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Mr Cow2
New Mr Cow2.png
Blissfully unaware
Title Mr Cow2
Gender Male
Race Penguin (Brown)
Health 50
Level 40 (39?)
Status Living life
Location Club Penguin Island
Death date Not yet
Occupation Having Fun
Eye color REALLY Dark Brown
Feather color Brown
Hobbies Baking, Bowling, etc.
Interests Everything
Weaknesses HATES being sick, a tad dim.
Friends Swiss Ninja, Star Kirby12, CK, Fooly, Fuzzle, Hatpop, Snow, Bro, Mectrixctic, Penstubal, Wikipenguino45
Enemies None
Weapon of choice Whatever he can find

Mr Cow2 is a happy-go-lucky brown penguin with a knack for adventure. He likes to live life to the fullest while also looking on the bright side of his said life. He has many hobbies due to his many interests. Some of these are butler, puffle walker, Card Jitsu player, stamp collecter, trumpet player, and others. Despite his relatively normal life, he tends to find himself mixed up multiple times in much bigger things, where he usually has little to no relevance at all.




Mr Cow2 was born a happy chick in the USA and loved his (currently unknown) parents a lot. He never cried while he was a chick, much to his parents' relief. He did not really worry about anything and just focused on being happy. He eventually grew up and had to leave his parents and moved to Club Penguin Island and loved it as much as his old home.


Mr Cow2 is still alive and happy today. He has made many friends and is still making more. Mr Cow2 has lots of jobs to add to his hobbies. Unfortunately, it's not all fun and games for him, as he's lately found himself tangled in strange events like the Fanon Characters Special 2015!. He just tries to accept it as a part of life.


Mr Cow2's future is extremely vague, mostly because the BOF and Time Agency doesn't bother researching it because Mr Cow2 appears to be so minor to the continuity of the world.


Due to his cheese consumption, Mr Cow2 is pretty burly and can be used as a living shield. He is also kind of skilled in self-defense since he went to karate camp, but this also puts him at a disadvantage because he got so used to following the camp leader's instructions, he has it etched in his mind to obey orders which can both lead to him not fighting back at the appropriate time and the possibility of being tricked by a villain. Aside from his natural skills, he can also find uses for ordinary items he finds scattered in his igloo.

He's also not completely an idiot despite how he usually acts. He's just below average intelligence.


  • He holds a record: the biggest Galapagos Penguin. Many think he's a small Emperor Penguin due to this.
  • Some people have confused him with Dancing Penguin.
  • He has the same food obsessions as Nat.
  • He was not born with the name Mr Cow the second. Only he knows what his real first name is.
  • He loves cringeworthy puns that others usually hate.
  • He is a Level 2 Guest in the BOF giving him access to the What if... team, but the guards don't know that.
  • One of his doctors said he was delusional...
  • The doctor lost his medical degree a week later.
  • Mr Cow2's cousins live in East Pengolia
  • Mr Cow2 actually jumps very frequently from job to job, but he has a tendency to mess up, leading to the reason of why he has to find a new one.