mr skeltal

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mr skeltal
mr skeltal
thank mr skeltal
Alias Trumpet Skeleton of the Abyss
Species Penguin?
Race Skeleton
Gender Male
Residence Antilles Flag.png Antilles
Occupation Bringing calcium to those who thank him

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mr skeltal, also known as the Trumpet Skeleton of the Abyss, is a skeleton who is known for bringing good bones and calcium to those who tell him "thank mr skeltal." He patiently awaits the Skeleton Wars, in which he will use his calcium strength to raise his army of the undead and use his trumpet to command them to bring calcium to the world.

Despite his appearance and stories, he enjoys the company of living penguins.


According to mr skeltal himself, he has wandered Antarctica for decades in search of followers to one day aide him in bringing calcium.

Ever since the arrival of The Ed on Chill Island and his position as the driver of the Meme Machine, mr skeltal has sought the powerful device to aid him in raising the undead for his Skeleton War. True to this feud, mr skeltal often sends his skeletal minions to try to steal the Meme Machine from Ed to no avail, as Ed carries a can of Anti-Skeleton© Spray with him at all times.

In recent years, he formed the League of Villainous Evildoers with several other relatively unknown villains. They often attack the city of Antilles, where the EPF branch there defends the city on an almost daily basis. Recently, the EPF stationed there had contracted Ed as an agent, as he has more experience than anyone at fighting the skeletal menace.


mr skeltal appears to be an ordinary penguin skeleton, but is fully sentient and quite talkative.

As skeltal's minions are not actually undead penguins and are formed from his energy, it is questionable whether or not mr skeltal himself was once a living being.

Powers and Abilities[edit]


mr skeltal often tells to others the prophecy of the coming 'Skeleton War,' in which millions of skeletons from around Antarctica will arise to give calcium to those less fortunate. According to mr skeltal, those of his most devout followers will become his War Horns of the Abyss, signalling to all the coming of calcium.



  • Evil Jeff - Jeff was the only penguin to respond to LoVE's flyers about hiring a musician.
  • Mister Bones - mr skeltal regards Bones as a trusted friend and top skeleton lieutenant despite rather open claims that Bones is planning to overthrow him.
  • Professor Terrible - Terrible is probably the only actual "villain" in LoVE which leads mr skeltal to respect him the most.
  • Something the So-and-so - Something was the first villain to join LoVE, back when it was just a subsidiary of the Evilositian Army


  • Perfekta - Perfekta's anti-villain activities have often run in direct contrast to LoVE's goals, although mr skeltal has no idea of her true intentions.


  • The Ed - Arch nemesis and general annoyance foiling many of LoVE's plots.
  • Evil Pengy - mr skeltal believes he is a much better villainous leader than Pengy, which led to the schism between LoVE and the Evilositian Army.


  • He commonly carries a trumpet around which he doots with.
  • mr skeltal's tales of a skeleton war are completely unrelated to any other skeleton menaces.



Prophecy of the Skeleton War[edit]

"Once upon tiem ther was no calcium

But look into sky

Mr skeltal ! Dooot doot children

He brings calcium but spook also

Praisr skeltal for calcium may it stay in us

Doot doot he said to me when he gave me calcium

Omg I was spooked by mr skeltal!"

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