Mugston Cupotea

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I am not a cup! Why does everybody think I'm a cup?
— Mugston Cupotea is slow on the uptake.
Mugston Cupotea

Born Mugston Cupotea
April 18, 2010 (2010-04-18) (age 9)
Club Penguin
Gender Male
Nationality Cuppish
Other names Mr. Cup of Tea
Ethnicity Cuppish
Citizenship Club Penguin
Years active ₧₵₳₡ years
Net worth 10,000 Coins
Height 3 inch
Weight 0.50 kg
Known for Posting videos on WaddleTube
Title Cupster
Opponent(s) The self-imposed "enemies" who say that he is a cup of tea
He stubbornly refuses to believe that he is a cup.

Mugston Cupotea is a walking, talking, living cup that lives in Club Penguin. He has his own WaddleTube channel, where he frequently makes videos of him discussing the latest issues in the world. Even though he is most definitely a cup, he stubbornly refuses to believe this. Even if he sees himself in a mirror, he will say that it's just the background being magnified, which is technically impossible. He believes that this is true, however, which is why he's termed as a bit of a silly character.


Early Life[edit]

Mugston Cupotea was your average, plain white coffee/tea-cup made in an average factory, on April 18th, 2008. He was boxed up in an equally average, plain white coffee/tea-cup box, and the price tag was stuck on. He was sent to an equally average shopping centre, and was bought by an equally average common house-penguin. The average common house-penguin took his average, plain white coffee/tea-cup to his average, plain white igloo, and as the average common house-penguin placed the average, plain white coffee/tea-cup on his average wooden table that was a few yards away from his average doorway, purple lightning shot from the no-longer-average light-bulb, and zapped the average, plain white coffee/tea-cup.

What had really happened was that the definitely not average Grand Poobah of the Multiverse was on a quest for more hunny, and had run rampage in the BoF. Whilst doing so, he climbed over one of Director Benny's really not average typewriters, and then tripped over it, typing out a few random letters - Mugston Cupotea + hunny - and then accidently pressed the big red "Approve Button" on his desk. Fortunately for him, the hunny for him was conjured up just in front of his paws, and, carrying the jar, he waddled out. More fortunately for him, nobody else had witnessed the accident, meaning that Poobah wasn't reported for causing an accident.

Meanwhile, the average common house-penguin thought that the penguin's lovely average coffee/tea-cup was ruined. However, it was only the box that had smouldered to ashes - in the centre, there was a perfectly good, seemingly average, plain white coffee/tea-cup, looking exactly as the penguin had bought it. Relieved, the house-penguin went to put it into the sink, but then the penguin was zapped to the floor by a static-electricity charge. When the penguin looked up, what the penguin saw was incredible - there was a moving, seemingly living, no-longer your average coffee/tea-cup, and it had stolen one of the spoons on the table. The cup screamed at the penguin that "I AM GOING TO BE FAMOUS!!!", leapt onto the penguin's belly, and "ran" out of the open door.

Later - Current Life[edit]

When Mugston Cupotea "ran" out, it imposed upon itself many of a porcelain cup's average, day-to-day dangers of the world, such as being run over by cars, getting nipped by puffles, and almost being captured by your average recycling-penguin. He did manage to escape these dangers, however, and, taking over an empty igloo, he set about to fulfill his task of "GETTING FAMOUS!!". To do this, he somehow managed to steal a computer, and then made a WaddleTube account.

To practice, he watched the videos of WaddleTube stars, and then the comment section. Unfortunately, the videos he chose to watch were those of really scrubby pseudo-magician WaddleTube stars, and he got a bad influence. This is why his videos are not that popular. He set up an account the next day, and to this hour, he is struggling to find a foot saucerhold in the domain fo WaddleTube stars.


Although Mugston has so much potential to actually get famous (exotic pet, fortune teller, zoo animal, etc.), since Mugston has chosen such an average way to the road of fame (e.g. WaddleTube), his involvement in society is very, very little. Then again, if he was famous, then he still wouldn't have that much of an involvement either, being a cup.


Mugston looks just like your average, day-to-day coffee cup, complete with an average spoon, but he has some defining qualities that are not average to show that he isn't your average cup. For starters, the drink that's inside him (inside him or outside him? It's difficult to tell!) isn't as darkly-coloured as a normal cup of coffee, doesn't smell like hot chocolate, and has no teabag. This is only some weird kind of mud-water, heavily diluted and replaced, which is toxic to drink. Another thing is that he has a small, horizontal crack 180° degrees away from the handle. This looks like your average crack, but it's actually his mouth.


  • I am not a cup! Why does everybody think I'm a cup?


  • I AM NOT A CUP!!
  • He only says this when he is triggered, provoked or seriously infuriated by somebody calling him a cup.
  • He says this when he's about to use his spoon.
  • He only says this when he's going to voluntarily splash somebody with the toxic brown water.


(Mugston is on an outing; two penguins pass by and see him move slowly along.)
Penguin #1: Is it just me, or did I just see that cup move?
(Mugston stops, wondering if he heard what he heard.)
Penguin #2: Oh, that cup? How can a cup move? It must have fallen over from somewhere.
(Mugston turns to face the penguins, listening intently.)
Penguin #2: I think I'm right, you see - pure reason dictates that cups are inanimate. I mean, why would a cup move? It looks old and dirty and-
Mugston Cupotea: I AM NOT A CUP!! TRIGGERED!
(He wallops Penguin #2 with the spoon, The Four Unknown-style.)
Mugston Cupotea: FEEL THE BURN!
Random artist guy appearing from nowhere: This is not a cup! a fighting machine! It's a robot! It's not a painting! It's taking its revenge! Reality has turned into a dream! I'm causing it to break the Fourth Wall! It's on the ram-page! In short: watch out, kids!


  • His weapon of choice is his spoon, and sometimes the toxic, brown water he keeps.
  • Unfortunately for him, they both are not particularly effective.
  • No matter what, he stubbornly refuses to believe he is actually a living cup.
  • Because he's a cup, he can't necessarily die by any natural means. Instead, somebody would have to hit him with a hammer or something, also known as how a normal porcelain cup falls into inevitable disuse.
  • He likes to prank his subscribers by making bi-monthly videos about The Mission.
  • Unfortunately for his road to fame, these always end in him losing subscribers.
  • His second pranking tactic is to make videos that say that That Place to the Left has been rebuilt, and is a genuinely spooky place.
  • The end result is worse than the ones about The Mission, as it's incorrect information.
  • This is why Yyywoofoo always feels obliged to go and post a comment saying that it is not true.
  • Penstubal once tried to drink from him, but was splashed in the face and sent to the hospital.