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The spiteful rabbit who can control part of the universe
Title Murphy
Gender Male
Race Rabbit
Faction Anti-Masters
Health Good, but insane and depressed
Level Very high
Status Alive
Location BoE HQ
Birth date January 1, 1977 (1977-01-01) (age 42), Arctic Circle.
Occupation Anti-Author
Interests Torture, writing things which are grotesque, mind-numbing, or dark in content, causing chaos, corruption, and pain.
Friends Lord Carrion, Director Kenny, Illustrator Rob, Dacula.
Enemies MAYOR MCFLAPP!!! The rest of the BoF, the Bureau of Fiction Wannabes (they don't think so though)
Archetype Evil

Rudolf Clyde Murphy, or Murphy (called Rudy behind his back) is a malevolent rabbit that is the anti-author. He was raised in the Arctic by hares and went to school with walruses. He also met a younger Mayor McFlapp there. Murphy felt that Al was his best friend, and was almost obsessed with their friendship, but became enemies after he felt Al betrayed him after joining the BoF and becoming a Mayor, and now wants to destroy him. He is very sadistic and is said to be responsible for Darktan, Nightmare, Demon Penguins, and the Von Injoface Family. He is arrogant, but very well-read and is an expert scholar. Generally if anything goes wrong, he and the rest of the BoE are blamed, although the Masters of the Universe are known to write about bad things as well (not to the extent that he does). He wants to crush the Masters of the universe, and will never give up position as anti-author.


Murphy was born in 1977 in Canada to rabbit parents. They didn't want a child, so they put him in a basket and threw him into the ocean. He floated up more North and was found by Arctic Hares and adopted by them. They named him "Murphy". He was smaller then the other hares, and his fur coat wouldn't change color during the right seasons, so the other hares made fun of him. He eventually was fed up with this and moved to a different place. There he met the walri. One walrus named Walrus took interest in the young rabbit and showed him around and educated him. Murphy became excellent at working with computers and at literature. In 1990, he met Mayor McFlapp, and the two became close friends. When McFlapp wanted to move back to Antarctica, Murphy urged him to take him with him, to which McFlapp decided to. Walrus took interest in this "Antarctica" and decided to go there, but had no luck. However, he managed to locate the coordinates and got Sanity Penguin to teleport him there.

In Antarctica, Murphy's passion and devotion with Alclair grew, and the tern noticed this. Murphy was folowing him everywhere, trying to participate in everything he did. He grew unconformable with the rabbit's constant following and decided to find ways to avoid him. He knew that telling Murphy this would hurt his feelings, but he wanted to just get rid of that rabbit. He found his chance when asked to become Department of Meteorology in the BoF. His absences from Murphy made Murphy depressed, although Murphy still didn't know that Alclair didn't like him.

Al later became more public and ran for Mayor. Murphy was delighted and helped the campaign, but Al was very frustrated since he thought that rabbit was gone for good. The day after Al won, Murphy went up to him, but Al denied that he had any connection to Murphy and told the security guards to take him away. Murphy struggled with them, and the guards (against McFlapp's wishes) took physical action and made a large cut on his left cheek which still bears a stitch. This left him very humiliated and very hurt on both the inside and outside. Things went worse when McFlapp admitted to him that he found him very irritating and wanted him to have no part in his life. Murphy went through a depression, became insane, and vowed to devote his life to making people miserable.

Through one way or another, Murphy found out that McFlapp was part of that secret organization. It wasn't long before he found out that The Universal Bureau of Entropy existed, and that it wanted to destroy the BoF. He eagerly joined soon after McPersonstein died and replaced Lord Carrion as the anti-author around the same time McFlapp became the narrator. He made a law known as "Murphy's Law" which would enforce the misery that he wanted no matter what. Fortunately the BoF installed circuitry that overrided and shut down Murphy's Law, but Murphy and the rest of the anti-masters manage to cause small events of misery, with hard work. Murphy had vowed revenge on the Masters of the Universe, and then on the rest of the world (again). He told the rest of the members to focus on hating McFlapp more than any other members.


Murphy generally takes pride in his work and tries to make them perfection.


  • Murphy 'hates being called by his first name, Rudolf.
    • Some call him "Rudy" behind his back.
  • Every story he completely wrote has "Murphy" before it, like "Murphy:A Tale of The Darktonian Realm", to get credit as well as explain that it wasn't the normal Masters of the Universe's fault.
  • The reason to why he was obsessed with McFlapp was because McFlapp, other than his foster parents, was the only entity to show him compassion and sympathy.
  • McFlapp still regrets not taking Murphy seriously, and he hides this regret under his normally silly personality.
    • However, McFlapp believes that Murphy is totally evil, with not one bit of good left in him, and this leads to more misunderstandings between the two.
  • His eyes glitter in the sunlight, which is quite atypical for a villain.
  • He doesn't like being called "cute", "furry", "chubby" or "small" despite being all these things, similarly to how Lord Carrion doesn't like being called a "crow".
  • He is responsible for bringing Walruses to Antarctica, although this was accidental and was before he became the anti-author. Furthermore, it was Sanity Penguin that granted them access.
  • Mayor McFlapp, just to mess with him (he considers messing with villains a pastime), always misspells his name as "Muphry".
  • Murphy feels victimized by this, but McFlapp doesn't know.
  • Murphy would much rather have McFlapp as a friend than destroy him, but McFlapp doesn't know about this and still thinks Murphy is truly evil.
  • The reason to why he created the Von Injofaces, besides the obvious reasons of their tendency to cause trouble, was to get Director Benny to be the next Director and have a rivalry with McFlapp as well as giving him an anti-director who has another reason to destroy the BoF by having a rivalry with that director. Unfortunately, part of this plan didn't work, as McFlapp and Benny share a "frenemy" relationship -- they enjoy hating each other.
  • Murphy considers Lord Carrion to be his best friend and acts in a similar way to him as he acted to McFlapp. However, Murphy knows that Carrion will never replace Alclair but isn't willing to admit this to himself.
  • When around his enemies or people he doesn't know, he talks like this.
  • When he is around his friends, or is extremely angry or sad, he talks normally.
  • Iron Walrus always has the chance to capture, but instead, he gives Murphy a big hug. Murphy describes it as "torture".
  • Surprisingly, he didn't create the Maledict. However, he did create Hardcore, and he used Maledict in some stories.
  • He is angry at the Bureau's choice to cover the Bureau of Nonsense from the Masters.