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The Multiverse is a term used to describe every possible imaginable reality as its own universe. This includes if certain historical events never happened, a new type of look for everything in that universe, etc. Our own universe is but one of these. Though these alternate or parallel dimensions are often called Dimensions, technically "dimensions" are smaller areas inside of a specific universe, such as the Box Dimension.


The Multiverse was barely known. People still did cross the Universal Gateway, which was an endless amount of space. Over time, the UG evolved to be a purple hammerspace, and then it became an actual universe. All the while, Wikia connected half of the universes.

As more and more universes were added and as more moved across the Gateway, the multiverse grew, causing the Gateway, which was only a hammerspace, to become a purple galaxy, and then a universe itself. All the while, Questisbak studied it.

True Origins

The following is a document that records the existence of the creators of the Multiverse. It is buried deep within the Universal Gateway, and no one, not even the Masters of the Universe, are allowed to access it.

In a world filled with humans, each with their own unique ideas, the greatest roots start from childhood. This is the story of Daniel Anderson, Joseph Parkers, and their friends. Daniel and Joseph each created their own worlds on paper. Daniel had outstanding imagination, creating penguins of all shapes and sizes to live in his frozen fantasy. Joseph, while unable to draw as well as Daniel, could create lines and shapes with frightening accuracy. They shared their creations with their friends, who were intrigued. Each created their own unique universe, ranging from a digital world to a land of cubes.

One day, one of Joseph's pencils went missing, and it was never found. This, in fact, was the Magic Pencil, which in the Multiverse could create whatever the holder desired. The group decided then that they could use their imagination to create paths to connect them together. They created a grand central out of the fifteenth universe, whose creator was inspired to make a beautiful environment and yet could not think of any regular residents. And to make these universes come together for the first time, they wrote an adventure where heroes would travel on a giant flying ship to save the day.

These would continue to expand, even with a few setbacks. Eventually, they would perfect their universe creations, and would publish the great Multiverse. It received critical acclaim, and more people wanted to join in. Twelve more were selected, but more could always become part of the community via a brilliant invention called the internet.

Multiverse Collision Saga


Part 1: The Beginning

In 2013, Questisbak started her master plan. She quadrupled the speed of Raptor Bot generating, creating an endless army. Then, having revived any dead villain leaders like Overlord from the Ninjago universe and Magolor from the Kirby universe, she teleported each and every villain in the known parts of the Multiverse and instructed an invasion on the universes. This caused thousands of civilizations to evacuate to the Universal Gateway where a fight raged on. Meanwhile, Questisbak discovered the mountains nearby the Castle of Darkness she had discovered included minerals and natural things from different places across the Multiverse. She was especially interested in the Dark Matter from the Ninjago universe and was able to convert the matter into dark, evil clones of the heroes.

After Questisbak's plan failed, the Multiverse regained peace until villains who were part of the original Multiverse Collision tried to take over the Multiverse individually, all ending in the same result: total failure.

In the year 4056, Nexer6472, who had become a proper villain after the incident in April Fools Day 2013 (and had discovered a potion that would keep him at the age of a regular adult forever), left his lair, placed in Ghost Town, to study the Universal Gateway. The soul of Doom Knight convinced him that he could help and even gave him his army of Doom Soldiers. Sensing the danger, Magolor's good side revived the heroes who had participated in the four previous collisions. As the darkness spread, Doom Knight possessed Nexer and left the Universal Gateway with his army, leaving the heroes injured and also closing the Universal Gateway which he expected to be forever.

Having found a powerful mech that could open the gateway again with the power of a "P-Wing" that Star's father had given him a long time ago, the heroes crossed to the Fanon Wiki. The Doom Soldiers were defeated with the Guardian's Sword, and Doom Knight was defeated. Nexer, having been freed from the effects of the potion, the possession and the will to be evil, reunites with Star Kirby12 and Richperson. Star then realizes that his very own sword was actually the Sword of the Legends and creates a barrier that would protect the Multiverse from evil by placing his sword (extended) into the Hero's Lock (which was seen earlier as the heroes attempted to stop evil using the Guardian's Sword only to realize the Guardian's Sword wasn't the Sword of the Legends).

Part 2: A New Home

The P-Wing had opened many new universes (that, for some reason, were dated 2013), and a week after MC5, Star, Sky, Harold, Human and Kirby discover that SOMEONE had missed a spot on the prophecy that talked about the Sword of the Legends (and that someone is named Human) which talked about how Doom Knight's armor could start evil all over again, possessing stuff and causing more chaos.

In the year 10000, the End of the Multiverse (categorized as Multiverse Collision 7) occurs as the final evil armor piece is destroyed, the authors believe that since the story is done there is no need to keep the Multiverse design and begin erasing it. Star, Sky, Harold, Human and Kirby (passed away, this time perfectly peacefully instead of a horrible murder) find the purple hammerspace where Magolor had sent them previously, and connects to the Multiverse. Finding out about the situation, the heroes plan on using the last of the magic pencil to create a portal to the Gateway... just while Human is spending the last of it on a completely random really long line that can bend into anything. By the heroes' instructions, Doomsilver retrieves the P-Wing from the mech right before it is erased, but is unable to get to the Portal Generator before it is erased. As a last ditch plan, the people begin creating bedrock walls to try to wear out the erasers of the authors. Luckily, Star bends the line into another portal generator and sends it through an Ender Chest, activating the new portal and successfully getting everyone into the hammerspace. Everyone then creates a new Multiverse, and peace is restored... or is it.

In the CyberVoid, the Universal Gateway is shown deleted... and two darkening eyes glow on Doom Knight's broken helmet.

Part 3: The Second Multiverse

With the second multiverse in position, everyone believes that peace has been restored. However, while checking the weather, Richperson discovers a dark, purple portal that leads to the CyberVoid and to the first multiverse, which because of the negative CyberVoid energy has turned into the Anti-Multiverse by sacrificing four universes not connected to the Multiverse or Wikia, with the only positive power in the Castle of Light.

All of the heroes gather up again to enter the Anti-Multiverse to stop Doom Knight from taking over the second Multiverse with his advanced Doom Knights. The characters get new upgrades, and the Starcutter becomes the Lor Challenger when entering the CyberVoid barrier. With this power, and the new mecha from the EXX worlds, a new combination- the Ultimate Challenger- is created to destroy a monstrously gigantic Devastator.

The multiverse characters can easily take on the Doom Soldiers, but Doom Knight has become invulnerable to most attacks. Not only that, he summons villains from the four wiped universes, bringing back Doom General and Commander in Black in the process! To counter this, the Multiverse team develops the new Summon system to create digital copies of protagonists from the wiped universes. Star takes to the Castle of Light, where he gets the new XL Upgrade, harnessing the power of every universe and easily taking on and defeating Doom Knight. He can also use this power to power up the Challenger and bring down the Heart of Gold, the giant mecha that once helped them save the Multiverse but has now been turned against its allies.

Also, the Castle of Light provides two more miracles: Five machines are summoned to create the indestructible Hyper Titan, and the four transportation systems of the Minecrafters United universe forms into the Multiverse Full Power Robo!

The continuing failures of Doom Knight only enraged him more, and in time he managed to gain enough power to manipulate the CyberVoid into a labyrinth, destroying the Castle of Light and obliterating easily over twenty different universes, including those from Wikia. The Multiverse team enters and encounters Doom Knight, who had been able to create his true Soul form. With the cries of the dead and the aid of their teammates, however, the good guys win and Doom Knight is gone for good.

At least, that's what they thought.

Turns out, Doom Knight survived and had grown humongous (go figure). The Lor Challenger engages in battle, but collapses due to Doom Knight's power. Doom Knight then proceeds to beat down on the Multiverse Maximum Power Robo as well as some other robots when the Grand Dragon appears, giving the Challenger ultimate powers to defeat Doom Knight once and for all. The Challenger then breaks apart into its individual pieces, throwing in Hyper Titan into the mix, to break down Doom Knight's defenses. DaiBouken becomes Jet DaiBouken and destroys Doom Knight's core, finishing him off forever (for real this time).

Important (or kinda-important) characters to the CPFW from the Multiverse

  • Human Denton: The discoverer of the Magic Pencil, so far the Multiverse's only tie to the true Authors, and the first Gateway Supervisor. He discovered the Multiverse in 2007 and has ties with Star and other characters.
  • Commander Leonid Bot: The top general of the Minirobot Army who works under the Minirobot leader, whose identity is still unknown. He also manages economic trade and is responsible for keeping Minirobot Island trades going.
  • King Dedede: Dream Land's monarch. He is greatly appreciated by many CPFW citizens due to his jolliness and the fact that he is a penguin himself.
  • Doom Knight: (not to be confused with the species) The rumoured creator of all evil in the Multiverse who attempted to dominate the Hero Factory Universe but was destroyed. His soul remained, however, and he roamed the Castle of Darkness in the Gateway for centuries until he met with Nexer6472. He is the main antagonist of the Multiverse Collision series.
  • Kirby: A foreign creature from Dream Land and the current holder of the Guardian's Sword, the counterpart of the Magic Pencil in that in the wrong hands, it causes destruction over creation, although it has its own creative capabilities. During the twelve Multiverse Collisions Kirby has been known to be a quick and powerful ally and can hold off entire squads of opponents on his own.
  • V2: Real name Victor Zhang from the Minecraft universe, he is part of the Minecrafters United team, which operates and protects that universe. The second member of the Battle Team, V2 makes ties with other universes.
  • Radioactivechicken: A chicken from some universe that is oddly tied to CPFW. He is very fond of this universe and even has USA citizenship.


Mecha introduced in the Multiverse Collision series.

  • Ultimate Starcutter: A mass combination of Multiverse mecha, including our very own Hero Mechas, centered around the Kirby Universe's Lor Starcutter. It uses its many varied gadgets and attacks to push the opponent back. Its finisher is the Multiverse Impact, crashing into the target with full force.
  • High Power Super Attacker: The combination of five hastily-made makeshift jets in MC4. It consists of the Diamond, Iron, Gold, Glowstone and Lapis Speeders, all connected through sturdy connectors.
    • Jet DaiBouken: The combination of the High Power Super Attacker and our very own DaiBouken. Taking to the skies with unbelievable speeds, DaiBouken can now perform the Air Show, separating from the Speeders to let them encase the opponent in a windy trap before recombining them with the GoGo Sword to drill through.
  • Heart of Gold: A large golden robot that reopened the portals in a time of despair during MC5, ultimately saving the Multiverse. It was consumed by the CyberVoid in MC7 and fell under Doom Knight's control in MC10, but used the last of its willpower to shut itself down for good when Doom Knight attempted to make it self-destruct and obliterate the Good Guys.
  • Galaxy Voyager: A huge 22-piece combination that finally brings all the Hero Mechas together. Unlike his predecessor End Game DaiBouken, Galaxy Voyager can hold his form for an extended period of time and managed to appear in every Multiverse Collision since his debut. Galaxy Voyager's finisher is called Stone Petrification, throwing his huge spear to turn the opponent to stone before splitting apart into his ten Hero Mecha components to destroy the target (along with the glorious "HWACHACHACHACHACHACHACHA").
  • Ultimate Challenger: An even bigger mass combination of Multiverse mecha, with the EX universes and various unused mecha added to the mix. It now has even more features and can easily truck through anything in its way, finishing off with the Multiversal True Buster, harnessing the powers of the Second Multiverse to fire a blast that captures the target in a giant vortex before launching the High Power Super Attacker with Galaxy Voyager's spear in front of it to pierce them. If that weren't enough, it can also activate the Summon Mix to add the powers of the universes sacrificed in the creation of the Anti-Multiverse to the finisher.
  • Hyper Titan: A supposed cross between Gosei Great and Tobot Titan. It was a scrapped idea that we made, and was successfully called upon even without our help in MC10. It strikes with quick, powerful hits, and crushes opponents with the Hyper Frost, performing an acrobatic slash that freezes the opponent before rapidfiring its five Headders at the ice to obliterate it.
    • Hyper DaiBouken: The combination of Hyper Titan and DaiBouken, plus GoGo Mixer and Crane. Unlike the speedy Hyper Titan, Hyper DaiBouken tanks all hits and lands powerful attacks, while occasionally using his wings and wheels to advance with faster attacks. His finisher, Hyper Adventure Drive, is rather complicated: copies of GoGo Mixer and Air Penguin are summoned, firing a burst of concrete and a gust of air to encase the opponent. Meanwhile, Hyper DaiBouken takes to the skies and throws his double-edged lance at the target like a boomerang, before firing the five Headders and then crash-landing himself. But wait, there's more- he then summons copies of Hyper Titan and DaiBouken, who perform their respective finishers to destroy the opponent.
  • Multiverse Full Power Robo: The combination of the Air Tank, Express Subway, Blaster Jet and Mobile Command Center from the Minecraft universe. It is a hulking giant that can crush overly gigantic enemies with ease. Its finisher is the Hydronium Slash, a charged sword slash.
  • Multiverse High Power Robo: The combination of the Redstone Copter, Lapis Roader, Coal Jet and Glowstone Limo. Unlike the close-combat Full Power Robo, the High Power Robo is based on projectile weaponry.
    • Multiverse Maximum Power Robo: The combination of the Full and High Power Robos. It can now take to the skies and uses both a gun and a sword. Its finisher is the Miner's Paradise, firing a blast that covers the opponent in blocks.


  • Sometime after MC4, Fooly of all characters somehow managed to interfere in this series of events, directly tampering with the fourth wall and the Multiverse to revive a friend from (another) faux-afterlife. This event caused so much havoc that it was marked as "Multiverse Collision 4.5".
  • Some people confuse the Multiverse and Wikia, but they are different mainspaces. Not much can exist in Wikia whilst not being connected to the Multiverse, but it is possible. On the other hand, there is a separate Wikia domain for all the EXX universes, and these were not affected during the Wikia Catastrophe. Likewise, there are a few things that exist in the Multiverse while not being connected to Wikia, like the Star Productions Universe.

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