Munijoch Highway System

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A map of Munijoch's highway and interstate systems.

The Munijoch Highway System was developed in 2003 by the then WhiteBlood controlled Munijoch to provide transportation between cities fast and efficiently. Composed of 5 types and up to 6 routes per type, it's designed to be simple, organized, and efficient for easy transportation between cities. As of 2012, it has been expanded once to include a roundabout around Mt. Graxxar, having the coastal highway bumped up by 1 type, as well as integrate a Zescorean Highway system into the most accessible islands.


Before the highway system, Munijoch had a very primitive system of navigating the plains via simply travelling through grasslands. This changed, however, in 2003 when the government devoted the bulk of it's labor force into constructing a coastal highway and, later, inland highways for quick transportation across the country for supplies, military, and civilians. Towns are constructed along the exits and develop their own streets and roads.

After Munijoch was re-controlled, the government maintained the roads under it's maintenance/repair budget, adding more when necessary, such as the roundabout and the Zescorean highways.


The average highway sign used in Munijoch and Zescore.

10 Type (North and South)[edit]

  • MJ 10: Connects MJ Coastal Highway 51 to MJ 23. MJ 20 runs to the right of it.
  • MJ 11: Connects City of Progress to Centrallica and to MJ Coastal Highway 51.
  • MJ 12: Connects City of Progress Highway to MJ Coastal Highway 51 and MJ 11.
  • MJ 13: Connects MJ 22 to MJ Coastal Highway 51 near Port de Finipines.
  • MJ 14: Connects MJ 23 and 24 to MJ 25 near Rio de Vatica.
  • MJ 15: Bridge connecting City of Progress to the Bridge of Entry in Zescore, and ZS 1 and 2

20 Type (East and West)[edit]

  • MJ 20: Connects MJ 10 to MJ 22 near Centrallica.
  • MJ 21: Connects MJ 11 to MJ 22.
  • MJ 22: Connects Centrallica to Port de Finipines and MJ Coastal Highway 51.
  • MJ 23: Connects Centrallica to MJ Graxxar Roundabout 41 and MJ 14, transforming to MJ 24 to Mt. Vespa City.
  • MJ 24: Connects Mt. Vespa City to MJ 14.
  • MJ 25: Connects MJ 14 to MJ Coastal Highway 51.
  • MJ 26: Connects Port de Finipines to Zescore Island Regional Park.

30 Type (Military Highway Diversion[edit]

  • MJ Military Way 31: Military Highway that exits to the HQ, checkpoints through each entrance and exit, generally avoided unless otherwise specified.

40 Type (Mt. Graxxar Roundabout)[edit]

  • MJ Graxxar Roundabout 41: Meant to provide scenic views of the Mt. Graxxar volcano. Hidden entrance to WhiteBlood headquarters in several parts.

50 Type (Coastal Highway)[edit]

  • MJ Coastal Highway 51: Meant to provide access to coastal areas of Munijoch. Filled with coastal cities, the main hub being Rio de Vatica. Scenic, with windy roads along cliffs.


  • The system uses inspiration from California's numbering system for North South and East West end number systems.
  • The Coastal Highway takes inspiration from CA Route 1.

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