Murphy: The Fall and Rise of Darktan

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Murphy: The Fall and Rise of Darktan, is a story about how Darktan II, simply known as Darktan was created and got a hold of the Aether Amulet. It'll show DTA forming an alliance with the Demon Penguins which leads to the creation of Mectrixctic's Army and the Treacherous Trio. This story will tell how come Xorai hates Darktan more than he hates every other major villain, and pledges allegiance to Nightmare and how Shadow became a Darktan Minion.

The story is completely written by Murphy and narrated by Lord Carrion. Approved by Director Kenny. It has no happy endings and very little high points.

The Story[edit]

Chapter One: The Fall of Darktan[edit]

Chapter Two: How the Demon Penguins joined DTA[edit]

Murphy: The Fall and Rise of Darktan/Chapter Two: How the Demon Penguins joined DTA

Chapter Three: Darktan II?[edit]

Murphy: The Fall and Rise of Darktan/Chapter Three: Darktan II?

Chapter Four: A Hint of Jealousy[edit]

Chapter Five: Assembling an Army[edit]

Chapter 6: Darktan II...[edit]

In which materials for making Darktan II are gathered

Chapter 7: Amulet of Darkness... sorry my mistake... Darkness Amulet[edit]

Chapter 8: Darktan II!!![edit]

Chapter 9: Shadow's Story[edit]

In Which Ryan the Penguin finds out that Darktan has reformed and challenges Darktan II to a duel for his freedom, but loses

Chapter 10: Darktan II[edit]

Darktan II is now just known as Darktan and is in charge of the army.

Chapter 11: I told you I was Hardcore![edit]

Xorai tries to retrieve the Aether Amulet, but fails

Chapter 12: The End of the Beginning of the End[edit]

The world finds out that a new Darktan has emerged. Willie joins DTA and the Treacherous trio is created. Roman de Konrinski finds out that Mectrixctic is trying to overthrow Darktan, but she manages to control him into becoming a member of his army. Shadow the Penguin meets Foamy and thinks that being a Darktan minion isn't as bad as he thought. However it ends saying that he has no idea what's coming next.

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