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Rise up from the ground!
Munijoch Vanguard Force
Logo of the MVF.
Military overview
Formed November 2013
Jurisdiction Munijoch, Magonia
Headquarters Munijoch National Military HQ, City of Progress, Munijoch
Employees Classified
Annual budget Classified, but takes up most of the budget
Military executives Isaac Juggernaut, Military Warchief
Joseph Yslenski, Commander in Chief
Jericho and Konrad Baine, Chief Tacticians
Henry Thalanar, Supreme General of the MVF
Child agencies PULSE
Munijoch Galactic Association
Key document  ?
The MVF is the prime customer of PULSE, receiving the latest of technology. Therefore, it has a wide range of weaponry.

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The Munijoch Vanguard Force is Munijoch's collective military, made up of several branches, including Foreign, Homeland, Commercial, and Presidential Vanguard Forces. Each of the Forces contains an air force, navy, and army. In total, 6 million penguins serve in the MVF, with 5 million in the Foreign Vanguard Force alone.


Colonial Heritage[edit]

The Munijoch Vanguard Force can trace their heritage to the National Munian Militia, formed from the most experienced of colonists, back in the 1900s. Their weapons were primitive compared to most armies, and mostly served as a deterrent for wild animals and scavengers. In all, there were a total of 1,000 troops, each with a simple musket and knife. Through second-hand arms sales, they purchased cannons, mortars, and firework-derived missiles, mostly from the USA, who were upgrading their military and had no use for the obsolete weapons.

Prior to the WhiteBlood coup, the militia had two divisions, the Guard of the President and the Guard of the Land, with each having self-explanatory roles.

WhiteBlood era and Bolstering[edit]

When the WhiteBlood government took power, it immediately began retraining troops to defend the island. With the first graduating class of about 10,000 soldiers, each were taught guerrilla tactics and to spare no mercy to any dying soul. Their conduct was ruthless, vile, and cruel evil, eat or be eaten, kill or be killed. This made them formidable soldiers as the WhiteBloods sought to increase their power and influence over the fledgling nation, mostly through mandatory conscription and reserve registration. The weapons also began to modernize, thanks to advancements made in weapons technology and purchasing arms from allied countries, however few there were.

Over the course of the 20th century, the WhiteBlood government maintained strict control over both the size and age limit of the military, promoting the military in a patriotic light in an effort to attract people from college to serve. They also opened the military to females in the 1950s, allowing them to serve both combat and non-combat roles. Through black market dealings, the military procured planes, guns, mortars, and other military vehicles thanks to puppet accounts based in the USA and Zhou.

Military Sponsorship[edit]

In the 1980s, following a very close coup by democratic rebels, the military decided to begin investing in homegrown technologies to avoid potential embargo’s by other countries. Investors within the government focused on two promising companies, including energy research company PULSE and classic arms manufacturer Tuering. Their task was to create weaponry that either outperformed or performed as well as foreign weaponry, and to demonstrate the potential for it to be mass produced. PULSE said that a major breakthrough would take years to do, so the government gave them a timetable of 30 years to demonstrate this, while Tuering demonstrated the first nationally produced weaponry for Munijoch. The government was pleased, and began a contract to stock up on Tuering weaponry.


In 2012, when the Malkovian Reformists began to retake Munijoch, Joseph was assigned to try and convince soldiers to join the cause to help create a democratic Munijoch. In all, however, only half a million joined from word of mouth, and things looked bleak, until he came across his old squadron in the barracks. He knew instantly from the moment that there was war with the best that Munijoch has to offer. After countless assassination missions performed by him and the team, more joined the ranks, recognizing possible defeat from the single assassination team. After they raided PULSE and forced them to manufacture weapons for them, and the final development of the PULSE Rifle, the future looked bright.

Following the successful revolution, Munijoch issued a challenge for more to join the battle to bring peace and freedom to the world, adding more troops to all combat roles within the military.

Frosian War[edit]

In the Frosian War, Munijoch put out a massive campaign, asking the country about their roots, and how they are fighters to the death, with the clear message saying "We will never die." At the end, it asked if it wanted immortality, to join the vanguard force and fight for freedom for the motherland everyone loves. The campaign was a success, and over 2 million sign up to enter the war. Following Joseph's kidnapping, however, the number spiked up to 4 million thanks to Isaac's aggressive and menacing views toward the war, calling Munijoch "a war machine." When the WhiteBlood insurgents invaded, the government asked for fighters to help combat the threat at home. In all, 500,000 joined along with the existing Homeland Vanguard Force, and successfully pushed back the threat to manageable levels.

PULSE unveiled several technological advancements, allowing the government to quickly rise in power following the war, despite casualties.

Present Day[edit]

Today, the military has 4 million members, with another 1,000,000 currently in military school on Zescore. PULSE is shifting gears to provide for Galactic Vanguard Forces, creating spaceships such as the MJ-Dark Angel as the forefront of the space conquest, as well as regional use as a show of might. PULSE has also unveiled non-lethal weapons and is beginning to update much of the military's products for today's standards.


Foreign Vanguard Force[edit]

Leader: Isaac Juggernaut

The Foreign Vanguard is the biggest and most elite squad of Munijoch's soldiers. Boasting 2 million in active service, the influence of the army spreads as far south as Valron Island, near UTR. In addition, they provide protection and upholding of international law to Axle Powers allies and Zeta Connections allies. They get all of the latest gear from PULSE, including WideWing and NarrowWing jets and bombers, as well as warships. In addition, they have 6 MJ-680 warships, which are massive airships, at their disposal. Notable figures and squadrons include Squadron E, a 10 person squad of assassins, and Agent Terror Bringer, a solo assassin sent for high-risk missions.

Homeland Vanguard Force[edit]

Leader: Johnathan Harrison

The Homeland Vanguard Force are soldiers dedicated to preserving the national security of Munijoch. Having 500,000 enlisted in the ranks, they get some of the products that PULSE offers, mainly excess that the Foreign Vanguard Force isn't using. Their headquarters are in Zescore, the City of Decimation, where large hangars and docking bays are hidden under the city, only exposed when the call of duty is active. The force is the proving ground of future Foreign Vanguard Force soldiers, of which only 5,000 will move on up in the ranks.

Commercial Vanguard Force[edit]

Leader: Henry McDowell

The Commercial Vanguard Force operates as a private security firm with soldiers available for personal and international security for the transport of cargo, passengers, or payloads, from country to country. Composed of about 10,000 members, they operate on a regional scale, mainly on ships and other transport vehicles in need of security from pirates or other thieves.

Presidential Vanguard Force[edit]

Leader: Joseph Yslenski

The Presidential Vanguard Force is a thousand member team that covers security for the President and his family when on national or foreign affairs. Commonly seen in black suits and black sun glasses, they are usually the highest grade graduates of the academy, or war veterans with decorated histories. Rumored to contain top secret weaponry that PULSE has yet to publicly reveal, they are devoted to their deaths for the President's life.

Galactic Vanguard Force[edit]

Leader: Joseph Yslenski

The Galactic Vanguard Force is a branch formed in 2015 for the occupation of the galactic front for Munijoch. To be made of 500,000 members, each of a highly decorative past, they are set for final deployment in 2017 after their training for zero-gravity combat is complete. Finally finding a use for PULSE Boots, they are to train in outer-space hand-to-hand combat, battleship tactical battle, safety procedure, and tactical swarm positions. They possess 2 MJ-Dark Angels, 10 MJ-SOL's and MJ-LUNA's, and a countless number of MJ-RAH swarmer ships.

Weaponry and Equipment[edit]


They have a black camouflage synthetic metallic suit with black hexagonal energy shield patterns surrounding various parts of them. They have synthmetal helmets with holographic tactical systems as well, alongside various pockets for storing weaponry, medical equipment, and other goods. Squadron Leaders are equipped with mass-stealth field generators for their squadron to use to engage or disengage. On their back, they have a magnetic holder for PULSE Rifles, alongside slots for mounting Tuering NUCLEO's. Their boots hold two vibroknives, as well as magnetic grip assist on both their boots and gloves. Their armor is angular as well, to reflect oncoming radar waves coming toward them, despite being rudimentary.

Weapons/Specialty Weapons[edit]

Name Use Quantity Description Picture
Pistols and Sidearms
Chokehold VC-90 Handgun 5,500,000 A basic copper shell casing pistol gun with special aerodynamics to allow the bullet to fly farther and faster. Containing 12 bullets per magazine, they were meant to pack a punch, often loaded with different materials, including lead, metal bucks, or other material to inflict mass damage. The MVF likes to keep these around in case they are resorted to primitive means of combat. ChokeHoldVc-90.png
PULSE Pistol Handgun 6,000,000 The PULSE Pistol is one of the most advanced handguns ever made, capable of delivering a plasma blast similar to a cannon being fired, as well as holding an energy capacity of up to 1,000,000 Maximum Power shots per charge. There are 5 power ranges, from simple phase to Maximum Power, able to pierce buildings and boat hulls with ease. They are powered by Aluminum Ion batteries. PULSEPistol.png
Vibro-Knife Multipurpose knife 7,000,000 The Vibro-Knife is a carbon-fibre knife that is resistant to plasma blades and operates on a vibrating electrical system, sending 30 amps through the blade to slice up to 2 inch steel plates within 10 seconds. Light weight, and with even weight distribution from the handle to blade, it can be easily thrown with enough weight to travel far like a regular steel knife. VibroKnife.jpg
Rifles and Sub-Machine Guns
PULSE Rifle Automatic Rifle 8,000,000 The PULSE Rifle is one of PULSE's premier products, similar in operation to a PULSE Pistol, but produces up to 5x more power than the standard pistol. Holding a larger charge than the pistol as well, it can fire 5,000,000 Maxiumum Power shots per charge, but takes longer to charge on average than the pistol due to the battery size. It's about the same size as a sawed-off shotgun, and many soldiers carry them on their backs if need be. PULSERifle.png
Chokehold ZX-75 Rex Submachine gun 1,000,000 The Chokehold ZX-75 Rex is a carbon fibre and aluminum light weight submachine gun used in quick and covert military operations, firing copper shell casings with lead inserts among other metals for maximum destruction. ZX-75.jpg
Assault Rifles
PULSE Assault Assault Rifle 3,000,000 The PULSE Assault is a high strength assault rifle firing plasma shots varying from pistol strength to the same force of a grenade, varying on power output from the operator. Commonly used by Heavy-Ops Squadrons in active warzones. Capable of firing 2,500,000 Maximum Power shots per charge. 200px
Tuering RAIL Assault Rifle 600,000 The Tuering RAIL is a heavy duty rail gun capable of firing projectiles at high velocities. A joint product from PULSE and Tuering, it requires a stand to be used and a 30 second start-up time, but will fire PULSE Bombs and other forms of projectiles, including ballistics. TueringRAIL.png
Sniper Rifles
Tuering CURVE Sniper Rifle 900,000 The Tuering CURVE is a high-tech sniper rifle with the ability to use targeting satellites to view GPS locations to set a distance from the target, as well as offer 12 round, special bullets with the ability to change it's direction mid flight to compensate for wind, terrain or other obstacles. 200px
PULSE Blast Anti-materiel Rifle 50,000 The PULSE Blast is a 6 round rifle that fires plasma shots at a high power to pierce thick ordinances, such as tanks, strong holds, or munitions. If fired on a soldier, it can vaporize them, and commonly melts the metal to prevent spot welding a repair patch. Invented in 2014, it only started gaining traction. 200px
Heavy Weaponry
PULSE 6-Shot Plasma Mini-Gun 50,000 The PULSE 6-shot is a mini-gun firing PULSE plasma at over 4,000 shots per minute and holds a charge for up to 1,000,000 shots total before needing to be rapid-charged. Rather than have a rotating, it uses a sorting system to determine which shot goes into which barrel, reducing knock back. PULSE6.png
PULSEBomb Bomb 10,000,000 Able to either be thrown as a grenade or as a large cluster of bombs, PULSEBombs are an extremely powerful form of bomb rivaling nuclear. Made from a PULSE Reactor and ballistic explosions, it equalizes the shockwave of both the air and the earth, shattering it in the process. Orders have been placed around the region for the powerful bomb, fetching a hefty price tag. PULSEBomb.jpg
Tuering NUCLEO Rocket launcher 5,000 The Tuering NUCLEO is a rocket launcher that can fire small nuclear payloads or Porcyal payloads from up to 6 launchers. You can split it in half and have three on each shoulder, or place it down and fire 6 at a time.
Armored vehicles and artillery
MJ-REXXAR Main Battle Tank 50,000 The MJ-REXXAR is Munijoch's iconic battle tank. Featuring 2 levels of artillery and the ability to launch DRONE FISSUREs from it's cargo bay, it's a small, but mobile fortress of impenetrable steel and heavy duty weaponry. MJ-Rexxar.PNG
MJ-HEARTPIERCE Main Battle Tank 10,000 The MJ-HEARTPIERCE is Munijoch's smaller tank, built for small terrain and for quick deployment. Unlike the REXXAR, the HEARTPIERCE packs more armor piercing weaponry than the REXXAR, but has less defenses than the REXXAR. MJHeartpierce.png
Tuering Artillery Artillery 2,000 The Tuering Artillery system is a large system composed of huge artillery stations that double as working quarters. Featuring a gigantic rail gun on top and living quarters inside, with a stair well to the pilot's quarters, it can be deployed and operational within 1 day. 200px

Vehicles and Other[edit]

Name Use Quantity Description Picture
Jets and Bombers
PULSE WideWing Stealth Bomber 35 The PULSE WideWing is a powerful stealth bomber capable of stealth flights at high speeds and altitudes, capable of nuclear payload. MJWideWing.png
PULSE NarrowWing Fighter Jet 100 The PULSE NarrowWing is a highly advanced fighter jet capable of Mach 2.1 easily, complete with anti-radar, ballistic missiles, autopilot, and GPS location systems. MJNarrowWing.png
MJ-790 Cargo Transport Carrier 450 The MJ-790 is a cargo transport carrier for use in the military. Created back in 2005, they are still in active use today.
Other Vehicles
MJ-RAPTOR Helicarrier 1,000 The MJ-RAPTOR is a helicarrier produced also in 2005, capable of transporting weaponry, or people. MJ-R1.PNG
MJ-680 Massive Aerial Aircraft Carrier 5 The MJ-680 is the largest aerial fortress in Munijoch's possession. Capable of transporting massive loads of cargo, soldiers, or other things, they are usually first to a scene of battle. Heavily fortified, they are powered by PULSE Turbines.


The weaponry and vehicles made are from various manufacturers and companies, most of which were bought out by PULSE. Below is a list detailing them.

Weapons Trading Program[edit]

The M.V.F operates a weapon trading program on behalf of the companies that manufacture for them. The military handles all weapons transactions between foreign countries on an approved list from both the SABER, Axle Powers, and The Zeta Connections pertaining as to who can buy which weapons. The only ones off limit are PULSE top tier weapons. To date, over 5.6 billion Grams worth of goods has been traded between multiple countries, such as Shops Island, Ed Island and Culldrome Isles.


Only approved nations can deploy M.V.F forces to their need, such as Shops Island or United Terra. They are not, however, a private army, and will not respond to personal incidents unless it pertains to international relations or possible war.


  • Each uniform contains a collapsible cup holder, as well as drink cooling devices.
  • When working for the Axle Powers, they are called "Axle Rangers."

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