. He uses this to walk on two legs, since it frees him from using his front hooves.


  • He still wants to help Doctor Dominate even though Vlad hates his guts.
  • Pedro Plentar looks up to him.

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