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The Borderworld, a dimension within the Multiverse

The Multiverse is the name given to the collection of every universe in existence. Though these alternate or parallel universes are often called Dimensions, technically dimensions are smaller areas inside of a specific universe, such as the Box Dimension.


Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of universes are not simply alternate versions of Reality-1337. While some "alternate" universes do exist such as a universe where Shops Island never became an Imperialist superpower, the specific conditions that led to the formation of Earth, Antarctica, and Penguinkind mean these universes are astronomically rare.


The existence of a multiverse had been theorized across Antarctica for decades and became a popular tool in fiction. While the Bureau of Fiction has existed since time immemorial and arguably controls all known universes, no records older than several million years in the past exist to give clues towards its early history. Bureau employees who have attempted to research the earliest portions of the facility have been driven mad by incomprehensible eldritch secrets, leading the Bureau to permanently restrict future investigations.

In the mid-1990s, Ed Laboratories developed a form of interdimensional travel when it accidentally tunneled into the Borderworld while attempting a form of long-range teleportation. While the extend of this discovery was not yet known at the time and kept largely classified, the mere announcement of its existence fueled massive amounts of scientific attention towards teleportation and universal travel. This discovery led to one of the first interactions between penguins and alien species, although those in the Borderworld are typically hostile to explorers.

Hyperspace was discovered in the late 2000s by an Antarctican research team who developed the first prototypes for faster-than-light drives. The full potential of this technology has yet to be discovered, although extreme examples such as the Shopper mission to Notron proved interstellar travel was possible with modern technology. As of 2019, the Nol System has been the only extrasolar travel conducted by any Antarctican nation, although near future expeditions to Proxima Centauri are planned.


Travel through the multiverse is possible, although extraordinarily rare. This is typically performed using powerful quantum tunneling technology to manipulate Wutt Energy to open the barrier between dimensions and universes. Machines such as Doctor Hickory Dickory Dock's box are the most common form of travel, and some individuals such as Mario Arkay have the natural ability to channel Wutt Energy.

Special preparation must be made when blindly hopping from universe to universe, as the laws of physics in some universes may be vastly different to those conventionally known in Reality-1337.


  • The Universe - Designated Reality-1337 by the Bureau of Fiction.
  • PSAiverse - Designated Reality-161999 by the Bureau of Fiction.
  • The Borderworld - A dimensional "membrane" that connects all universes. It is simultaneously finite and infinite, and does not necessarily follow conventional laws of physics.
  • Hyperspace - A form of parallel space that exists above normal, four-dimension space that allows for faster-than-light travel.
  • The Void - A plane outside of existence itself, also referred to as Metaspace. It is here that the Bureau of Fiction and Fourth Wall exist. While no conventional matter should exist in the Void, strange sights and entities have been reported by Bureau employees.


  • Some scientists believe there exists a universe where Humans are the most intelligent species on Earth and Penguins never developed sapience. This is typically regarded as a fringe belief with little foundation.

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